Finding an Interventionist in Federal Way, Washington

Many people in Federal Way, Washington know that the primary purpose of an intervention is to convince someone struggling with substance abuse to enter treatment for rehabilitation. What many people do not know is that an intervention can also help other family members regain control of their lives and relearn some behaviors to help their loved one.

The family and those closest to the one with the addiction are key elements in recovery. These are the people who usually seek out the intervention once they have identified the substance abuse and the unhealthy tendencies it has created for them all. When family and friends see that things must change, they can get their loved one into a substance abuse treatment program in Federal Way with the help of an interventionist.

When searching for an intervention counselor in Federal Way, it is best to find one with experience dealing with the same substance your loved one is using. If there are other issues, like a dual diagnosis of mental illness or anger/violence issues, it will help if your interventionist has experience with this as well.

An intervention is personal and intimate. The more comfortable all the participants feel with the interventionist, the more successful the intervention can be. Credentials, background, and experience are all important in choosing an interventionist, but so are demeanor and personality. Try to find one who can make a positive impact on your loved one.

Often a phone consultation is the first step. The interventionist can learn about your loved one and the specific situation. It is also a time for you to decide if this interventionist will be the one for you. During this phone consultation, you will learn about what the intervention entails.

Some people like to have a list of questions ready for the consultation, such as:

  • What is your experience and do you have experience with our particular situation?
  • How do you run your intervention and what should we expect?
  • How should we prepare?
  • What if my loved one refuses help or to admit there is a problem?
  • What happens after the intervention?

Drug Intervention Counselor in Federal Way, WA

Enabling, codependency, and lack of accountability are all detrimental tendencies that play negatively into addiction. During the intervention process, the family can learn how to adjust these behaviors in the interest of their loved one. Once these behaviors are modified, the family can begin to help. Unfortunately, oftentimes the one with the addiction has taught the family these negative behaviors in order to remain in his or her addiction, regardless of devastating effects.

It is hard to know what to do and how to help your loved one. Often families think they are doing the best thing, but in actuality, ignoring the addiction or waiting for something to happen to change your loved one can make things worse and behaviors harder to change. Manipulation is common with addiction, and it is not unusual for a family to succumb to this.

Federal Way, WA Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Many intervention counselors in Federal Way follow a three-step format:

Step One: The Initial Consultation – This is that aforementioned initial consultation where the counselor can learn about the individual and the situation. Here he or she can try to identify what is keeping your loved one in the addiction.

This is also the time to get everyone involved with the intervention onto the same page. Even if some opinions differ, your loved one will benefit when you come together, so it is best to put differences aside, at least for now.

Step 2: Educate Family About Addiction – Addiction is not always a simple thing to understand. The more the family understands about addiction, the better the chances for a successful recovery. Counselors can help educate the family on how to help constructively and stop enabling.

Waiting for your loved one to hit rock bottom or get help on his or her own can be detrimental, even life-threatening. You must let go of the enabling behaviors to help your loved one.

Step 3: Getting The Process Started – Once you identify your loved one’s addiction, it is time for help. A Federal Way drug intervention can help your loved one to recovery. The longer you wait, the harder addiction is to overcome.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol interventions are some of the most common interventions performed. Because alcohol is easily available and widely accepted, it is often hard to identify its use as a problem and convince your loved one of a problem without professional assistance.

Intervention counselors in Federal Way do not focus on the amount someone is drinking, but instead on the negative behaviors the alcohol is producing. Denial and blame are often prevalent with an alcohol problem. Understanding this is all part of understanding addiction.

An alcohol intervention may be the best answer. This can guide families down the path of recovery. While the loved one is getting treatment, the family can also learn how to change their own behavior for healthier outcomes. An intervention counselor can facilitate this.

If you have decided to find an intervention counselor but need some help, turn to these resources:

  • Your Insurance Company – By finding an interventionist in Federal Way covered by your insurance plan, you may be able to defer some of the cost of an intervention.
  • Your family doctor – Family doctors are experienced with recommending alcohol or drug interventionists. They have the insight and connections to recommend one who should work well with your family.
  • Online searches – You can do an online search for drug or alcohol interventionists and counselors in your area. Here you can read reviews and feedback from others and get a sense if the interventionist reviewed would be good for your situation.
  • Your friends or coworkers – Others you know may have been through this before. Ask around, and you may find someone who can share their experience and recommend their interventionists.

This is a big step in the right direction. Though it may seem scary, know that turning to an interventionist can be the best thing for your loved one and your family. If you have more questions about interventions and interventionists in the Federal Way area, The Recovery Village can help. Call us today!