Substance Abuse Counseling in Bellingham, Washington

Substance abuse is a difficult form of mental illness. It sits at an intersection of physical, emotional, mental, and social concerns, all of which have entangled and which can be difficult to extract from one another. This makes it hard to “go it alone” with substance use disorders. Fortunately, you do not have to try to handle it alone in Bellingham, Washington.

Substance abuse counseling can help anyone, from a newly sober person seeking to stay that way to those who have been sober for years but feel they need help to stay that way. That is why such counseling is typically the cornerstone of addiction treatment programs in Bellingham and surrounding areas. Choosing the best counselor for your needs can help you find the path to sobriety.

Bellingham, WA Addiction Counseling

Substance abuse counselors in Bellingham can use a variety of strategies and tailor their methods according to the needs of each client. Counselors will draw from a wide range of mental health approaches, such as behavioral therapy and talk therapy, and may turn to other techniques as well, depending on the comfort of their client and the potential success of the approach.

One of the primary jobs of substance abuse counselors in Bellingham is to help clients discover the root cause of their addiction. Addiction counselors help their clients locate and break the habits and behaviors of addiction and replace them with positive ones.

Counselors listen carefully to their clients and provide a safe and comfortable environment where clients can honestly express their feelings and thoughts. No matter where clients may be in their recovery process, substance abuse counseling can be beneficial. Some common aspects of substance abuse counseling include:

  • Developing a personalized treatment plan for clients
  • Encouraging clients to attend 12-step meetings or other peer support
  • Making recommendations regarding post-rehab aftercare
  • Teaching clients coping skills to handle relapse
  • Providing guidance regarding returning to work or seeking employment after rehab

Sometimes substance abuse counselors may also recommend that a client take part in family or marriage therapy if addiction has impacted the client’s relationships with a spouse or family.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

Licensed drug counselors in Bellingham talk with their clients one-on-one, encouraging them to open up and express their struggles with drug addiction as well as their hopes for treatment and recovery. In a safe environment, drug counselors help clients work through obstacles to recovery and achieve and maintain sobriety.

While credentials are important for any mental health counselor, equally important is that their clients respect and trust them. To that end, potential clients should ask their counselors as many questions as they can. How much experience does the counselor have with this form of substance abuse? What approaches will he or she take? What will the client be expected to do in sessions and outside of them? What will be the plan long-term? If the counselor and client are both happy with the answers, then treatment can begin in earnest.

You can find licensed drug counselors in the Bellingham area by using the online database provided by Psychology Today. There, you can sort through results by experience, credentials, and area of expertise so that you can find the right counselor for you.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Certified alcohol counselors help those who are dealing with alcohol addiction. Because alcohol is legal and widely available and because alcohol use is socially acceptable, some people with alcohol use disorder may not even realize they have a drinking problem until a crisis occurs.

An alcohol counselor can help clients suffering from alcohol addiction to understand first that it is an addiction and that it is treatable. Second, alcohol counselors work to help clients understand why addiction is present. Third, counselors help clients learn how to manage alcohol addiction and achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.

You can check with the National Association for Addiction Professionals for certified alcohol counselors in the Bellingham area. 

Drug Addiction Counselor Bellingham, WA

Drugs also present unique struggles for substance abuse sufferers. A good drug addiction counselor will understand the hurdles and obstacles in the way of addiction recovery and help design a path to guide clients through them. This might include finding peer support and group therapy, as well as individual sessions. Clients should look for a Bellingham counselor who can assist with all aspects of addiction treatment, taking into account the mental, emotional, and physical effects of substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

There are many places to find referrals for substance abuse counseling. Your insurer, your doctor, your therapist, and even contacting counselors directly and requesting an initial consultation are all viable methods. What is important, however, is that if you need to step away from substance abuse and toward sobriety, that you get help doing it. It is not a journey anyone should have to take alone. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to explore counseling options in Bellingham.