Substance Abuse Counseling in Bellevue, Washington

People who are suffering from substance use disorders in Bellevue need specialized treatment to help them overcome their addictions and return to a sober lifestyle. There are a variety of different ways to treat substance abuse disorders, including group therapy, various methods of individual therapy, and even medication options. But each person struggling with addiction is different, and they each need an addiction treatment plan in Bellevue that is individualized for their specific needs.

Substance abuse counseling is a type of therapy that can help people with addictions during their rehabilitation and recovery. Substance abuse counselors in Bellevue listen to clients talk about their issues and help them address psychological and behavioral issues that stand in the way of their recovery.

Bellevue, Washington Addiction Counseling

Different addiction counselors in Bellevue have different backgrounds and types of training. Counselors are commonly trained in disciplines like psychology, behavioral therapy, therapeutic methods, or chemical therapy, among others. The role of substance abuse counselors is to listen to their clients express their feelings and talk about their challenges, and to provide the support that can help them remain sober and in recovery.

One way that substance abuse counselors can help clients is by making sure that their clients are aware of the risk of relapse and have plans to mitigate those risks. Relapse is a common occurrence for people suffering from addiction, and substance abuse counselors can help their clients come up with a plan to avoid it. They can help clients identify triggers that bring on urges to use drugs or alcohol. They can assist clients in coming up with a plan of action to take when they feel tempted to use drugs or alcohol, like calling a friend or a sponsor or going for a walk.

Substance abuse counselors in Bellevue also work with clients to help them better understand themselves so they can avoid the urge to use drugs or alcohol in the first place. They work on uncovering the root causes of their clients’ addictions and dealing with those causes. They help clients break destructive behavior patterns and replace unhealthy habits with healthier ones.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

Substance abuse counselors in Bellevue who focus their practice on clients who struggle with drug use are known as local, licensed drug counselors. Some work with clients who suffer from all forms of drug addiction, while others specialize further to work with only clients who struggle with a specific type of drug addiction, like an opioid addiction.

Drug use can have long-lasting effects on the body and even on brain chemistry. Overcoming an addiction may not be as simple as just not using the drug. Clients may need help managing their emotions or dealing with physical pain without relying on substances. Local, licensed drug counselors understand these needs and can help clients manage them in a way that is safe and effective.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

People who suffer from alcohol addiction also have special needs, and addiction counselors in Bellevue who focus their practice specifically on alcoholics are called local, certified alcohol counselors.

Overcoming an alcohol addiction is made more difficult by the fact that alcohol is legal and widely available. Drinking is socially acceptable in many situations, and people travel in circles that have a very robust drinking culture. It can be difficult for someone who struggles with alcoholism to avoid being offered alcohol or feeling tempted to drink. It is especially important for alcoholics to work with a counselor to plan strategies to help them deal with triggers and situations where they will be offered alcohol.

Drug Addiction Counselor Bellevue, WA

Just as each person needs individualized treatment for addiction, each person will also proceed through recovery at his or her own pace. Some people will have many obstacles and setbacks, while others will make their way through rehabilitation and recovery relatively smoothly. Some people will take longer than others to reach any given phase of their recovery.

Drug addiction counselors in Bellevue are committed to working with patients at all phases of their recovery, from the time they enter rehabilitation to the aftercare period and beyond. Substance abuse counselors help arrange group therapy sessions, find support groups, and arrange sober living situations. They may also provide or arrange for services like employment rehabilitation and career counseling.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

There are many substance abuse counselors and counseling programs in Bellevue from which to choose. Talk to your family doctor about your needs; doctors may be able to recommend substance abuse counselors in your area that may be a good match for you. Check with your insurance company to find out which substance abuse counselors are covered by your insurance plan.

You can also find substance abuse counseling programs by contacting The Recovery Villages at one of our two hotlines. You can call for alcohol abuse or for drug abuse for local resources and information. Make the call today!