Substance Abuse Counseling in Auburn, Washington

When someone is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, it is a difficult road to handle alone. That is why substance abuse counseling can be so beneficial in overcoming addiction; a therapist can help get to the root of the addiction, help modify behavior patterns, and overcome emotional and psychological obstacles. Many rehab programs in Auburn, Washington, like those nearby at The Recovery Village, provide substance abuse counseling options. If you have a substance addiction and you are ready to find a healthier way of life, a substance abuse counselor and counseling program can help you get there. A safe and effective recovery is attainable.

Auburn, WA Addiction Counseling

Just as each person comes into addiction counseling with a different situation, a unique backstory and perhaps additional issues, a counselor has to create an individual way to approach and work with each client. The end goal is always a drug-free life, so through different measures, the counselor will help you get there. They have backgrounds in an area of psychology, including human behavior and chemical therapy; plus, they are trained in therapeutic methods of counseling. Regardless of any specialty, they will always listen and support their clients.

A counselor will listen to clients as they describe their situation with the goal of uncovering the roots of the addictive behavior. As counseling progresses, a therapist may recommend some other aspects of substance abuse recovery including:

  • Attending group therapy
  • Creating treatment plans and goals
  • Learning and applying positive coping methods
  • Attending a 12-step program
  • Setting up aftercare and plans for sober living
  • Assistance with finding a job or career plans

When you are looking for addiction counseling in Auburn, look for a counselor with whom you will be comfortable. A counselor is someone who is trustworthy, compassionate, and supportive, someone in whom you can confide, and someone who will help you along the way for a safe and effective recovery.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

A local drug counselor can help people dealing with drug addiction, no matter the drug. Regardless of the point in recovery, whether this is the first step or you are looking for support after treatment, the counselor can encourage and help you stay on a clean path. The wrath of addiction is lonely and debilitating; counseling can help you overcome it. A counselor can also help if there is a co-occurring issue, like mental illness.

Psychology Today has a database listing substance abuse counselors in your area. The range of services, backgrounds, and credentials will vary so you can find someone to fit your personality and your needs. A counselor can also recommend other treatment, like a 12-step program or a treatment facility.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

For those specifically dealing with alcohol addiction, help can be found with a local, certified alcohol counselor. A counselor can help you find a more in-depth treatment program, a 12-step program, or simply work with you one-on-one to provide the support and encouragement you need to shed the addiction.

The National Association for Addiction Professionals is a helpful source to find a good, reputable, and certified counselor. This organization works with professionals to make sure they have the credentials and licensing to provide the best counseling to their clients.

Drug Addiction Counselor Auburn, WA

Drug addiction counselors guide their patients along the path of recovery with the end result being freedom from addiction. No matter the stage of recovery, an addiction counselor in Auburn can provide a safe and supportive recovery environment. They will spend individual time with the client exploring the roots of the addiction and dependence and finding healthy ways to overcome it.

Finding the right counselor is important but can be difficult with so many to choose from in Auburn. Representatives at The Recovery Village can help you find a qualified counselor in Auburn to match your needs. We can also help with any other aspects of treatment and support. Call us today to speak with a caring professional and begin your journey to an addiction-free life.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

Finding the right substance abuse counselor in Auburn or the right program is essential for a successful recovery. These sources can help you find the best one for yourself:

  • Insurance provider – Identifying therapists in your network plan can remove the financial stress of seeking addiction counseling.
  • Family doctor – Your family doctor should have the insight and resources to make a sound recommendation on which therapists will work well with you.
  • Online search – You can search for specific criteria and read customer reviews and feedback to find a local substance abuse counselor.
  • Personal recommendations – Perhaps a friend or coworker has been through this process before. Talk to them about their experience and ask if they would recommend their counselor.
  • 24-hour hotlines – Please use The Recovery Village’s 24-hour hotlines for any of your needs:  alcohol (1.800.252.6465) and drug (1.800.821.4357).

You can call The Recovery Village directly for any information on counseling or more intensive treatment. We are here to help, and calls are always free and confidential, with no obligation. Please reach out and begin your journey to a drug-free, healthier, happier life. We can help with a variety of options and are ready to take this journey with you.