Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Wichita Falls, TX

There is a drug epidemic sweeping the nation. Unfortunately, this dangerous trend has even reached Wichita Falls, Texas. Due to the impact of this crisis, there is a personal and professional need for drug testing facilities. While it may be somewhat difficult to locate reliable drug testing centers in Wichita Falls, there are several resources available to employers, individuals, and those who think their loved ones are currently struggling with substance use disorder.

If you are seeking a drug testing facility in Wichita Falls, one of our representatives can help connect you with a local intake coordinator today. Even if you are fearful of going in for a drug test, there are many treatment centers in the Wichita Falls area that are available to support you through this struggle, including The Recovery Village.

Wichita Falls Drug Testing Centers 

There is a broad range of drug tests available in the Wichita Falls area. It is always important for individuals to understand their options to decide which method will produce the best results for them.

There are two factors that influence which kind of drug test is right for you: the type of drug the test is for and how the specimens are collected. For example, a 5-panel drug test is a test that screens for five categories of drugs, including amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, phencyclidine (PCP), and opiates. Some drug testing facilities in Wichita Falls may have tests available that test for a wider variety of substances, including tests for barbiturates, alcohol, and benzodiazepines. In addition, different specimens may be collected depending on the end goal of the drug test. You could be asked to take a urine, saliva, blood, hair, or perspiration drug test.

There are many reasons people seek out drug testing facilities in Wichita Falls. The most common situations which may warrant a drug test are related to employment. Typically, the reasons a person looks for drug testing facilities include:

Pre-Employment: Employers may mandate a drug test as a condition of employment. In this situation, potential employees must pass a drug test to be considered.

Annual Physical: Some employers may choose to test individuals for alcohol or other substances as part of an annual physical exam.

For-Cause and Reasonable Suspicion: If an employee is exhibiting signs that they are unfit for work due to drug use, employers may mandate they take a drug test.

Post-Accident: If an employee has an accident on the job, they may have to take a drug test to determine whether alcohol or drugs caused the accident.

Post-Treatment: Individuals may be required to take a drug test if they have just completed a rehabilitation program or if law enforcement needs to verify their drug use has ceased.

Probation: Submitting routine drug tests may be a condition of probation. If an individual does not pass the drug test, they may be incarcerated.

Sports: To make sure sports are being played safely, professional and collegiate athletes may need to take drug tests.

School: Some high schools may subject students to random drug tests to make sure the school is a drug-free environment.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

When you are searching for a reliable drug testing facility in Wichita Falls, you may want to consider several factors to check the facilities’ credibility. Factors to consider are:

Accuracy: Make sure the testing facility you choose is certified by the Department of Health and Human Services. You can also look at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service’s comprehensive list to find certified labs in your area.

Privacy: The results of a drug test can potentially damage someone’s professional or personal life. For this reason, you should always make sure your testing facility keeps your results private.

Efficiency: Regardless of what you need the drug test for, make sure the lab can get your results back to you in a timely fashion.

Level of Experience: Taking or mandating a drug test from an experienced lab will help you ensure the results you get are accurate and the process is handled professionally.

If you want to speak with someone regarding drug testing facilities in the Wichita Falls, Texas area, The Recovery Village is here to help you find the right drug testing facility for your situation. You can either call us today to get the process started or access our website to assist your search. For more information on drug testing facility resources and more, go online to www.TheRecoveryVillage.com or call 24/7 to our toll-free hotline at 855-548-9825.