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Tennessee Colony, Texas, is a small, unincorporated community located in the western part of Anderson County. It’s a quaint, quiet town with spectacular views of Texas sunsets and more than enough wide open space for settling down and spreading out.

Unfortunately, as the opioid crisis has spread throughout the country, even idyllic little hamlets like Tennessee Colony haven’t been spared from its effects. In Texas, the substance abuse issue is deepening, with many individuals turning to prescription drug overuse and abuse, in addition to alcohol abuse and illicit drug misuse. As the drug epidemic worsens, it’s important for those struggling with addiction to have access to resources that can help them beat this disease.

When it comes to overcoming an addiction, it can be challenging to claim your struggles when others view addiction in a negative light. While addictions are terrible and potentially life threatening, they’re a disease like any other and deserve the proper treatment to help individuals achieve sobriety. Just like you’d address a cancer diagnosis with a professional medical treatment cycle, you also want to address addiction problems with the same level of seriousness and attentive care.

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The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake443 S. Hwy 105 Palmer Lake CO 80133-9003 (719) 884-0063

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake does not operate in the state of Texas. Our closest facility is in Palmer Lake, CO and can be seen in the map above.

You’re not alone in this struggle.

Texas opioid overdose deaths
in 2015

While the number of opioid deaths in Texas appears to have fallen in recent years, the numbers are still shocking. No one should lose his or her life or a loved one to an alcohol or drug addiction.

Finding Help & Recovery in Tennessee Colony, TX

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Tennessee Colony, Texas

When it comes to getting help for a substance misuse problem, finding a professional drug rehab center in Tennessee Colony, TX is of utmost importance. When you’re trusting your future, or that of a loved one, to a treatment program, you need the assurance that that program has the potential to deliver the results you’re hoping to achieve. Before deciding on a treatment route, consider the addiction in question. Think about how long it’s been going on and what substances are involved. Each alcohol and drug rehab center in Tennessee Colony, TX  is geared toward certain patient needs, so it’s essential that you understand what you’re dealing with before making a final decision.

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    Tennessee Colony Residential Treatment Programs

    When patients are dealing with long-term addictions and serious substance abuse challenges, a remarkable option is the an inpatient drug rehab in Tennessee Colony, TX. Residential rehab programs give patients full-time, around the clock care aimed at helping them lessen their dependence on substances and regain independence to function in their normal lives once again. Residential rehab programs rely on a combination of treatment types, including structured activities and therapy for body and mind to give patients the ability to break out of the addiction cycle.

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    Tennessee Colony Partial Hospitalization Programs

    Similar to residential programs, partial hospitalization programs provide structured treatment activities that follow a timetable for recovery. However, instead of living onsite at the treatment facility, patients are free to return home each evening, so long as their home is a safe and supportive environment. Partial hospitalization programs are ideal for parents who have childcare and other concerns to deal with when choosing their drug rehab center in Tennessee Colony, TX. They’re also a good fit for those who have milder addictions and can still benefit from a structured treatment program.

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    Tennessee Colony Outpatient Treatment Programs

    Outpatient drug rehabs in Tennessee Colony, TX are ideal for patients who have completed a more rigorous inpatient program and need some further support as they continue their alcohol- or drug-free journey. These programs are designed to help patients work through some of the day-to-day struggles that they face as they leave their substance abuse problems behind. Patients typically live at home while attending an outpatient rehab and still have time to attend work or school. However, if their homes aren’t particularly supportive environments, there are often options to stay on the program’s campus while completing such a program.

In addition to assessing the severity of your addiction, it’s also important to evaluate what level of drug treatment in Tennessee Colony your health insurance plan covers.

Tennessee Colony Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Getting sober involves a detoxification process that rids your body of the toxins and substances that you’re addicted to. A Tennessee Colony drug detox treatment is an intense process that often leaves people coping with challenging symptoms and pain management as their bodies clear excess chemicals.

Some inpatient drug rehabs in Tennessee Colony, TX offer detox as one of the initial steps of treatment. When you detox in-house, you have access to professional staff members who can give you the support and assistance that you need to get through the hardest days of your detox process.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Tennessee Colony

Once you’ve detoxed and been through the initial stages of a Tennessee Colony drug treatment facility, you can still continue on your sobriety journey. Getting back into the swing of your everyday life can be challenging, especially without constant reminders of your goals and ability to overcome everyday temptations. Recovery meetings fill the gaps by connecting you with other people who are walking the same path to break free from addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is a group recovery meeting that provides an open, warm environment for individuals who want to stop drinking. AA is the oldest recovery group in the world and aims to help individuals maintain their sobriety after completing AA’s well-known 12-step recovery plan. Throughout each step, individuals are encouraged to increasingly turn more of their struggles over to a higher power in order to break free from their addiction. You can find several AA meetings near Tennessee Colony.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
    408 W Tyler St.
    Athens, TX 75751
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
    519 W Palestine Ave.
    Palestine, TX 75801
  • Loop 256 Group
    6102 N Lp. 256
    Palestine, TX 75882

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous leads individuals through a 12-step recovery program that involves surrender of addictive tendencies to a higher power. NA isn’t associated with any religious denomination and is open to all who are seeking to move beyond a drug addiction. To learn more about getting involved with NA, check out one of the meetings in the Tennessee Colony area.

  • Narcotics Anonymous
    212 W Oak St.
    Palestine, TX 75801
  • Saint Stephens Anglican Church
    2101 E College St.
    Athens, TX 75751
  • Remedy House
    101 Lila Ln.
    Athens, TX 75751

SMART Recovery Meetings

A 12-step recovery process isn’t right for everyone, and for those individuals, SMART Recovery is an alternative. SMART Recovery is based around the same community and group atmosphere as other recovery programs, but it features a four-step, science-based process for helping individuals to break free from their addictions by looking within themselves and finding the tools that they need along the path of recovery. SMART Recovery is intended for anyone who’s struggling with an alcohol, drug, gambling or other addiction.

  • Offices of Wade E French
    1810 Shiloh Rd.
    Tyler, TX 75703

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

When you have a family member who’s struggling with addiction, it can be difficult to find your old sense of “normal” and stay engaged in your daily routine. For the family members of people working through drug or alcohol recovery programs, Al-Anon and Nar-Anon offer a safe, judgment-free community of other family members in the same boat. Al- and Nar-Anon follow the same 12-step program as AA and NA do, but it’s customized to the needs of family members rather than those struggling with addiction directly. You can find several Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings in the general Tennessee Colony area.

  • Al-Anon
    Freedom AFG
    919 S Magnolia St.
    Palestine, TX
  • Nar-Anon
    Cedar Creek NFG
    713 South Hwy. 274
    Seven Points, TX 75143

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