Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Georgetown, TX

Marriage and family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps family members address and understand the way their behaviors affect their relationships with each other and the family as a unit. This type of counseling usually devotes time to individual therapy, marriage therapy, and therapy for the entire family.

Marital and couple conflicts, parent and child conflicts, alcohol and drug misuse, sexual dysfunction, grief, distress, eating disorders, weight issues, and children’s behavioral programs are all issues that can potentially be resolved through marriage and family therapy. Marriage and family therapists can also help with individual mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and more which may impact the rest of the family.

Before diving into the issues at hand, marriage and family therapists will gather information on the problems that originally brought the group to therapy and listen to the thoughts and feelings of everyone involved. This helps the therapist understand the underlying relationship dynamics, so they can then evaluate larger issues as applicable.

Marriage Counseling in Georgetown, Texas

Many studies have shown how effective marriage therapy can be for treating a range of mental and emotional disorders. Many clients of marriage therapy report improvements in their work productivity, co-worker relationships, family relationships, partner relationships, emotional health, overall health, social life, community involvement, and more after receiving this kind of treatment.

Marriage counseling can also be beneficial for partners who may consider separation or want an improved intimacy in the relationship. While the focus of therapy is the relationship itself, the partners involved are responsible for paying attention to their own self-improvement and self-awareness.

Georgetown, Texas Marriage Therapy

Couples involved in marriage therapy may set therapeutic goals under the guidance of their therapist to help them learn more about one another and learn how to use healthy problem-solving skills. In most cases, couples’ high levels of motivation and dedication to therapy provide for the most positive results.

As marriage therapy progresses, participants may become better listeners and communicators and learn to support their partner in new ways. Although conflict is quite common in marriage therapy sessions, an ethical marriage counselor will be neutral and will not take either partner’s side in a dispute.

Marriage counseling is usually held once a week, but this schedule may vary due to the couple’s schedules and goals. Marriage counseling opportunities in Georgetown, Texas, include private practices, university counseling centers, group practices, and more.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

Couples interested in marriage counseling should seek a therapist who:

  • Is certified and trained in marriage counseling.
  • Understands the couple’s current issues.
  • Shows an equal amount of compassion to both partners.
  • Allows partners ample time to speak without interruption.
  • Is neutral in all disputes.
  • Can retain control of the therapy session.
  • Is easy to reach.
  • Encourages an open, communicative atmosphere.
  • Has affordable rates for the couple’s situation.

Family Therapy in Georgetown, Texas

Families provide the first environment where people learn their vocabulary, habits, customs, and worldviews. In this environment, people learn how to love and interact with their peers. How a person treats others is largely based on how their family treats them in the early stages of life.

Those who are born into healthy families with healthy relationships will likely maintain healthy relationships as they grow older. On the other hand, if someone is born into a dysfunctional family, they may also engage future relationships in a dysfunctional manner.

Family therapy provides strategies to help families handle issues as they arise. It helps them find a way to maintain healthy habits in the familial environment.

Georgetown, Texas Family Counseling

Family counseling can help families who are going through a difficult time, a major transition, or those dealing with mental or behavioral health problems among certain family members.

Family therapy may introduce cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and other forms of individual counseling to the family unit to help solve the issues at hand. Family counselors help families by teaching them how to improve their communication, solve their problems, promote better understanding, and handle unique family situations.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

You may want to consider insurance coverage, doctor recommendations, online referrals, and personal recommendations when seeking a family therapist.

Engaging in family therapy is a huge step in helping families heal and should never be interpreted as admitting defeat.

If you or someone you know is struggling with family difficulties, seek help today. The Recovery Village has several resources for those looking to heal their family issues. For more information, you can visit us online at