Finding an Interventionist in Westerville, Ohio

Interventions are often the only way to get a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol into rehab. Many times, alcoholics and drug addicts are unwilling or sometimes unable to see how their habits are ruining their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones. By opting for an intervention in Westerville, families can help urge their addicted loved ones to seek treatment before it is too late.

Interventions are not meant to “bully” addicts into rehab or force them to go to substance abuse treatment in Westerville. Instead, they are meant to show addicts that they are loved and mean a lot to their friends and family and that their addiction is completely ravaging their lives and causing undue distress to those around them.

Interventions are also meant to help family members see where their own behaviors may be contributing to their loved one’s substance abuse. Most of the time, family members enable addicts and continue to make addicts feel comfortable in their addiction. Whether families continue to offer a place to live, a car to drive, or a cell phone to use, addicts who have such amenities available to them will continue to use drugs or alcohol because they never actually hit rock bottom.

Only after family members discover how they can have been contributing to the addiction and how they can take on healthier roles can they be a part of helping their loved ones seek treatment.

Finding an intervention counselor in Westerville who has experience with the specific substance in question is helpful. In addition, the counselor should be made aware of any violent history of the addict before the intervention takes place in order for the necessary precautions to be taken.

Addiction interventions are highly personal experiences, both for the addicts themselves and their families. As such, it is very important that the family chooses an interventionist who is able to make everyone feel comfortable. Credentials and experience are obviously important, but perhaps personality is just as important. Intervention participants — such as family members and friends — know their loved ones best and are in the ideal position to choose an intervention counselor who would be best suited for the addict.

Drug intervention counselors typically want to hold initial telephone interviews and conversations in order to find out as much as they can about the addict and the situation surrounding the addiction before the actual intervention takes place. This will help the interventionist tailor the session in order to make it as effective as it can be and lead to a successful outcome.

Drug Interventionist Counselor in Westerville, OH

Addiction interventions are all about changing how family members think about how they may be enabling their addict loved ones and how they may actually be playing a role in the addict’s inability or unwillingness to accept any accountability for their actions. It is absolutely imperative that family members make the necessary modifications to their own behaviors and actions in order to increase the chances of guiding their loved ones to treatment.

Addicts are very good at teaching their families how to continue enabling them so that the addict continues to remain comfortable. In this way, reaching out for help is never an issue and hitting rock bottom never actually happens.

A drug intervention counselor can help a family see through the manipulation of their addicted family member and quit buying into the story the addict is spinning.

Westerville, OH Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Intervention counselors in Westerville typically follow a series of steps throughout the intervention process:

Step 1 – Initial consultation. Interventionists typically like to begin the process with an initial telephone consultation to find out what is making the addict continue to use and what is keeping the addict comfortable in the addiction. Counselors will ensure that all family members and friends are on the same page rather than coming in with differing opinions in order to ensure a successful intervention.

Step 2 – Family education. As mentioned earlier, family members need to understand how they may have been playing a role in their loved one’s addiction in order for them to be better able to help encourage the addict to seek treatment. Intervention counselors can help mend the situation by teaching the family about how to adopt healthier roles and behaviors in order to ensure long-term success for everyone involved.

Step 3 – Starting the intervention process. It is always better to start an intervention sooner rather than later, as every day that passes is just another day lost in the addiction. As time goes on, it will only become increasingly difficult for everyone to make a change for the better.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol intervention is one of the most common types of intervention, and Westerville has plenty of intervention counselors from which to choose. Since alcohol is legal, alcoholics typically find it tough to see themselves with a problem. After all, they are not necessarily doing anything illegal by drinking alcohol. For this reason, an alcohol intervention can be very challenging without professional help.

In Westerville, intervention for alcoholism is not focused on the amount that a person consumes, but the negative actions that drinking excessively causes and the reactions of the family to these behaviors. Many alcoholics are in denial and think that everyone else has a problem and not them. Addicts are usually very stubborn and self-absorbed and assume no accountability for their actions.

Considering the challenge of such an intervention, it is both helpful and effective to have the assistance of a professional intervention counselor in Westerville.

When looking for an interventionist in Westerville, consider the following resources:

  • Your physician
  • Your insurance company
  • Your friends and family
  • Online reviews
  • The Recovery Village

If someone you know and love is dealing with alcoholism and you are seeking an intervention to deal with the situation, turning to an alcohol interventionist is the right step to take and may be the best solution for everyone involved. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to find out more about interventionists in the Westerville area.