Substance Abuse Counseling in Springfield, Ohio

Treating a substance use disorder requires the ability to coordinate several different resources and treatment methods into an individualized plan of care for a particular person. This is because substance use disorders are very complex disorders, with many different complicating factors and causes that vary from person to person and substance to substance. Substance abuse counseling is a type of therapy that can be an important factor in the recovery process of a person suffering from a substance use disorder in Springfield, Ohio.

Substance abuse counselors in Springfield should be licensed or certified to show that they have the education, training, and skills needed to deal with the difficult and complex problem of substance use disorders. They meet with clients regularly to help them plan and meet their treatment goals as they work to recover from their addiction and live a sober lifestyle.

Springfield, Ohio Addiction Counseling

One of the most important things that an addiction counselor in Springfield can do for clients is to listen. Different clients have different root causes that motivate their addictive behaviors, and some clients may have complicating factors like mental health disorders that can exacerbate their substance abuse and make recovery more difficult. Clients often may not know the root causes of their addictions themselves, and may not be aware that they are exhibiting signs of mental health issues. An addiction counselor who is listening carefully may be able to spot and point out things that the clients themselves miss.

Furthermore, many people who are recovering from a substance use disorder feel isolated from friends and family, which can lead to feelings of loneliness or depression. They may also face difficulties integrating themselves back into school, work, or another regular routine. By demonstrating a willingness to listen and empathize, substance abuse counselors can establish themselves as the kind of supportive presence that those suffering from a substance use disorder need.

An addiction counselor in Springfield performs other important functions as well. Depending on the client’s needs, they may:

  • Design a treatment plan
  • Help clients identify goals
  • Help clients develop coping mechanisms to deal with the urge to use
  • Set up group therapy sessions
  • Help clients find support groups
  • Arrange for sober living or aftercare following rehabilitation
  • Provide career advice and guidance for seeking new employment

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

Drug addiction can encompass a dependency on a wide variety of substances. It is easy to think of drug addiction as addiction to street drugs, like cocaine or heroin. While those addictions are serious, they are not the only types of drug addictions with which people struggle. There is currently a widespread epidemic of addiction to prescription drugs sweeping the nation, for example.

Local, licensed drug counselors are trained to help clients who are suffering from addiction to a variety of different drugs, including illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs. People suffering from drug addiction can experience a range of aftereffects even after they stop using the substance, and a substance abuse counselor in Springfield is trained to recognize and help clients with these problems.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor                                                                         

It can be very difficult for people suffering from alcohol addiction to recognize that they have a problem. Alcohol is a legal and widely available substance that is consumed in many social, recreational, and even professional settings. Many people who drink alcohol do not become addicted, and it can be easy for those who do to convince themselves that their drinking is normal. Even after a person recognizes that he or she has a problem with alcohol, it can be difficult to avoid the temptation to drink when alcohol is so easily available.

A local, certified alcohol counselor is someone who is trained to deal with the unique problems faced by people struggling with alcohol addiction. They are able to help alcoholics identify the negative behaviors that accompany their addiction and plan strategies to help them remain sober.

Drug Addiction Counselor Springfield, Ohio

Just staying away from the substance in question often is not enough to truly overcome an addiction. During recovery, people with substances use disorders must learn to identify destructive habits and behavior patterns and replace them with healthy habits and positive behaviors. Helping clients break out of negative cycles and develop positive and healthy habits is an important part of the role played by a drug addiction counselor in Springfield.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

Substance abuse counselors in your area are available and ready to help you overcome a substance use disorder. One way to find a substance abuse counseling program in your area is to call one of The Recovery Village’s hotlines. We offer two 24-hour-a-day hotlines, one for both alcohol abuse and one for drug abuse. When you call, you will be directed toward resources in your local area.

You can also ask your personal physician for a recommendation. Call your insurance company to find out which programs and substances abuse counselors accept your health insurance plan.