Mental Health Counselors, Facilities, and Programs in Massillon, Ohio

Nearly one in six Americans, over 54 million people, suffer from some form of mental illness every year. While some of these are relatively mild, clinical depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and others all afflict millions. Unfortunately, Massillon residents are no exception.

Almost anyone can benefit from talking to a mental health therapist occasionally, but for those with mental illness and substance abuse issues, mental health counseling particularly effective. For this reason, you will find that many substance abuse treatment programs in Massillon and surrounding areas incorporate mental health counseling into their treatment plans.

If you need immediate help or are otherwise facing a crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255 or text the Crisis Text Line at 741741. They are free and confidential and can help anyone facing a mental health crisis cope and stay healthy. Please get the help you deserve right away.

Mental Health Facilities In Massillon, Ohio

Just like there are many types of hospitals, from small facilities that handle basic tasks to large ones to help people cope with long-term issues, the same is true of mental health facilities. They generally sort into four broad categories.

Long-term facilities are for people who have a serious mental illness and need either daily care or intensive therapy to work with the challenges their illnesses present and to move on to other aspects of life. How long a person stays depends on his or her needs and progress. Most patients in long-term facilities suffer from debilitating and complex mental illnesses.

Residential facilities are for people who need stabilization and 24/7 monitoring and care for a short time. Common conditions that may be treated in residential facilities include clinical depression, schizophrenia, severe bipolar disorder, and so on. Patients in residential care benefit from medication management, group therapy, and structured individual counseling.

Short-term inpatient facilities are generally for people who need some form of stabilization after it has been found they are at risk of harming either themselves or someone else. They provide around-the-clock monitoring and care for those suffering from illnesses like PTSD, major depression, and schizoaffective disorder.

Outpatient mental health facilities are the offices of therapists, the group therapy centers, and other places where mental health programs are available.

Finding Mental Health Hospitals Near Me

Mental health hospitals near Massillon provide care for those in need of immediate stabilization for severe forms of mental illness. If a person is in immediate danger of self-harm or harming others, a mental health hospital can intervene to help avert a crisis. People may be admitted to mental health hospitals voluntarily or upon the recommendation of a mental health professional or concerned family member.

You can find mental health hospitals in the Massillon area by:

  • Contacting your family physician
  • Contacting your mental health counselor
  • Contacting your insurance provider
  • Contacting The Recovery Village
  • Using SAMHSA’s treatment locator
  • Calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255
  • Calling the National Alliance on Mental Illness at 1-800-950-NAMI.

Mental Health Programs Massillon

Just like mental health facilities, there are many mental health programs in and around Massillon. They include group therapy and peer support groups, private therapy practices, long-term outpatient programs, and a host of other programs.

Before joining any sort of mental health program, you should look at its literature and consider what you most need out of a program. For example, in the area of maintaining sobriety after a substance abuse program, some people prefer weekly check-ins with a counselor one-on-one, while others prefer a group therapy program. Much depends on what you are most comfortable with and what you believe will help you the most.

Mental Health Counselor Massillon, OH

Mental health counselors have many different schools of thought and approaches to mental health concerns. How counseling unfolds depends on the training and the credentials of the counselor and the needs of the client. As a rule, a counselor and a potential client will have an initial meeting where they will discuss approaches to treatment, what the client feels they need or most wants to achieve in counseling, and otherwise get a sense of each other. It is important that there is mutual respect and trust, especially as counselors and clients will be covering some deeply personal territory.

You can find mental health counselors in Massillon by calling Massillon hotline representatives. If you do not feel that you can talk with someone directly, you can always text the Crisis Text Line at 741741, where you can connect with someone who can help you find counselors in your area.

If you are suffering from mental illness and substance use disorder, The Recovery Village can help. Our programs incorporate treatment for co-occurring disorders and we offer hope and healing for those battling addiction and mental illness. Reach out today to talk with our compassionate representatives.

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