Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Mansfield, Ohio

The United States is experiencing a deadly and devastating drug epidemic. This epidemic is reaching its hand into every state, every city, leaving nowhere untouched, including Mansfield, Ohio. Because of this, the need for drug testing facilities is on the rise, for both professional and personal reasons.

For some, a drug test is no big deal. Maybe it is just an employment requirement and there is no history of drug use. For others, it can be a worrisome situation with an unknown outcome. Perhaps you are a parent who has reason to think your teen is using drugs and you want a drug test done. If this is the case, please know you can reach out to The Recovery Village. There is a wide variety of substance abuse treatment options throughout the Mansfield, Ohio area, and we can help you find the best treatment if it is needed.

Mansfield Drug Testing Centers

Because of the high numbers of drug testing facilities, it is important to understand some things like what different tests to look for and what type of specimens are taken when choosing where to go for the test. Sometimes it depends on the reasons for the test, but you should look for a facility to fit your specific needs.

Most tests look for five types of drugs, including opiates, PCP, amphetamines, cocaine, and marijuana and these are referred to as 5-panel drug tests. If you need testing for other substances like barbiturates, ethanol (alcohol), and benzodiazepines, you can find a center that uses stronger tests. Again, much of this depends on the reason for the test.

Another factor of drug testing to consider are the types of specimens collected. Some common specimens that are taken for drug testing are:

  • Urine – The most common specimen taken for drug testing, urine is easy to get and the cost is effective as well. Metabolites, the structure produced and then excreted by the metabolism when a substance is ingested, are easily identified in the urine.
  • Saliva- This is the second most used specimen. Like urine, it is easy to get and cost-effective. However, the window of time for drug detection is brief.
  • Blood – Though this test is very accurate, it is more expensive and more invasive than other specimens so not as widely used.
  • Hair – Metabolites are filtered through the hair and remain there, so hair is an accurate record of past and present drug use.
  • Perspiration – This newer method of drug testing involves wearing a patch for two weeks to collect perspiration. This is then tested and metabolites can be identified indicating drug use.

Reliable drug testing facilities will have some common characteristics, including accurate tests, privacy policies, fast testing, and an experienced staff. You can use the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) comprehensive list to find facilities certified by the Department of Health and Human Services near you that exhibit these characteristics.

People need drug tests for a variety of reasons, from the simple work-related ones to the more complicated ones of having a child tested for suspected drug use. Here are some of the most common reasons people go to Mansfield drug testing centers:

  • Pre-Employment: It is not uncommon for an employer to require a drug test to be passed before      extending that final offer.
  • Annual  Physical: Some workplaces and some insurance companies require a drug test on an annual basis.
  • For-Cause and Reasonable Suspicion: If someone shows signs of drug use, perhaps an employee or a child, he or she may need a drug test at the requirement of the employer or parent.
  • Post-Accident: If a work-related accident occurs and there is legal action, the employee may need to take a drug test to prove no drugs caused the accident.
  • Post-Treatment: After treatment, individuals may need to be drug tested on a regular basis to show that there is no relapse.
  • Probation: Drug testing is often a requirement of probation, and if it comes back positive, probation is broken.
  • Sports: Some sports teams require testing to ensure fair and safe play as well as to maintain a drug-free environment.
  • School: In order to help keep a drug-free school, some schools will randomly require drug testing.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Because there are many drug testing facilities in Mansfield, it can be hard to decide which one to use. Recommendations and research help, so you can narrow your search by:

  • Talking with your family doctor: Your doctor is probably experienced in matching individuals to drug testing facilities depending on their needs and personal situations.
  • Contacting your insurance provider: By talking with your provider, you can see how much of the cost will be covered under your plan and where to go to stay in network.
  • Searching online: An online search can help you locate nearby facilities and see information on each one.
  • Calling The Recovery Village: Our representatives at The Recovery Village can help you find nearby drug testing centers and help with any follow up treatment if you find it is necessary.

If you suspect a loved one of drug use, a drug test is an important first step. If you find your loved one needs treatment or you are struggling with drugs yourself, please do not hesitate to reach out to a caring representative at The Recovery Village. This can be a challenging time, but a brave step in the right direction to a happier, healthier life without drugs. We are here for you.