Finding an Interventionist in Mansfield, Ohio

Substance abuse destroys lives. In addition to damaging themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally, substance abusers in Mansfield, Ohio also damage their families and friends. There is little in life as stressful as watching someone you love fall victim to addiction and its horrible consequences. If you are in this situation, it may be time to call an interventionist in Mansfield.

An intervention has a dual purpose. First and foremost, the goal of an intervention is to help a person suffering from substance use disorder to make the choice to participate in a structured substance abuse treatment program in Mansfield. Second, an intervention is designed to help family members and friends of an addict to regain control of their own lives and begin to let the wounds of addiction heal.

If you decide that an intervention is in the best interests of your loved one, you will need to find a Mansfield interventionist who will make all the participants in the intervention, including your loved one, feel comfortable. You are in the best position to accomplish this since you are well familiar with your loved one.

Some of the questions you might want to ask a potential interventionist are:

  • How many interventions have you handled, and what is your success rate with getting a person into rehab?
  • What method of intervention will you be using?
  • What do you expect the participants in the intervention to know and do?
  • What will happen if my loved one does not choose to accept help?
  • Do you provide post-intervention counseling for all involved?

Speak openly and honestly with your interventionist about your expectations, your concerns, and your investment in the process. Disclose any pertinent facts the interventionist needs to know, including whether your loved one has a tendency toward violence or is highly emotional.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Mansfield, OH

A drug intervention counselor in Mansfield approaches interventions with the goal of helping the entire family understand how certain attitudes and actions on their part may be contributing to the substance abuse of their loved one. Intervention counselors help families understand how to stop enabling addiction, how to avoid becoming codependent, and how to help their loved one learn about accountability.

Once family members accept how their own behaviors may be contributing to the addiction of their loved one and make the necessary changes to stop the cycle, then an intervention with their loved one has a much better chance of success. A drug intervention counselor helps the entire family get on the same page to provide a solid foundation for an effective intervention.

Mansfield, OH Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Though every intervention counselor is different and may approach an intervention in a unique way, there are some common steps that most interventions follow. First, there is the initial meeting. The interventionist will want to meet with as many people who will be involved with the intervention as possible to understand their view of the person and to get a sense of how they view the problem in question. This is also for the benefit of the group, as it will be necessary for everyone to feel comfortable with and trust the interventionist in order for any effort to be successful.

The next step will be to educate as many members of the intervention as possible about the true nature of addiction. Often an interventionist is tasked with breaking down the “magical thinking” that sometimes pervades the families and friends of substance abuse sufferers. Thinking that this is just a “minor issue” or that it can be solved by the right job or meeting the right person has to be set aside so that everyone understands that this is a mental illness that must be treated accordingly. The interventionist will ask those involved to look at their patterns of behavior to ask themselves if they enable substance abuse in those they love. This can be a difficult, emotional process and the interventionist will prepare everyone accordingly.

When this is complete, then the actual intervention can be staged. It is important everyone understand that regardless of the choices made, they must commit to cease enabling substance abuse.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol abuse is often treated as a separate illness from other substance use disorders in part because alcohol is treated differently on a social and political level than other substances. Nobody over 21 gets in trouble with the legal system for attempting to buy alcohol, and narcotics are not on the menus of restaurants, at the refreshment stands at public events, or considered part of the social contract in some industries or at post-work gatherings.

The widespread availability and acceptance of alcohol often lead those struggling with alcohol abuse to justify their behavior in a broader context. Perhaps they reason, “I do not drink as much as others, I do not drive drunk, or I pay my bills, so it does not matter how much I drink.” Alcohol interventionists are trained to combat these excuses and help those dependent on alcohol see their problem in the context of how their alcohol abuse affects the people around them, not themselves.

Intervention is not an easy decision for anybody to make. It often involves confronting not just a person you love, but your own behavior and reaction to their illness. But, for the health and safety of those you love, sometimes stepping in and attempting to wake them up to their problems is the only solution.

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