Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Kent, Ohio

Marriage and family therapy in Kent, Ohio is designed to address the behaviors of family members and the way those behaviors are affecting the family unit as a whole.

It is no secret that marriages and families in the modern world are under stress. Marriage and family counseling can address the stresses families face, including issues like:

  • Grief after the loss of a loved one
  • Couples conflict
  • Parent/child conflict
  • Financial worries
  • Eldercare issues
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Body image issues

Additionally, many families find that marriage and family therapy help them deal with mental health issues or substance abuse issues in Kent.

Marriage Counseling in Kent, Ohio

In marriage counseling in Kent, the first session is generally a time for the couple and therapist to get to know one another. In this session, the counselor will listen carefully as the couple articulates why they have come to counseling. The therapist will also be looking closely at the way the couple interacts with each other to get a sense of the relationship dynamic.

At the same time, the couple will be evaluating the therapist to decide if both partners feel comfortable and safe talking with the therapist.

Kent Marriage Therapy

A marriage or other intimate relationship is often the “baseline” for your other relationships. People in a strong marriage report better social skills, better interactions with their supervisors and fellow employees at their jobs, better coping skills, better relationships with family members even under strain, and so on.

Similarly, while a strong marriage can take strain such as the loss of a family member or a financial setback, it has been found that even healthy marriages benefit from couples therapy. In other words, perhaps not every couple absolutely needs marriage counseling, but every couple can find advantages in marriage counseling.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

When seeking a marriage counselor, the goal is to find someone who can serve as a sort of arbiter. Marriage counselors cannot settle disputes for you. Instead, they give you the tools to settle disputes yourself and encourage you to understand all sides of a conflict. Very rarely in any argument is there a truly objective “right side.” Counselors can be referred to couples in any number of ways, from a family doctor or religious figures such as a pastor or rabbi to insurers or even the counselor of one individual in the couple.

Counselors generally see couples together once a week, although individual sessions with one member of the couple may be used as well, depending on the situation. Often the real work in marriage counseling is done away from the sessions, as couples develop individual self-awareness, work to understand their partner’s perspectives, and work on self-improvement.

Family Therapy Kent, OH

It is easy to assume that families do not change, but in truth, they change constantly, in ways large and small. Many of these changes are the result of pressures within the family. As children age, they become adults and more independent; as grandparents age, they develop more medical concerns and become less independent. Sometimes, a person who served as the peacemaker or mediator in arguments passes away or otherwise is unable to fill the role, leaving a vacuum quickly filled by disputes.

Family therapy brings these disputes and concerns into the open and teaches every member of a family to better manage their feelings and concerns. Even strong, well-functioning families will occasionally run into situations where family counseling will help them to better understand each other and better manage disagreements.

Kent Family Counseling

Just like in marriage counseling, the family counselor is not a judge or someone who will tell this or that member of the family that they are correct and others that they are wrong. This is rarely possible in the first place, as often family disputes are more about feelings than they are about facts. Instead, the family will be guided toward a better understanding of each other’s perspectives and needs, so that they can understand how their actions affect each other.

It is important that a counselor is seen as a trustworthy party by the entire family, as family counseling can sometimes involve work both individually and with the group and may uncover long-buried disagreements or other challenges. Every member needs to feel he or she will be heard and understood by the counselor.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Locating a good counselor will largely be a matter of who you wish to consult for a referral. For example, some families prefer to speak with family friends or their relatives who have received family counseling and receive referrals from them. Some wish to speak with their family doctor, knowing that any referrals will be strictly confidential. In cases where a member of the family has family counseling recommended to them by a therapist or other professional, that person can also usually offer confidential referrals.

Any family can benefit from family counseling. Even strong families and strong couples should work to improve themselves and their relationships, and counseling is a valuable tool for reaching that goal. Contact The Recovery Village today to access resources for therapy and counseling in the Kent area.