Finding an Interventionist in Hudson, Ohio

When those you love are suffering from an addiction, it can be painful to watch them lose control over their own life. What you may not realize is that you often also lose some measure of control over your own life as you try to help your loved ones. People suffering from addiction are often manipulative, even when they do not mean to be. They teach their friends, family members, and loved ones how to enable their addiction and put up with the negative behaviors that accompany their addiction. You may find yourself going along with it in order to try to minimize the disruption to your life, but the end result is that your life is being controlled by someone suffering from an addiction.

That is where a Hudson drug intervention can become necessary. It is a common misconception that drug interventions are solely for the benefit of the person in need of substance abuse treatment in Hudson. However, that is only part of the purpose. A drug intervention is also meant to benefit the family members, friends, and loved ones of the person with the addiction. It is a chance to reestablish healthy boundaries, learn how to put a stop to enabling behavior, and regain control over your own life, as well as offering an opportunity for the person with the addiction to get the help and healing that he or she needs.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Hudson, OH

One of the first things that you need to know about an intervention is that you should not try to handle it yourself. Interventions are more difficult than you might think at first, and when you are close to the people involved, you may not be able to see the situation and possible solutions as clearly as you think you can. A drug intervention counselor in Hudson is the right person to help you with planning and arranging the intervention.

Remember that part of the purpose of an intervention is educating you and your other family members about addiction, enabling behavior, co-dependency, and other factors that affect you as well as the person with the addiction. Your drug intervention counselor will work with you and other family members to help you determine what your boundaries are and how you can contribute to breaking destructive cycles between you and the person with the addiction.

Make sure that you communicate with other friends and relatives that will be involved in the intervention. They also need to be comfortable with your choice of an interventionist in Hudson. An intervention can be a difficult and emotional process for everyone involved, so it will help to have everyone on board with the person who will be leading the intervention.

Different drug intervention counselors in Hudson have different skills, strategies, and specialties. Make sure to choose someone who has experience with the substance to which your loved one is addicted.

Hudson, OH Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Planning a Hudson drug intervention takes some work. Choosing an interventionist is only the first step. Your interventionist will need to spend some time talking to you and gathering information about the situation. The interventionist needs to know which substance or substances your loved one is using. It is also important that you let the interventionist know if your loved one is prone to violence, has been suicidal or self-harming in the past, or has access to weapons. The interventionist needs to be prepared for any special circumstances or potential dangers.

Your interventionist in Hudson will also work with you to plan the appropriate place and time for the intervention. It can be harder to choose a location than you might think. It can sometimes be helpful to hold the intervention in a neutral place, like a conference room or therapist’s office. These locations also feel more formal than a family member’s home, which can help keep the person with the addiction from reacting badly or walking out the way he or she might in a more comfortable space.

Finally, you should spend some time talking with your Hudson drug intervention counselor about what will happen after the intervention. What happens if your loved one refuses to go to rehab? What happens if he or she does go to rehab? How will you continue to enforce your own boundaries either way? Your drug intervention counselor can help answer these questions.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Some interventionists specialize in alcohol interventions. Alcohol interventions can be especially difficult for several reasons. It is likely that at least some family members, other than the person who needs the intervention, also drink alcohol. The person suffering from alcohol addiction may be in denial and not see their drinking as any more problematic than another person’s social drinking. Alcohol is also readily available and hard for many people to avoid. An interventionist who specializes in alcohol intervention will be able to focus the intervention on not just drinking, but also on the destructive behaviors that accompany alcohol addiction.

You can find an interventionist in Hudson by contacting The Recovery Village for local resources and information. Your family doctor can also be a helpful resource. Ask your health insurance company for a list of intervention counselors that are covered by your health insurance plan.  Take the step today to help your loved one and your entire family begin to heal the wounds of addiction.