Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Dayton, Ohio

Marriage and family therapy is a way that struggling families or couples can meet with a counselor and learn strategies to help heal and become whole again. Often therapists will meet with each member individually along with the sessions for couples or families.

Most therapists in Dayton, Ohio have a wide range of physical and psychological problems that they can treat, including marital and couple conflict, parent and child conflict, sexual dysfunction, grief, distress, eating disorders and weight issues, children’s behavioral problems, and issues with eldercare. They can also work with mental health issues like depression, anxiety or schizophrenia and how this affects not only the individual but the family as a whole. Similarly, if one or more members of the family are in need of substance abuse treatment in Dayton, marriage or family therapists can help the entire family come to grips with what needs to be done to heal the wounds of addiction.

Usually the first session of counseling is for information gathering. This is a time for the therapist to learn about the couple and what the problem is that brought them to therapy. He or she can observe the dynamics of the relationships and hear everyone’s thoughts.

This is also a chance for the clients to understand how the therapist works. There may be guidelines like taking turns talking and confidentiality issues to which everyone must adhere. The therapist and clients can also come up with the goals of therapy at this first session.

Marriage Counseling in Dayton, Ohio

Research studies show that marriage counseling programs are effective in treating mental and emotional disorders that negatively impact a couple. Not only do clients reach a stronger marriage through therapy, but also healthier dynamics at work, in other family relationships, and better emotional and overall health.

Whether a couple is considering separation, needs help with conflict resolution, wants to improve how they listen to one another, needs to tackle intimacy issues or something else, therapy can help. Not only should the marital relationship improve, but it is also an opportunity for each partner to pay attention to self-improvement and self-awareness.

Dayton Marriage Therapy

In marriage therapy, the more dedicated and motivated each partner is, the more successful the therapy can be. Here, the therapist can help partners learn not only about each other but also about healthy problem-solving skills and conflict resolution. The counselor can help the couple set therapeutic goals and develop a therapy plan for marriage counseling.

With treatment, partners can become better listeners and communicators and learn new ways to support one another. Sometimes people will fight or argue in counseling sessions but the counselor can help them work through it. It is important to work with a counselor who can remain neutral and keep a safe environment.

Usually, sessions for marriage counseling are held once a week. If the individuals want to meet with the counselor separately, this is usually an option and is done in addition to the couple’s sessions. Marriage counseling in Dayton is offered in a variety of settings and it is important to find one to match your needs. Online marriage counseling is also usually an option.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

As mentioned, it is best if the marriage counselor is a good fit for both partners. When looking for marriage counseling in Dayton, look for someone who:

  • Is educated and trained to offer marriage counseling
  • Has experience in dealing with the couple’s specific issues
  • Helps the couple develop a therapy plan
  • Shows compassion to both partners involved
  • Remains neutral and does not choose sides
  • Facilitates sessions where people take turns speaking without interrupting
  • Maintains control of the session
  • Is accessible
  • Encourages the couple to express if they are comfortable with the services offered
  • Is financially feasible

Family Therapy Dayton, OH

Unfortunately, many families deal with some type of dysfunction at some point. Some families already have the tools to get through tough times. Other families need a little more help. Family therapy can help families who are struggling learn and implement health strategies to live a healthy life together.

Dayton Family Counseling

Dayton family therapy can help get a family through a difficult period of time and help to address specific issues to improve the health and function of the family. Some things like major transitions or mental and behavioral health problems require professional help to get through and manage effectively.

Strategic family counseling uses techniques from cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal, and other types of therapy to help the family use strategies to get along better with compassion and understanding. Structural family counseling can help mend a family from a mental, emotional, or psychological problem.

A family therapist usually works with a family to improve communication, solve problems, be more understanding, and learn how to handle special situations to reach a goal of a healthy home environment.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

It may seem intimidating to find a counselor, but you probably have resources already that you have not thought about to find family counseling in Dayton. You can contact your family doctor or insurance company for reputable recommendations. Your doctor probably has a list of therapists he has sent patients to before, and your insurance company can help you find someone under your plan. You can also look online. Though this may seem impersonal, you can read reviews and see client feedback; you can also get a vibe from the counselor’s website. You may be surprised that some of your friends or coworkers have been through this already and can recommend a good counselor in Dayton. Do not be ashamed to ask.

Seeking a counselor, whether for your marriage or your family, is a brave thing. This is a big step in the right direction. Stepping into counseling can be the thing that puts your family back together. Sometimes you just need a little help. To explore therapy and counseling options in the Dayton area, reach out to The Recovery Village today.