Substance Abuse Counseling in Canton, OH

If you are caught in the grip of addiction in Canton, Ohio, substance abuse counseling can help. Because it is especially effective, substance abuse counseling is the cornerstone of alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs in Canton.

Canton has many substance abuse counselors from which to choose. If you are reaching out for a better future free from enslavement to drugs or alcohol, alcohol and drug counselors can provide you with the support you need to break free.

Substance abuse counseling uses many disciplines and approaches, geared toward the needs of the client. Any journey to recovery will have both medical aspects and psychological aspects, and those are unique to each patient. For example, someone who “self-medicates” a mental or physical illness with narcotics will need not just psychological counseling, but will also need to work with a doctor on pain management and non-narcotic pain prevention strategies. Another may simply need to develop better tools and strategies to deal with personal and emotional setbacks.

In short, substance abuse counseling is not about “getting clean,” although it is designed to assist with that. The goal is to uncover why the illness unfolded in the first place and properly address that using approaches that makes sense to both client and counselor, whether chemical, psychological, behavioral, or group support.

Canton, Ohio  Addiction Counseling

Anyone who has dealt with substance abuse will eventually learn about the “dry drunk.” Many believe that if they simply stop taking drugs or drinking, the problem will solve itself. Substance abuse does not stem from the substance, but rather from the patterns of behavior substance abuse instills into you and those around you. A “dry drunk” does not consume alcohol, but those patterns of addiction are still there. Even without alcohol or narcotics in their system, their lives are still defined by them. In the long term, it is all too easy to fit alcohol or narcotics back into a life designed around them.

An addiction counselor helps those dealing with substance abuse to look more thoughtfully at their behavior and the motivations behind it and to change their behavior to remove the presence of their substance of choice. This is also helpful for understanding the strain addiction may have placed on personal relationships, and it offers insight into how to repair those, be they personal or professional.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

Any drug counselor should have all appropriate credentials and licenses to treat drug addiction. Even experienced psychiatrists generally prefer to have a specialty in substance issues before taking on a client dealing with those concerns, and often drug counselors will have their own specialized credentials. Beyond the paperwork, a good counselor has experience with the particular substance their client is working to stop abusing. They also have experience in helping clients re-engage with their lives, finding them appropriate support groups and group therapy sessions, helping them recover their careers, and supporting them as they handle the many other aspects of a life moving on from substance abuse.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Even within substance abuse treatment and disorders, alcohol addiction is a unique case. Most narcotics are illegal, are not widely socially acceptable, and are not considered to be possible to use in “moderation.” Most people do not look the other way when illicit substances alter the expected behavior of a friend or family member. However, society makes more excuses for people who consume alcohol to excess and give them more social room to maneuver. This makes alcohol abuse and dependency a much trickier issue to confront; someone who does not want to face their dependency will argue that since they pay their bills and they do not get any drunker than a coworker or a friend, they do not have a problem.

Alcohol counselors help their clients step away from those excuses. Their experience in handling alcohol issues also serves to help those who have reached sobriety maintain it by managing and avoiding social pressures.

Drug Addiction Counselor Canton, OH

Drug addiction counselors in Canton have the job of guiding clients through the addiction recovery process. They work with people in any stage of recovery, from those who are just beginning to acknowledge they have a problem to those who have been in recovery for years. Canton drug addiction counselors take the time to listen to their clients and try to discern the root causes of clients’ addictions. Then, they work to help the client learn techniques and coping strategies to overcome addiction and live a drug-free life.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

Finding a substance abuse program can be done in any number of ways. Confidential hotlines, which are free and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, can refer you to specific services. A friend who has dealt with addiction issues may be able to refer you to a counselor. Some seek referrals from a religious or community leader who can be approached in confidence. Your insurer and your family doctor will also help you find the right counselor.

Help is available to anyone struggling with substance abuse. If you are ready to access that help, reach out to The Recovery Village today, where you will find the resources you need to embrace a better life free from addiction.