Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Canton, Ohio

It is all across the news, and it is affecting families all over the country, including in Canton, Ohio. A drug epidemic has hit the US in waves and is becoming increasingly dire by the day as more and more overdoses are reported, particularly as a result of the recent opioid crisis.

This means that the need for reputable drug screening centers has become more important than ever before. Although it can be a challenge to find reliable Canton drug testing facilities, there are many resources available for anyone who believes someone they know or love is struggling with addiction.

If you are currently searching for drug testing facilities in Canton, there are many representatives available to help. If you believe that someone close to you is addicted to drugs, there are many addiction treatment centers in and around Canton that can help work with the addict through their struggles. Reach out to an intake coordinator at The Recovery Village today for more information.

Canton Drug Testing Centers

Are you searching for local drug testing facilities in Canton? If so, there are plenty of options available. Having said that, it is important that you understand which center will work best for you considering the fact that there are many drug tests available.

Tests that are administered at drug testing facilities in Canton are usually based on the types of drugs to be detected and the types of specimens collected. The majority of drug tests look for any one of the following drug categories:

  • Amphetamines
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine
  • Opiates

Some drug testing facilities in Canton may also administer more powerful drug tests that look for other types of drugs such as barbiturates, alcohol, and benzodiazepines. How strong the test is and the number of substances that are tested for will depend on why the drug test is being administered in the first place.

Different types of specimens may also be collected depending on what the goal of the drug test is. The types of specimens that may be collected in a drug test may include any one of the following:

Urine – This is the most common specimen type collected because metabolites – which are produced by the metabolism when a substance is ingested – are excreted in the urine. Urine tests measure the levels of metabolites to determine drug or alcohol use.

Hair – When drugs or alcohol are ingested, metabolites enter the scalp’s blood vessels and are filtered out through the hair.

Saliva – This is also commonly used because it is fast and simple. However, these tests are somewhat limited because they only detect drugs or alcohol within a short window of time after a substance has been ingested.

Blood – While blood provides the most accurate result, a blood test is highly invasive and expensive.

Perspiration – This is a newer type of drug test that involves affixing a sweat patch to the skin for two weeks, during which time the patch will pick up on any drugs that an individual excretes through sweat.

Reputable drug testing centers in Canton typically share a few key traits in common, including the following:

  • Accuracy.  The best way to determine the accuracy of a center’s drug tests is to make sure they are certified by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). You can check the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) comprehensive list of certified labs in Canton to find one near you.
  • Privacy. Drug test results are sensitive and could compromise a person’s reputation, which is why it is important that a drug testing center does not share test results with anyone not unauthorized.
  • Fast. Time is of the essence with most drug tests, so it is important that the results are given quickly.
  • Experience. Drug testing from an experienced facility means that you can count on their results.

There are many reasons why people look for Canton drug testing centers, including the following:

  • Pre-Employment – Some employers want to make sure the candidate they hire for the job is free of drugs and will require a drug test before being hired.
  • Annual Physical – Some employers want to make sure that their employees are free of drugs while they are on the job and will require a drug test every year.
  • Suspicion – If an employee exhibits behavior that is consistent with drug and alcohol use, an employer may require the employee to undergo a drug test.
  • Post-Accident – If an employee is involved in an accident at work, employers may want the person to take a drug test to identify if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the accident.
  • Post-Treatment – Once a person completes drug or alcohol rehab, he or she may be required to take a drug test once in a while to make sure he or she is not using anymore.
  • Probation – When a person is on probation, he or she will be subject to drug tests on a regular basis.
  • Sports – Drug tests are sometimes required to ensure a fair and safe sport.
  • School – Drug tests are sometimes required in a school setting to ensure a drug-free school environment.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

If you are searching for drug testing facilities near you online, reputable Canton drug testing facilities are available for anyone who requires them. You can evaluate each facility based on certain criteria and find a trustworthy center in Canton by consulting reliable resources such as the following:

  • Doctors
  • Insurance providers
  • Friends and family
  • Online reviews
  • The Recovery Village

Canton hotline representatives are available to help you find drug testing centers in Canton. If you do not wish to speak to anyone directly, you can always use online channels to simplify the process for you. If you or any of your loved ones are battling addiction, The Recovery Village is here to help. Reach out to us today to get more information.