Finding an Interventionist in Akron, Ohio

An intervention provides family members and friends with the opportunity to help a loved one enter substance abuse treatment in Akron, Ohio. When you are feeling unsure or even fearful of the future, an intervention provides a chance to present your loved one with the choice to seek help.

Interventions typically begin with family members and close friends. After all, addiction affects everybody in the group, not only the person using substances. Hiring an interventionist to handle your case is critical to success, especially if you believe that the individual who is the focus of the meeting may become angry or violent.

If you are considering an intervention, Akron is a great place to find a professional. You may find that a professional is necessary for the intervention because your loved one has refused treatment in the past or fails to see how his or her behavior is affecting everybody else.

Personal experience has a lot to do with addiction. For this reason, you may decide to select an interventionist who will get along well with your loved one in terms of personality and needs. Interventionists offer more than experience and credentials, so you may find yourself talking to several candidates before choosing one.

One of the first things your interventionist will want to do is hold an interview. During this interview, you will answer questions about your loved one, the substance addiction, and the family dynamics. You may feel that some of the questions are unrelated to addiction, but each answer helps the interventionist build a better picture of your family’s needs.

You should also consider asking some questions during this initial interview. Here are a few you can use:

  • With what kind of addiction do you typically work?
  • What are your preferred methods for intervention?
  • What happens if the intervention is not successful?
  • What is the end goal of the intervention?

When you know the answers to these questions, you can better understand the intervention counselor’s style. You can then determine if this interventionist is the right choice for your family. No matter who you choose, you should feel confident moving forward with the process.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Akron, OH

In order for an Akron drug intervention to be effective, the counselor wants to change behaviors that are enabling, codependent, and unaccountable. This goes for family members, friends, and other loved ones too. Drug intervention counselors in Akron may get on your case about enabling your loved one to continue abusing substances, but the end goal is for everybody to be healthier.

Family members often struggle with addressing the roles their own behaviors play in substance abuse. For this reason, many family members and friends also go to counseling after the intervention. They work on improving themselves so that they can be healthier and happier too.

Akron, OH Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Several steps are commonly used during the intervention process. While not every Akron drug intervention follows the same procedure, most will follow a similar setup. You can talk to your interventionist about these steps before beginning.

Set up a consultation. The addict is not a part of the process of planning an intervention. You will learn about the process and have a discussion with the counselor about different options for treatment. You will also determine the best approach to take with your loved one.

Educate the family and friends about addiction.  Drug abuse is life-threatening. Thousands of unintentional overdoses occur each year, leaving many family members left behind in the wake. The individuals holding the event often need to understand the role they play in sobriety and abuse.

Plan the intervention. In the planning stages, the interventionist may ask that the entire family sets boundaries. You may also be asked to write a letter to your loved one.

Initiate the intervention process. The intervention typically involves a plea to the focus individual to go to treatment. During the intervention, you can tell your loved one how his or her behavior has affected you. You can also establish your boundaries out loud. At the intervention, your loved one will be presented with a treatment option, typically at an inpatient rehabilitation facility.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol addiction is one of the major causes of interventions. The fact that alcohol is legal can often muddy the waters. People may believe that they do not have a problem because their addiction is legal. Most often, Akron alcohol intervention focuses on the behaviors associated with drinking rather than the amount an individual consumes.

When you look for an Akron alcohol interventionist, consider these factors:

  • Affordability – Health insurance does not typically cover interventions, but it may cover treatment.
  • Recommendations – Friends, doctors, and therapists may provide you with personal recommendations for intervention counselors in Akron.
  • Reviews – Online reviews can shed light on interventionists in your area. Google “interventionist Akron” to learn about local options.

When you turn to an alcohol interventionist for help, you are taking one big leap in the right direction. Help is available if you know where to find it. When you are looking for an interventionist in Akron, reach out to The Recovery Village for more guidance.