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Clinton, Mississippi is located on the winding, lush Natchez Trace Parkway — once the only pathway out of town and now a hot tourist attraction in its own right. Founded in 1823, the city of Clinton is the 10th-largest city in Mississippi and sits just to the west of the busy town of Jackson. Clinton is home to Mississippi College, which is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state. Several other colleges attract students from around the world. Clinton is located on Interstate 20 and U.S. Route 80, so it’s poised for more growth as city leaders envision new industry and development. However, factory closures have meant fewer jobs in the area in recent years, and many families struggle to make ends meet.

Another struggle that residents of Clinton are facing is the struggle of substance abuse of all kinds. Whether the substance of choice is alcohol, benzodiazepines, heroin or something else, people of all walks of life are finding themselves behaving in ways they never thought they would behave. For many of these people, misusing drugs is a way to self-medicate their chronic, untreated mental health issues. For far too many people, a prescription for an opioid painkiller leads to a serious substance use disorder. None of these people are “bad” or “weak” or “immoral.” All of these people are human and are reacting to drugs in predictable ways. Shaming and incarcerating people have been the go-to solutions in modern society, but they aren’t working anymore. Nobody quits drugs because they’re shamed out of using. Only with a careful, methodical rehab program can a person hope to break free from the cycle of substance misuse.

Some people are curious why so many people are having problems with opioids, including heroin. For one thing, the state of Mississippi issues more opioid prescriptions than there are total residents in the state. Given the high likelihood of these medications being misused, it’s no wonder so many people are having a difficult time stopping their use of opioids. For many people, being cut off from an opioid prescription means they seek an easy-to-find, cheap alternative. As risky as it may be, that alternative choice is often heroin. If you’re caught up in a substance use disorder, there are plenty of Clinton drug treatment facilities to help. You don’t have to face this alone. Follow this guide to discover some of the programs and resources available for people just like you in Hinds County.

Our Closest Facility:

The Recovery Village Umatilla633 Umatilla Boulevard Umatilla FL 32784 (352) 771-2700

The Recovery Village does not operate in the state of Mississippi. Our closest treatment facility is in Umatilla, Florida and can be seen in the map above.

You’re not alone in this struggle.

hinds county drug overdose deaths
in 2016

In 2016 in Hinds County, 28 of your neighbors lost their lives to fatal drug overdoses. It only takes one bad pill, injection or mixture of drugs. Learn how to get help now for substance misuse in Clinton. Many treatment centers offer programs that can help you learn to live a sober lifestyle.

Finding Help & Recovery in Clinton, MS

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Clinton, Mississippi

Rehab is the name for a guided, structured program of activities and therapy to help people with substance use disorders gain control over their lives and make better choices in the future. Each drug rehab center in Clinton, MS is unique, so take some time to learn about the options for your specific type of substance use and past drug and alcohol history. As with any health care decision, shop around and find the best Clinton drug treatment facility for your particular situation. Explore all of the options for funding as well, including funds that may be available through your trade union, religious organization or workplace.

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    Clinton Residential Treatment Programs

    You pack a bag and enter the drug and alcohol treatment center in Clinton as an inpatient when you’re a residential rehab enrollee. You can use the amenities of an inpatient drug rehab in Clinton, MS if your health care team approves. You work a full program of activities, including therapy, educational meetings and checkups. In some facilities, you may share a sleeping ward with one or more patients. In other facilities, it’s possible to have your own space for sleeping and private time. Some residential plans allow for outings and visitors.

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    Clinton Partial Hospitalization Programs

    The Partial hospitalization plan is essentially a hybrid of the residential and outpatient drug rehab in Clinton, MS. A structured plan is developed for you, and it involves meetings, classes and counseling at the Clinton drug treatment facility for a good portion of your day. When your program requirements are complete for the day, you’re free to return home to your own family or household. If you have anxiety about staying in a new place, or you want to see your kids each night at bedtime, the partial hospitalization plan allows you to enroll in rehab and meet those needs.

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    Clinton Outpatient Treatment Programs

    Substance use disorder doesn’t happen only to unemployed or childless people. It happens to people with happy families, promising careers and bright academic futures. Athletes, CEOs and retired people find themselves misusing prescription drugs, street drugs or alcohol. If you have a solid life, but you want to work on your substance misuse problem, an outpatient drug rehab in Clinton, MS may be right for your recovery needs. You can continue to be involved with your life while you check in each day and work your rehab plan for a few hours. Then, you can still attend work, school and other life commitments that you need to handle each day.

It’s not always easy choosing the best drug rehab center in Clinton, MS, but now you know more about the choices you do have. You must weigh your present resources and responsibilities against the future problems your substance misuse may cause if you don’t get help. You should know that rehab is never a waste of time, even if you’ve been through it one or more times in the past. Just like any disease, substance use disorder sometimes takes several trips to specialists before you learn how to manage the disease.

Clinton Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Rehab isn’t easy, but it can get off to a better start when you rid your body of the alcohol or drugs you’ve been misusing beforehand. The process of ending the use of substances and letting them leave your system is called detoxification, or detox for short. Some people try to quit cold turkey, but it’s safer to enroll in a professional Clinton drug detox program. If you grow anxious, angry or otherwise uncomfortable, your detox team has therapies and treatments to help ease your symptoms. Your privacy is assured as you go through this sometimes-emotional process.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Clinton

Discover the many recovery meetings open to you in the Clinton area. Recovery organizations aren’t aligned with any political party, sect, denomination or other institution. The organizations are self-sustaining while offering literature and other resources to help people in recovery. An “open” meeting is one where people from the community may attend. You can bring a spouse or friend to an open meeting. Only people with substance use disorders may attend “closed” meetings. Below is a list of some of the sites where recovery meetings are held in the Clinton vicinity.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Members of AA often find that meetings are helpful in so many ways. You have a purpose and a place to be, which can often be difficult to find in the first steps of recovery. You meet people in all stages of alcohol misuse, from people with years of sobriety behind them to people who are taking their first shaky steps toward recovery. At night and on lonely holidays, an AA meeting can be a shelter from the storm.

  • Episcopal Church of the Creator
    1445 Clinton Raymond Rd.
    Clinton, MS 39056
  • Red House Group
    115 North Wheatley
    Ridgeland, MS 39157
  • YANA Club
    555 Hartfield St.
    Jackson, MS 39216

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

NA has developed its meetings and resources to help anyone who has had a problem with any sort of drug in the past (or has a problem now), as long as that person wants to quit using drugs. Like AA, the NA organization promotes a 12-step program and the reliance on a higher power to help you work through your recovery goals.

  • Wells United Methodist Church
    2019 Bailey Ave.
    Jackson. MS 39213
  • Episcopal Church of the Creator
    1445 Clinton Raymond Rd.
    Clinton, MS 39056
  • Pearl Street AME Church
    2519 Robinson Street
    Jackson, MS 39209

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery meetings are a bit harder to find in the Clinton area, but there are meetings within driving distance. SMART takes the focus off unseen forces and puts the focus on evidence-based methods of recovery. The SMART membership follows a four-point plan of balancing your life and making healthy choices by using cognitive, behavioral and other behavior-modification techniques backed by scientific research.

  • Greenville Group
    121 South Harvey St.
    Greenville, MS 38701
  • Courthouse
    1803 23rd Ave.
    Gulfport, MS 39501

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are two organizations that believe that substance misuse is a family problem. Even if your loved one refuses to acknowledge their alcohol or drug use disorder, you benefit from meetings that address your particular struggles and over-compensation. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings can help you and your family find fresh, positive ways to manage the ups and downs of living with someone who has substance use issues.

  • Al-Anon
    Clinton Episcopal Church of the Creator
    1445 Clinton Raymond Rd.
    Clinton, MS 39056
  • Nar-Anon
    Serenity Group
    875 Northpark Dr.
    Madison, MS 39157

You have several options close to Clinton, and you can choose to enroll in rehab in another town across Mississippi or the country. Perhaps you want to be closer to parents or friends in another city, or you want to start recovery close to Clinton, but not too close.

Local Communities Near Clinton, MS Served

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  • 39058
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