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Located on the very southeastern tip of Louisiana, Houma offers a culture rich in tradition, fun and family. Its historic downtown was so isolated from modern times that it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, an honor for the Cajun heritage that is alive and well. Residents here support themselves in honest work, which includes catching all kinds of seafood, but Houma isn’t completely cut off from modern-day problems. Like in so many towns throughout the state and the nation, there is a growing drug and alcohol problem here.

Despite strong relationships and proud traditions, Houma residents are succumbing to addictions of heroin, methamphetamine and prescription pills, as well as cocaine and marijuana. Terrebonne Narcotics Task Force works frequently with local police and federal officials to bust dealers and users alike. Meanwhile, excessive alcohol also is becoming a concern, as a local official tried to extend bar hours even longer.

Drugs and alcohol may seem like they are everywhere in Houma. But just as drugs become more potent and addictive, there is more and more help available for those who are losing control of their lives. Around this historic community, there are Houma drug treatment facilities, detoxification units and groups of sober-minded people trying to stay on a positive, healthy and drama-free path. You can be one of those people. If you have a problem with substance misuse, it may feel like it is impossible to get away from using addictive chemicals. But it is possible, and you can do it.

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The Recovery Village Umatilla633 Umatilla Boulevard Umatilla FL 32784 (352) 771-2700

The Recovery Village does not operate in the state of Louisiana. Our closest facility is in Umatilla, Florida and can be seen in the map above.

You’re not alone in this struggle.

opioid-related deaths in Louisiana
in 2016

In Louisiana, there is a near-record number of people dying from opioids, but you do not have to be a part of this troubling trend.

Finding Help & Recovery in Houma, LA

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Houma, Louisiana

It is not easy to admit that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, but it can be easy to see if you take a hard look at your life. Has your career suffered due to using these toxins? Have relationships with friends, family or romantic partners become strained as you turn to drugs or alcohol more? You do not have to live with this drama, and you have the power to stop it in your life. Getting sober will make a dramatic improvement on your life, starting with the first day. To begin, consider the different kinds of drug rehab centers in Houma.

  • Connector.

    Houma Residential Treatment Programs

    For those who have very severe addictions and challenging home lives, a residential treatment program is ideal. People who attend these inpatient drug rehab centers in Houma, LA stay on site the entire time, allowing experienced medical professionals to oversee their detoxification and initial sobriety to ensure safety and comfort. At the same time, patients participate in a highly structured schedule of therapy sessions and classes to create a routine and skill set that will benefit you greatly once you return to everyday life. Your sober life will be very different – and more healthy – than your previous life.

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    Houma Partial Hospitalization Programs

    If you would do better in a more independent environment, a partial hospitalization program may be a better way to start treatment. You can stay on campus in apartment-style housing or remain at home, if your home life is safe and supportive of your new, sober lifestyle. Patients still receive medical oversight, since it is partial hospitalization, but the added flexibility and accountability will allow more decisions to be made every day. Dedicating yourself to sobriety takes time and a process, so be honest with yourself when choosing which alcohol or drug rehab in Houma, LA is best.

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    Houma Outpatient Treatment Programs

    Finally, outpatient programs are an option for those who have been able to maintain a steady job and a relatively healthy relationship with family at home. There are no housing facilities with this type of treatment, so you would stay at home but could also continue working or attending academic classes. There is a high level of personal accountability in an outpatient drug rehab in Houma, LA, so some people prefer to use this as a transition to recovery. There are classes and therapeutic workshops designed to increase coping skills so you can forever avoid drugs and alcohol.

Where to start? All of these Houma drug rehab options are available near you, so you want to make sure you are going to pick a plan that will be effective. There are three things to consider, and it is recommended you take notes. First, figure out the severity of your addiction. Write down how long you have used substances, what kind and with what frequency. Second, look honestly at your home life. Would the people or community you live in benefit you during your treatment? And finally, consider your finances. Talk with a representative of your health insurance policy to see if your medical benefits would cover some or all of your drug treatment in Houma. Next, take this information to an addictions specialist.

Houma Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

To start treatment, you will need to stop using drugs and alcohol. Since physical addictions are present due to the chemical nature of the substance, you will need to go through a detoxification process. The withdrawal symptoms can be very scary, whether you have experienced them before or not. Often times, they can be painful and even dangerous – and even lead you back to the exact substance you were trying to leave behind. To overcome this, work with a medical professional. There are new advances that can offer medical assistance to make detox safe and as comfortable as possible. This is the best foundation for treatment and recovery you can have, and it is available to you in Houma.

And remember, detox is only the first step. Addiction isn’t just physical. It is also flooded with emotional, psychological and mental issues that feed the addiction in a different, and sometimes more powerful way. You need to overcome all elements of your addiction. Find a Houma drug detox or Houma alcohol detox treatment program that can guide you through this difficult, important work of better understanding yourself so you can control your emotions and behavioral patterns for a healthier, more successful sober life.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Houma

Treatment and recovery are challenging processes, no doubt about it. Thankfully, you do not have to do it alone. Connect with a recovery group to find peers who understand your plan and want to support you. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery are filled with your neighbors who want you to succeed in life. They want to celebrate you sober milestones with you, right here in Houma.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

If your addiction is to alcohol, your first place to look for a recovery group is Alcoholics Anonymous. For more than 80 years, AA has helped people like you stay away from beer, wine and liquor by leading you through the 12 steps of self-discovery. You will be matched with a sponsor who will help you as you release your addiction to a higher power. There are many of these free meetings throughout the nation and in the Houma area.

  • Easy Does It
    111 Munson Dr.
    Houma, LA 70360
  • Why Not? Group
    243 Barrow St.
    Houma, LA 70360
  • No Name Group
    8616 E. Main St.
    Houma, LA 70360

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous, like Alcoholics Anonymous, has a long history of helping people with structured, interactive meetings and supportive peers. But NA is focused on people sharing about drug use and addiction, rather than alcohol. Like with AA, some of these meetings are closed to the general public – addicts only. So you can have a safe place to work through the 12 steps and live drug-free. There are many NA meetings in Houma.

  • Easy Does It Club
    101 Munson Dr.
    Houma, LA 70360
  • New Life Group
    600 Bull Run Rd.
    Houma, LA 70395

SMART Recovery Meetings

NA and AA don’t work for everyone. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason at one of the other recovery meetings in your area, don’t give up. Try SMART Recovery, which is run differently. Instead of a focus on faith, participants attend meetings to gain confidence in themselves. Become motivated to make better choices, and encourage others to do so too. There are fewer SMART Recovery meetings overall, but there are some in the Houma area.

  • Broadmoor Wellness Center
    3900 General Taylor St.
    New Orleans, LA 70125

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Loved ones of addicts also can benefit from being around others who understand their experiences and want to help them succeed in their lives. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are family groups to be attended whether the addict has begun treatment or not. Family members, friends and spouses work through their own 12 steps to find peace. There are many of these free meetings near Houma..

  • Al-Anon
    St. Matthews School Library
    730 Belanger St.
    Houma, LA 70360
  • Nar-Anon
    St. Charles United Methodist Church
    1905 Ormond Blvd.
    Destrehan, LA 70047

Like many, you may prefer seeking treatment outside of Houma alcohol rehab centers. There are resources in communities all around Houma.

  • Thibodaux
  • Gray
  • Cut Off
  • Dulac
  • Laplace

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