Finding an Interventionist in Winter Park, Florida

Many people think that an intervention is just a session intended to persuade an addict to go to rehab. While that may be partly true, it is only a part of the overall purpose of an intervention. Instead, the reason for an intervention is to help the addict get the treatment needed while family members can get back to living a normal life without the need to constantly worry about their addicted loved ones.

Typically, interventions involve family members who are directly affected by their loved one’s addiction. Substance use disorder in Winter Park tends to place family members in precarious positions, often enabling the addictive behavior and perpetuating the problem. An intervention not only helps get the addict the help they need, but it also shows family members how they too have been affected and the roles they may have been playing in the addict’s continued substance abuse.

When family members are finally able to see the potential to assume healthier roles in the addict’s life, they are more open to helping their loved one get the treatment necessary.

It is important to find an interventionist in Winter Park who is experienced in dealing with the particular substance abuse issue at hand. In addition, the intervention counselor should be aware of whether or not the addict can become violent in order to keep the intervention as safe and effective as possible.

Everyone involved should feel comfortable with the interventionist, considering the highly personal and sensitive nature of this type of meeting. Of course, credentials matter, but they should not override personality. The addict’s family and friends are the best people to find an intervention counselor who would be ideal for the addict.

Interventionists typically speak with family and friends of the addict beforehand to get as much information as possible to ensure the intervention is personalized to the addict. The goal is to get the addict to agree to treatment while helping loved ones understand the role they play as well.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Winter Park, FL

Family members and friends are in a much better position to guide their addicted loved one if they are able to discover how they may have been playing a role in enabling and codependency. Once the addict’s loved ones have realized their roles and modified their behaviors, they are in a better position to help their addicted loved one enter the appropriate treatment facility. Drug interventionists in Winter Park, FL, can help with this.

It is common for addicts to coerce their family members and friends into helping them sustain their addictive behaviors. As such, they never truly have to seek out help since they have never really known what it is like to hit rock bottom. Those with substance use disorders often manipulate the emotions of their loved ones to continue with their addiction, despite hurting the people who love them.

Winter Park, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

There are different steps that drug and addiction counselors in Winter Park will go through in order to help addicts and their loved ones, including the following:

Initial consultation – Counselors typically begin the intervention process with a discussion with the family members and friends of the addict to find out why their loved one has become addicted to their drug of choice. It is essential that all the family is on board rather than having everyone come in with a completely different opinion.

Education about substance abuse and dependency – Addiction intervention counselors can help mend the situation by educating family members about addiction. It is not uncommon for interventionists, treatment facilities, and therapists to tell family members that they need to let their loved ones hit rock bottom in order for the addict to seek help. Not only is this simply not true, it is also potentially dangerous. It is unlikely for an addict to seek treatment on their own or even hit rock bottom if the family continues to enable their loved one.

Begin the intervention process – The sooner that the intervention starts, the sooner the addict will be able to start treatment and the family members can finally be alleviated of this nightmarish life. Every day that passes with no action just makes it harder to change things.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

One of the more common types of interventions is alcohol intervention. Winter Park has several interventionists to help. In Winter Park, interventions for alcohol abuse focus more on the negative behaviors that are caused by drinking and the family members’ reactions to such actions rather than focusing on the amount someone drinks.

Many people who abuse alcohol are in denial and think the issue is not with them. Alcoholics can often be stubborn and refuse to assume any blame for their actions. Instead, they typically blame others for their problems that may have led them to drink.

Alcohol use disorder can have a devastating effect on a family, which is why an alcohol intervention program can be helpful in guiding families along the road to recovery. Not only will the addict get to a treatment facility, he or she will learn to make positive changes when rehab is over. Interventionists can support families as their loved ones get the help they desperately need.

To find a local alcohol interventionist, you can conduct an online search, ask your doctor, inquire with your insurance provider, or ask for personal recommendations from friends or acquaintances.

Looking for an alcohol interventionist in Winter Park to help with someone who is dealing with alcohol use disorder is a huge step towards recovery. Take that step today. Call The Recovery Village!