Finding an Interventionist in West Palm Beach, Florida

In recent years, interventions have taken on largely negative connotations within our culture. This is in part due to reality TV and other media depicting interventions as dramatic, even violent, events. In real life, an intervention is much different than the ones shown as entertainment. The goal of an intervention is twofold: to convince somebody struggling with substance abuse disorder that he or she requires professional treatment and to help their families begin rebuilding their relationships with that person.

Talking about substance abuse and its effects can be an incredibly difficult conversation for families to have. Often, nobody knows how to broach the topic and begin addressing the issues caused by someone’s addiction. Or perhaps the conversation has been had multiple times with little lasting effect. In these cases, an interventionist can make a huge difference.

An intervention that is facilitated by a professional, qualified interventionist can be a determining factor in whether or not the intervention is successful. A successful intervention results in the person struggling with substance abuse or addiction in West Palm Beach seeking treatment for his or her illness.

Finding a drug or alcohol interventionist in West Palm Beach does not have to be a grueling process, but it does have to be a thorough one. Because interventions are deeply personal and emotional events, it is critical to find somebody who is not only qualified but also compatible with your family. Setting up an initial meeting between you, your family, and an interventionist without including the person suffering from an addiction might be a good idea in order to see if the interventionist is a good fit. Loved ones are then able to decide whether the person needing treatment will respond positively to the personality and demeanor of the interventionist.

Asking the right questions is crucial to deciding if an interventionist is a good fit for you and your family. Some to consider might be:

  • What experience do you have with this particular addiction?
  • Which intervention method do you use?
  • Are you a Certified Intervention Professional, recognized by a national certification board?
  • How should my family and I prepare for this intervention?
  • Do you provide post-intervention counseling?
  • What happens if my loved one refuses to enter treatment?

These might be difficult questions, but they are necessary to ensure that you are dealing with an experienced professional who can make a positive difference for you and your family.

Drug Intervention Counselor in West Palm Beach, FL

The role of a drug interventionist is to mediate an extremely emotional meeting between somebody suffering from drug addiction and their loved ones. Interventionists are there to help everybody avoid unnecessary pain and lasting damage to family relationships.

The effectiveness of an intervention in West Palm Beach depends on many factors, including the method an interventionist uses. The method most commonly seen on TV is called the Johnson Model. Created in the 1960’s by Reverend Vernon Johnson, it brings together a group of concerned family and friends who proceed to sit a loved one suffering from addiction down, read personal letters detailing the harm they are causing, and finally deliver an ultimatum. This ultimatum is often a hardline, black-and-white statement that tells an addict that he or she must enter treatment ‘or else.’

This approach can be helpful if used correctly by a qualified interventionist. However, the Johnson Model has come under criticism for essentially tricking addicts into attending an intervention, bombarding them with their faults and mistakes and then threatening harsh penalties if they do not seek professional treatment.

There are other, more gentle methods of intervention, such as A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement (ARISE). It is much less confrontational; the subject of the intervention is invited to attend outright, and it often involves multiple meetings spread out over time.

Deciding which method to employ depends largely on the person requiring intervention; which method will be most effective for him or her? This is a huge deciding factor when seeking West Palm Beach interventionists and can mean doing a bit of research before reaching out to someone.

West Palm Beach, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Every professional interventionist is different, but setting up the encounter generally follows the same pattern:

  1. Initial Consultation: This can be a phone call or in-person conversation between the intervention counselor and one or more family members of the person suffering from addiction. The purpose of the consultation is to tell the interventionist about who this person is and how they became trapped in their addiction and identify the most effective way to get him or her to seek treatment.
  2. Education: Before an intervention takes place, a drug and addiction counselor will often meet with all participants (except the subject) in order to educate them fully about addiction and how it works. Family members often have differing opinions about what addiction is and how it should be addressed. A successful intervention requires the family to be on the same page about these topics.
  3. Preparation: Depending on the method an interventionist uses, family members may have some preparatory tasks before the actual intervention takes place. This can be something as simple as practicing an act of self-care, or as difficult as writing a letter to the addict detailing your thoughts and feelings about the addiction.

Following an intervention, it is often recommended that family members participate in post-intervention counseling, either with the interventionist or another drug and addiction counselor. This ensures that loved ones’ mental and emotional health are addressed following an incredibly difficult step along the road to recovery.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse are fairly common in Florida, meaning that alcohol interventions are also more common than other forms. Because alcohol is legal, it can be a murky subject to discuss; people suffering from alcohol abuse disorder may not see themselves as having a problem. This is one reason why having a qualified, professional interventionist mediate the discussion is helpful. Rather than focus on how much or why somebody drinks to excess, alcohol interventions tend to focus on the consequences of somebody’s drinking – how their behavior affects the people around them.

To find alcohol interventionists in West Palm Beach, you can:

  • Check with your insurance carrier
  • Check with your family doctor
  • Check with friends who may have used the services of an interventionist
  • Check online via search engines like Google, or through online interventionist locator tools
  • Call The Recovery Village for guidance

Finding an interventionist in West Palm Beach might take some time and effort, but doing research and exploring options is crucial to setting up a successful intervention. It is a big step toward living a life free from substance abuse and its negative effects. If your family is ready to take that step, reach out to The Recovery Village today.