Substance Abuse Counseling in Venice, Florida

Many alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, including those at The Recovery Village®, integrate substance abuse counseling into their protocols. Individuals also can undergo this therapy in settings beyond intensive treatment centers.

With a goal of recovery, clients talk with a certified alcohol counselor or licensed drug counselor on a regular basis. During sessions, a substance abuse counselor in Venice, Florida reviews the triggers, dysfunctional behavior patterns, and other problems that contribute to the substance abuse to reduce the chance of a relapse.

Venice, Florida Addiction Counseling 

Substance abuse programs incorporate the individual’s situation and need for a tailored approach. Although drug addiction counselors have different models for their practice, they generally support clients during a crisis and listen to them during their recovery.

During sessions, a drug counselor will listen to the psychological and physical issues arising from addiction or substance abuse, searching for the underlying causes that led to the behavior. As you undergo substance abuse counseling, you may also:

  • Reintegrate into society and find a job
  • Join a support group or 12-step program
  • Develop a plan or goal for treatment
  • Attend group therapy
  • Institute sober living or aftercare plans

Because a substance abuse counselor in Venice takes on an important role in recovery, an addiction counselor should be trained in:

  • Different therapeutic modalities
  • Human behavior
  • Psychology
  • Chemical or medical therapy

When looking for an addiction counselor in Venice, find someone with whom you feel comfortable that is a good match for you. You should feel safe and supported during your recovery, and you should feel that your counselor provides effective advice and assistance.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor 

There are many different options for a licensed alcohol and drug counselor in Venice. If you are dealing with drug addiction now or have already been through rehab but still want support for your recovery journey, a licensed drug counselor can help.

During sessions with your drug counselor in Venice, you will discuss your situation. Your drug and alcohol counselor will provide different solutions to what you are going through, including advising support groups, treatment facilities, 12-step programs, or other therapeutic options. He or she may also simply listen to you and help to discover underlying and co-existing mental health disorders contributing to your addiction.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor 

A certified alcohol and drug counselor also helps with those who have an alcohol use disorder or addiction. When you are searching for help for your addiction, whether you are in a treatment program or already in recovery, you want to find drug and alcohol counseling from someone with experience helping those suffering from alcohol addiction.

An alcohol counselor will listen to you to discover underlying issues and recommend pathways for help. When you search for an alcohol counselor, look for one that is certified by the National Association for Addiction Professionals. This accreditation association has rigorous criteria, including the requirement that drug abuse counselors are licensed in their state.

Drug Addiction Counselor Venice, FL

A drug addiction counselor guides clients through the steps of recovery from initial detox to remaining in recovery for the long-term.

During drug counseling sessions, counselors create an atmosphere in which clients feel safe to explore the emotions, experiences, and issues that led to the drug addiction. When searching for a drug addiction counselor in Venice, you have many choices. If you feel overwhelmed, let The Recovery Village® help you or your loved one find the right counselor for your situation. Call us today to get started.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me 

There are many resources to help you find the right substance abuse counseling programs as you overcome a drug or alcohol addiction. In addition to the resources discussed above, you can try:

  • Online searches: Many people’s first stop is an online search. When reviewing the results, look for those with positive reviews and testimonials.
  • Network: Someone you know has likely struggled with an addiction or knows someone who has. Ask them if they have any recommendations for an addiction counselor in Venice.
  • Insurance: Check your benefits to see if substance abuse counselors are included in your plan. If so, find one that is within your network.
  • Physician: A valuable resource is always your family doctor or therapist, who should have recommendations for a substance abuse counselor in Venice to meet your needs.
  • The Recovery Village® Hotlines: If you need more help, then try one of our hotlines to help you find information about resources: drug or alcohol.

Our representatives are here to help you learn more about your options for drug and alcohol addiction counseling and treatment. There is no fee or commitment when you call The Recovery Village®, and the conversations are always confidential. Take the first step today.