Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Venice, Florida

Family therapy and marriage counseling is a form of psychotherapy that addresses how family members behave and how these behaviors affect the relationships between the family and each other. This type of counseling is often divided into individual therapy, as well as marriage and family therapy, and if needed, both.

Marriage and family therapy treats several physical and psychological problems such as the conflict in marriages, dysfunctional relationships between parents and children, grieving, sexual dysfunction, distress, weight issues and eating disorders, eldercare issues, children’s behavioral problems, and even substance use disorders in Venice, Florida.

Mental health issues within a family can also be treated by a family counselor such as anxiety, depression or schizophrenia.

In the first session of marriage or family counseling, the focus will be on gathering information. A therapist will aim to learn the reason the family or couple need therapy by listening to everyone’s thoughts and opinions to get an understanding of the issue from everyone’s perspective.

In addition, the clients may get a clear understanding of the role and competency of the therapist, the objectives of the therapy, as well as the “rules to follow” during and after sessions, including the privacy of the information shared in the session.

Marriage Counseling in Venice, Florida

Research has repeatedly shown the positive effects marriage therapy has when treating emotional and mental disorders. Clients have spoken of improvements in their everyday lives and overall health such as family and partner relationships, work productivity and relationships with co-workers, emotional health, community involvement, and social life.

Marriage counseling can benefit partners looking to separate from one another or to improve understanding and intimacy in their relationship. While the focus of marital therapy is on the partner’s relationship, there is an expectation on each partner to also pay attention to self-awareness and self-improvement.

Venice Marriage Therapy

The motivation behind marriage therapy is to help partners learn about each other and solve problems in a healthy manner. With family therapy, a couple makes therapeutic goals and a plan for their sessions, so they are aware of what will be covered. In marriage or couples therapy, a positive outcome can depend on the dedication and motivation of the couple to the process.

As marriage counseling progresses, couples may get better at listening and communicating with one another. They might also find new ways to support each other. There are times when conflict may arise in a marriage therapy session; however, if this occurs a marriage counselor will stay neutral and support both sides. Marriage counselors in Venice can also offer each partner individual sessions as part of their treatment if you request them.

Marriage therapy sessions are usually held on a weekly basis. The schedule for marriage counseling will depend on the goals set out by the couple and whether they also attend group therapy or individual sessions. Marriage counseling in Venice is provided in several different settings such as group and private practices as well as university counseling centers.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

When choosing a marriage therapy program, it might be beneficial to determine if the marriage counselor fits what each partner wants. To help you make the right choice, look for a marriage therapist who:

  • Previously dealt with the issues the couple is dealing with
  • Has the training needed to provide marriage counseling
  • Develops a therapy plan by working with the couple
  • Is compassionate to each partner
  • Stays completely neutral
  • Allows each partner to speak uninterrupted
  • Always has control of therapy session
  • Can be contacted easily
  • Encourages feedback on the services provided
  • Is within the couples’ budget

There may also be marriage counseling available online where clients are able to communicate with therapists through video chat.

Family Therapy Venice, FL

A person picks up habits, vocabulary, customs, and views on the world from the people within his or her family.

In early life, people are also taught how to interact and love others from the way they are treated by their family. A person that is brought up by a healthy family with healthy relationships is more likely to develop healthy relationships in life. When a child is raised in a family that is dysfunctional and struggles to connect with one another, he or she may also struggle to connect with people.

A lot of families will at some point deal with some type of dysfunction. Family therapy can help a family learn how to develop and maintain a functioning family with healthy relationships.

Venice Family Counseling

Family counseling uses therapeutic measures to address the problems that are negatively impacting the functions and health of a family. This type of strategic family therapy is helpful when a family is going through a difficult time, a big change, or when a family member is experiencing behavioral or mental health problems.

Family counseling uses exercises and techniques from behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, interpersonal, as well as other methods of individual therapy. Structural family therapy focuses on working together as a team to heal emotional, mental, or phycological problems that a family is going through.

To achieve a healthy family life, family counseling in Venice works to help family members solve problems, improve communication, understand each other better, and deal with unique family circumstances within a healthy living environment.

 Finding Family Counseling Near Me

The following are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a family therapist:

  • Insurance. Finding a family therapist within your health insurance plan can help ease the financial burden on a family seeking counseling services.
  • Recommendation from doctors. Your family doctor can refer you to marriage and family therapy programs. A lot of family doctors will have worked with families on these types of issues; therefore they will be able to recommend the best family counseling center to deal with specific issues.
  • Recommendation from a friend. A recommendation from someone you know who needed family counseling can be a great source. If you know a family who has been to a Venice family therapist, ask them if they recommend their therapist. They might be very happy to help.
  • The internet. As well as numerous search engines that can be used to research family counseling in Venice, online therapist locations are also available to find a family therapist nearby.

Making the decision to use marriage and family therapy to help deal with family and marital problems is a big step in fixing the problem. It is also a step that needs to be taken when the family has been unsuccessful in solving the issue, or when there is no solution in sight. Family therapy is not throwing in the towel, it is the first step in recovering together as a family. Take that step today by reaching out to The Recovery Village to learn about resources for families in your area.