Finding an Interventionist in Umatilla, Florida

While pop culture may lead you to believe that an intervention is simply about getting an addict into treatment, the truth is that is only half of the story. A good intervention is about getting treatment for the addict and educating the family about how to stop enabling the addict and actually begin truly helping their loved one heal.

To be most effective, interventions must begin with the family. They must see the unhealthy impact that substance use disorder has created, and understand it may be difficult for the individual to change. Once family members understand that they can play a pivotal role in helping affected individuals, they can help them get the assistance they need in a drug rehab facility in Umatilla.

An intervention counselor in Umatilla, Florida can be an invaluable asset in dealing with the substance use disorder in question. It is important to make sure the interventionist has all the pertinent information available, especially if there are specific considerations that make a situation even more challenging, such as a loved one who is prone to violence. Only then can the interventionist provide the support and assistance that is needed.

Because an intervention is a deeply personal experience, both for the participants and for the individual dealing with the substance use disorder, it is imperative to find an interventionist with whom everyone feels comfortable. While experience and credentials are important, personality may also be a factor. Since the intervention participants—family members, friends, and coworkers—know their loved one the best, they are in the best position to find an interventionist who they feel will best appeal to that person.

Many drug interventionists hold telephone interviews to find out more about the person who needs the intervention. This is a good opportunity for the person seeking help to learn about the services that the interventionist offers.

Some questions to consider asking during the initials interviews are:

  • Do you have experience with this particular type of addiction?
  • Which method of intervention do you use?
  • What kind of preparation should we expect?
  • What happens if my loved one doesn’t want help?
  • What happens after the intervention?

Answers to these questions can give you a good idea of the intervention counselor, and whether he or she is a good fit for your loved one and family.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Umatilla, Florida

People struggling with substance use disorders often consciously—or even subconsciously—train family members to enable them and their disorder, ensuring they stay in their comfort zone and never hit rock bottom. Only after the family members adjust their own behaviors can they help a loved one get the treatment needed. Therefore, one of the primary goals of an addiction intervention is to change the way family members think about enabling, codependency, and accountability.

Many families struggle with how to fix, talk to, or change their family member’s thinking and behaviors. Some families think that if their loved one lands that perfect job or meets a special someone, that things will get better. Individuals with substance use disorders can manipulate their families’ emotions to further solidify their addiction—even at the expense of those they love, not to mention their own long-term health and happiness.

Umatilla, Florida Drug andAddiction Intervention Counselors

A lot of intervention counselors in Umatilla follow these steps during the intervention process:

Step 1: Initial Consultation. Counselors start with an initial phone consultation to help identify what is keeping your loved one comfortable in the addiction.

In order for an intervention program to have an effective outcome, counselors need to put the family on the same page instead of having members operate with different opinions, most of which have either directly or indirectly been taught to the family by the loved one in order to manipulate them.

Step 2: Educate Family About Addiction. The intervention process goes far beyond convincing your loved one to agree to a substance use disorder treatment program. Counselors can help repair the situation by educating the family and helping to ensure long-term success for both the loved one and the family.

Many interventionists, treatment centers, and therapists tell families that they must wait for their loved one to “hit rock bottom” before anything can be done. Not only is this an extremely dangerous instruction, but it is absolutely untrue. Waiting for your loved one to seek help on their own, or hit rock bottom, is less likely to happen if the family is enabling the loved one in a way that prevents those things from occurring.

Step 3: Getting The Process Started. The longer a family waits, the more comfortable their loved one becomes and the more comfortable the family becomes with the status quo. Another day where nothing changes is another day that it becomes harder for everyone to change.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol intervention is one of the most common forms of intervention. Umatilla has numerous intervention counselors to assist someone who is seeking help. Because alcohol is legal, it is often harder for the individual struggling with the alcohol use disorder to view its misuse as a problem. This can make alcohol intervention very difficult without professional assistance.

Rather than zeroing in on how much a person drinks, the intervention focuses on how much the behavior affects the family. Many alcoholics simply do not believe they are alcoholics. They can be stubborn, self-absorbed, and convinced that they have no accountability for their actions. These are characteristics common among addicts.

Alcohol use disorder is a serious problem that affects many families. An alcohol intervention program guides families down the right path toward recovery. The process helps the family get their loved one to a treatment center as well as make positive changes in their environment when they return home. With intervention counselors’ guidance and support, families can ensure that they and their loved ones get the help that is needed. To find a local alcohol interventionist, you can use Google or another search engine to locate one in Umatilla. Some things to research when looking for an alcohol interventionist are:

  • Insurance Coverage. Finding interventionists and counselors who accept your insurance can alleviate some of the financial stress of this process.
  • Doctor’s Recommendations. Your family doctor may have a good handle on what is going on in your family and can often offer guidance in choosing an interventionist.
  • Online Referrals. A simple Google search for “interventionists in Umatilla” will yield results. In addition, there are online interventionists locators that can help you find counseling in your area.
  • Personal recommendations. One of the best sources for alcohol interventionists and counselor referrals are from people who have already benefited from an interventionist or counselor. If an individual or family you know has used a specific alcohol interventionist or counselor, ask them for a referral.

Rather than being a sign of defeat, turning to an alcohol interventionist or counselor to deal with someone struggling with alcohol use disorder is a big step in the right direction. The Recovery Village can help you take that step. Reach out to us today!