Finding an Interventionist in Spring Hill, Florida

An intervention is commonly seen as an attempt to convince a friend or family member to enter rehabilitation therapy for substance abuse in Spring Hill. But this is only part of the role of an intervention. Interventions are also designed to begin the road toward healing for friends and family struggling with the substance abuse problems of the people they love. This makes choosing the right interventionist in Spring Hill particularly important.

No two interventions are alike, nor do they happen spontaneously. Work on an intervention begins days or even weeks before the intervention itself. There are several points an interventionist will need to discuss with the family, and several questions the family will need to ask of the interventionist before that work can begin.

The first point is the basics of the person and how substance abuse affects him or her. The interventionist should be familiar with the substance and how those using it tend to react. The family and the interventionist should also discuss likely reactions, which is particularly important if an individual is prone to violence, self-harm, or other highly negative behaviors the interventionist will need to anticipate.

Conversely, the interventionist will need to assess the role of each family member in the disorder. What unhealthy roles have family and friends taken on? Who may be enabling use, reinforcing certain patterns of behavior?

Finally, it is important to understand what will unfold, no matter what happens. It will need to be discussed as to what happens if the patient refuses help, and what happens after the intervention regardless of the end result.

There are several core considerations for any interventionist you select. The whole group must be comfortable with the interventionist. Your interventionist should be properly trained and credentialed. He or she should have experience with treating addictions and an understanding of how specific addictions function. He or she should clearly communicate expectations, needs, and possible outcomes.

It is likely that you will have to speak with the interventionist at length. And it is important to remember the interventionist is not just stepping in to work with the person you love, but also with the family and those around them.

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Any interventionist will start with the family. Interventions are not just about getting help for those who need it, but changing the patterns of behavior that substance abuse generates in a family or other close-knit social group. The interventionist will need to determine who may be filling which roles in the patient’s life, and will need to teach those in the group why their patterns of behavior, even those they believe are helping, are counterproductive to encouraging sobriety.

In addition, there are behaviors that the patient may engage the interventionist may discover in play. Substance abuse sufferers are fully capable of emotional manipulation and other negative behavior without realizing it, and part of the role of an intervention is to find and stop these behaviors.

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Interventionists often engage in a series of steps when preparing an intervention. First, there is the initial consultation, where expectations are set and the interventionist gets a sense of the state of the family and the person in whose behalf they are intervening. Everyone must understand what the goals are, clearly understand their role, and have realistic expectations. For example, it is commonly believed someone must hit an extreme circumstance before an interventionist will step in. The truth is that it is far preferable to act before this happens.

Second, the family needs to be educated about addiction and substance abuse. This can be a difficult step. Family members and group members often need to confront their own behavior and the possibility that, knowingly or unknowingly, they have enabled the addiction.

Finally, the process of intervention begins. This is particularly necessary because often family members will start pushing back against the behavior of their loved one as they better understand how they enable addiction.

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Finding an interventionist is not an easy decision, and many people can be confused about where to turn. Fortunately, there are many resources available for those who want to help a person they love struggling with substance abuse.

Doctors: Doctors are familiar with the problems drug addiction can cause with families, and often work closely with professionals to find healthier options for families. They can likely obtain a few referrals for families in need.

Professional Resources: In many cases, it may make sense to contact professionals that work with substance abuse concerns, such as the counselors at the Recovery Village in Spring Hill. They will be able to guide you to interventionists with whom they have worked, as well as experts in different forms of substance abuse.

Personal Recommendations: If you know someone who has dealt with this in their personal life, they may be able to guide you to an effective interventionist.

No matter what, it is important to understand that the intervention is only the first step in a long journey. It is an important and powerful one that has to be done effectively, and getting the right interventionist will give it more impact. If you are ready to help your loved one take the first big step toward a drug-free life, call The Recovery Village today!