Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Seminole, Florida

There is no shortage of news coverage about the drug epidemic that is sweeping the country, and unfortunately, Seminole, Florida has not escaped unaffected. For this reason, both individuals and employers in the area find themselves in need of the services provided by a drug testing center.

If you or someone you love resists the notion of allowing drug testing to occur, that may be a strong sign that substance use disorder is already present. The good news is that, even if that is the case, you have access to resources to help. The Recovery Village provides professionals with whom you can speak confidentially to explore all your options for substance abuse treatment in Seminole. You can call any time of the day or night to speak with us at your convenience.

Seminole Drug Testing Centers

Before you choose a drug testing facility in Seminole, it is best to familiarize yourself with the types of drug tests available and the methods of drug testing used by various facilities.

Most drug screenings test for the presence of five categories of drugs:

  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • PCP
  • Opiates

Occasionally, drug testing centers in Seminole may also test for barbiturates, alcohol, and benzodiazepines if requested.

When a drug test is performed, the person being tested will be required to provide one of the following types of specimens, depending on the type of test required:

  • Urine: Most common testing specimen because it is easy to collect, non-invasive, and results are fairly reliable.
  • Saliva: Second most common testing specimen because it is easy to collect and non-invasive. However, since the window for accurate results is a brief time after the substance is ingested, this test is not the first choice in many circumstances.
  • Blood: Yielding the most comprehensive results by far, this form of testing is not used as often as the first two because it is invasive and more costly than urine or saliva testing.
  • Hair: Though hair testing is not one of the more common tests performed, it is often used in cases where a person’s history of drug use needs to be documented since evidence of drug use lingers longer in the hair than anywhere else in the body.
  • Sweat: A newer form of drug testing, this method requires that a person wear a patch that collects perspiration samples over the course of two weeks. The patch is then removed and sent to a drug testing facility for results.

Though you may find many options for drug testing centers in Seminole, all reliable drug testing centers have common characteristics that are essential for trustworthy drug testing.

  1. They are accurate. A drug test is only valuable if the results are reliable. SAMHSA provides a good list of testing facilities that have been certified by HHS.
  2. They are experienced. Testing facilities that have years of experience are less prone to error and false positive results.
  3. They are fast. In many cases, people need the results of their drug tests quickly.
  4. They maintain confidentiality. Since the results of your drug test are highly private, it is important that you choose a facility that takes your privacy seriously and has mechanisms in place to protect it.

Under what kind of circumstances might you need a drug test? There are numerous reasons drug testing might be required. Common reasons include:

  • As a prerequisite for obtaining a new job.
  • As a condition of continued employment with your employer.
  • As part of an employer-mandated annual physical.
  • For cause or reasonable suspicion of drug behavior on the job.
  • After an accident to rule out the possibility that the accident occurred because of the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • After a stint in rehab to prove that you are maintaining your sobriety.
  • As a condition of probation.
  • As a prerequiste for participating in sports activities.
  • As part of a randomized drug testing procedure in middle or high school.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

It is not hard to find a reputable drug testing center in Seminole if you know where to look. Here are some quick suggestions to help:

  • Talk to your primary care physician, who likely understands your particular needs and can refer you to the right testing center.
  • Talk to your insurance provider, who can help you locate drug testing facilities that may accept your insurance and therefore help defray the cost of drug testing for you.
  • Google it, using a phrase like “drug testing Seminole Florida” or “drug testing in Seminole.”
  • Call The Recovery Village.

Calling The Recovery Village may offer you additional benefits. For instance, our trained intake specialists can answer any questions you have about the process of drug testing, about where to find reliable drug testing centers in Seminole, and about what next steps should be in the results of the drug test indicate drug abuse or addiction. Why not call us today and let us handle all your drug-related needs?