Substance Abuse Counseling in Saint Petersburg, Florida

When you are facing substance abuse issues, often the person who can help you onto the path to recovery is a substance abuse counselor. Working with a counselor is one of the keystones of building a new, sober life. Through regular meetings, planning out goals, and a variety of techniques, a substance abuse counselor in Saint Petersburg, Florida can help you work through your addiction.

Substance abuse counselors are often conflated with psychologists, but instead, they have a separate job that may involve strategies and ideas from psychological practice. Counselors will also draw from chemical therapy, behavioral therapy, and other methods.

Substance abuse counselors will generally use a mix of strategies depending on both your overall personal situation and what resources are available. For instance, a patient who is working with a counselor on an outpatient basis will likely see a different approach than one who has chosen an inpatient or intensive course.

There are as many approaches counselors can take as there are patients who visit them. You should expect counselors to listen, but also to act. Counselors ultimately work by spotting and encouraging you to break your negative habits and patterns of behavior.

Saint Petersburg, Florida Addiction Counseling

As a rule, you can expect counselors to ask you to develop goals and plans to reach those goals as you develop sobriety, to attend group therapy sessions, to work with the counselor to develop more positive methods of dealing with personal setbacks, to find and regularly attend “12-step” groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and to rebuild your life in other respects, such as seeking employment.

Due to this, patient comfort with your counselor is key. You should not hesitate to be open with your counselors about your concerns, as it will lead to better treatment. Counselors should be compassionate while also requiring you to take ownership of your decisions and behavior.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

A local certified drug counselor can work with someone who is just starting out or still working toward sobriety, somebody who is newly sober, or even someone who is sober but is concerned about his or her current circumstances and is seeking support beyond meetings. The best counselor will be someone who has dealt with the particular drug addiction in question before.

Certification is important, in part because, in order to obtain certification from organizations, counselors must be licensed by the state in which they practice. Feel free to contact counselors and request credentials and other information. A counselor can only do the job with the full trust of the patient.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Alcohol addiction presents a different problem from other substance abuse issues. There is more social pressure to consume alcohol, alcohol is more easily available than illegal substances, and there are fewer legal obstacles for a sober person to acquire alcohol. As a result, alcohol counseling is a related discipline to drug counseling but will address different concerns.

Drug Addiction Counselor Saint Petersburg, FL

Drug addiction counselors focus on both recovery and what caused the substance abuse issue in the first place. They create an environment that gives you a sense of safety and support, so you can discuss frankly both your addiction concerns and why you have developed patterns of behavior that incline you to solve problems with substances.

One of the fundamental problems with substance abuse is that substances offer a temporary escape from personal problems, whether they are financial, interpersonal, or emotional. Once you have worked through your addiction, those personal problems remain. An addiction counselor will help you navigate these problems while ensuring you remain on the path to sobriety.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

After you have taken the brave step of confronting the fact that your substance abuse is affecting both your life and the people you love, the next step is to find someone who can help. There are several avenues to find effective counseling.

Personal referrals: Many people can believe they are alone in their struggles. They are not, and you may be surprised to learn that friends and family members can recommend a good counselor.

Anonymous hotlines: The Recovery Village has hotlines for alcohol addiction concerns, 1-800-252-6465, and drug addiction concerns, 1-800-821-4357. We can confidentially refer you to an experienced professional.

Family physicians and psychiatrists: In some cases, you may first confront your addiction due to concerns raised by your doctor or your therapist. In those situations, you can get a referral straight from the doctor.

The most important point to remember is you and your loved ones do not have to confront substance abuse issues alone. Help is here now and it is the best thing you can do to help yourself or a loved one start on, or stay on, the path to recovery. Reach out to The Recovery Village today.