Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Saint Cloud, Florida

Deciding to seek marriage counseling or family therapy can be a difficult process, but is sometimes a necessary step toward healing damaged relationships. Families are complex units, made up of individuals that may be very different. If those differences become overwhelming and start to break up the family unit, family therapy or marriage counseling can be an effective way to resolve problems and begin rebuilding.

Marriage and family counseling in Saint Cloud, Florida focuses on the behaviors and actions of individuals, and how those behaviors affect the family as a whole. For instance, families that have one or more members struggling with substance use disorder in Saint Cloud may find family therapy beneficial to each family member as he or she tries to support the addicted person on his or her recovery journey. A variety of psychological and physical issues other than substance abuse can be addressed in this type of therapy as well, including:

  • Couples conflict
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Substance abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Anxiety
  • Weight problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Sexual dysfunction

Typically, family counseling is conducted through both individual sessions and family sessions, aiming to identify and discuss actions that are affecting everybody in a negative way. Marriage or couples counseling will usually involve both partners, though individual sessions may be included. Remember that each family, and every marriage, is unique. An effective therapist will tailor the therapy plan to address those unique needs.

Marriage Counseling in Saint Cloud, Florida

Marriage is hard, no matter at what stage you are. Whether newlyweds, new parents, recent empty-nesters, or retired, every phase has its challenges. Seeking therapy or counseling to help you maintain and improve your marriage is a sign of strength, not weakness. While the goal is to improve the relationship between partners, couples counseling typically involves a degree of self-improvement and works on self-awareness in each participant.

Saint Cloud Marriage Therapy

Before embarking on a journey through marriage counseling in Saint Cloud, Florida, it is important to remember one key point: nothing will improve without the willingness of each partner to fully participate in the process. 

Acknowledging the strength and necessity of seeking marriage counseling is the first step of a difficult yet rewarding journey. The initial meeting between partners and their therapist will likely be an exercise in ‘information gathering,’ where the therapist can listen to the thoughts each partner is having, observe behaviors, and discuss first steps.

This is also an opportunity for partners to open up to one another, and set goals to work toward during marriage therapy. Finally, this is a chance for partners to determine whether or not this particular therapist is right for their needs.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

There is a range of options when seeking marriage counseling in Saint Cloud, so it is important to know beforehand what to look for in a counselor. Choosing somebody that is a good fit for both partners is crucial to a successful outcome.  Some characteristics to look for include:

  • Proper state licensing and certification
  • Demonstrates compassionate nature
  • Avoids taking sides
  • Does not allow interruptions of one partner to another
  • Follows the developed therapy plan
  • Maintains firm control of each therapy session
  • Is within financial reach

Marriage counselors can be found in a variety of Saint Cloud facilities, such as hospitals, private clinics, universities, and mental health centers. A quick internet search is a great place to start, or call the specialists at The Recovery Village. Our intake experts are extremely familiar with the medical professionals in Saint Cloud and will be able to provide you with valuable resources straight away.

Family Therapy Saint Cloud, FL

Every family deals with dysfunction and hardship at some point as they grow and develop through time. Sometimes, it is easier to identify and manage problems when you are outside the family looking in. This is when family therapy can be an incredibly effective tool for addressing issues, repairing relationships, and making a family stronger than ever before.

Family therapy will often be a mix of individual and group sessions, in order to identify the behaviors of individual family members and observe how those behaviors affect the group as a whole. Particularly troubled relationships, for example between parents and children, may require one-on-one sessions in order to really explore the root of the problem and attempt to address it. Mental health disorders and other underlying factors may be identified by a qualified and experienced therapist, who can then recommend further treatment if needed.

Saint Cloud Family Counseling

A variety of therapeutic techniques can be utilized in family counseling; it all depends on the unique needs of the family itself. Sessions may include a mix of cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, interpersonal therapy, and relationship counseling. The strategy of a therapist is aimed at accomplishing the goal or goals of each session, as well as the therapy plan as a whole. Families may choose to outline therapy goals at the very beginning so everybody is aware of the desired outcome. For example, a family may want to:

  • Improve communication
  • Practice honest interactions
  • Change destructive behavior/thought patterns
  • Overcome major emotional trauma or grief
  • Work on healthy relationship practices

Whatever the goal, family counseling in Saint Cloud is available and can be counted on to set you and your loved ones on a healing path.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

It can be difficult to start the process of looking for a family therapist; whether due to nerves, anger, embarrassment or fear, it is hard to admit when you need help. However, it could very well be the best decision for you and your family at this time. That is why The Recovery Village on-call experts are ready to help you explore local resources until you find the best option. Our team works on the understanding that every conversation they have is confidential, and their vast knowledge of local marriage and family counselors in Saint Cloud makes them the ideal place to start if you are searching for therapy. Don’t wait to start you and your family on a restorative journey; call us today.