Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Riverview, Florida

The United States is in the middle of a drug crisis, and Riverview, Florida, has unfortunately not escaped this problem. Due to the increase in drug abuse, there is an amplified need for drug testing centers in Riverview.

When you search for Riverview drug testing centers, it is key to find a reliable and convenient location. There are resources available to help individuals, family members, and businesses find the right drug center for their situation.

If you struggle to find a testing center or wonder if it is the right move for you or a loved one who may be suffering from substance use disorder in Riverview, then call The Recovery Village®. Our representative will assist you in discovering the testing center that matches your need.

Riverview Drug Testing Centers 

It is key to know the right features for which to look when you assess the drug testing facilitates to find the right one for your situation. There is a broad range of drug testing facilities in Riverview, so keep the following in mind.

There are many reasons to search for a drug test center. Although many centers work directly with businesses to offer some type of routine screening for employees, there are other reasons an individual may need to visit a center. Some businesses leave it up to the employees to find a location for screening rather than offering it on site. You may also need it for:

  • School: Some schools require students to undertake random drug testing.
  • Sports: Many levels of sports require athletes to get screened for drugs, including performance-enhancing substances.
  • Probation: If you are on probation, then you may have to take routine screening as part of your probation requirements.
  • Job Application: Some employers require prospective employees to pass a drug screening prior to hiring them.
  • Suspicious Behavior: Employers may have a requirement in place to screen employees when there is a clear sign that drug or alcohol abuse may be a problem.
  • Accidents: After an accident, especially one on the job, you may have to undergo drug or alcohol screening to determine whether it was a contributing factor.
  • Recovery: Those who have undergone drug or alcohol treatment may have to do random screenings for a period of time to ensure their continued sobriety.
  • Work Physical: Some employers may require an annual physical exam that includes drug screening.

When you search for a facility, make sure that it has the right type of test for your need. The most common option is a 5-panel drug test that includes five categories of substances: opioids, marijuana, cocaine, phencyclidine (PCP), and amphetamines. Some places may require a more in-depth test that includes additional categories, such as alcohol (ethanol), benzodiazepines, and barbiturates.

There are also options for the specimens drawn for the test. Riverview drug testing centers may offer one or more of these specimen draws:

  • Urine: Urine tests are very common because they are non-invasive and accurate. The metabolites that arise after your body breaks down a substance are released in your urine, so a test shows whether you have recently imbibed in the substance.
  • Blood: Blood tests are the gold standard, thanks to the high level of accuracy. However, they are invasive and expensive, so they are not commonly used.
  • Saliva: Another common specimen collected for drug testing is saliva. It is noninvasive and fast, but it is only accurate for a short window of time.
  • Hair: Hair has the longest window of time, so it can be used to screen for long-term drug use. However, it is not frequently used.
  • Sweat: A newer specimen for drug testing is your perspiration. This test allows for screening for drug use over a period of two weeks. A person wears a patch that collects the sweat for testing.

When searching for Riverview drug testing centers, look for these characteristics:

  • Fast: It is important to get your results fast so you can show your drug-free status and get back to work, school, competition, or other aspects of your life.
  • Private: You do not want centers to share your results with anyone other than those you authorize. Therefore, find a facility that adheres to HIPAA and other privacy laws.
  • Accurate: Check for a facility’s certification with the Department of Health and Human Services. This means they meet certain criteria, including accurate results. Search through the list offered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).
  • Experienced: Before choosing a drug test center, check that they are experienced to ensure that they have a seamless process that ensures an accurate and trustworthy result.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Looking online for “drug testing centers near me” is a great way to start the process, as are the resources listed above. However, you may need to do a little more sleuthing to find a center that meets the criteria you have listed. Start here to find quality drug testing facilities in Riverview:

  • Insurance: Many insurance providers offer drug testing, so if you plan to pay with your insurance, check out their network to find one they recommend and cover.
  • Doctor: Discuss your need for drug testing with your doctor, and he or she can recommend a drug test facility near you.
  • Call The Recovery Village®: Our representatives can help you to find drug testing facilities, as well as additional needs you may have for drug or alcohol abuse treatment.

There are many online channels to aid in your search for the right drug center for your situation. If you want personal assistance, then call us and speak to one of The Recovery Village® representatives.