Finding an Interventionist in Riverview, Florida

Intervention is more than merely getting an individual to commit to treatment for substance abuse in Riverview. It also involves helping the individual, family, and friends regain control of their lives after what may be a long and painful struggle with substance abuse.

The most successful interventions usually begin with the family. Family members often have a hard time seeing that their actions and reactions to substance abuse can actually further harm their loved ones, even if they had good intentions. Drug and alcohol intervention involves helping family members understand and learn what their roles should be as a strong supporter of their loved one.

A Riverview intervention counselor that has experience with the particular substance that your loved one is dealing with can be an extremely valuable resource for treatment and recovery. Families looking for an interventionist in Riverview should start by considering which particular problem areas are the most troubling. For some, substance abuse may have several layers, including multiple substances and underlying mental health concerns. If the family is aware that the individual has unique behaviors or is prone to violence, they should be sure to let the interventionist know.

Addiction intervention is an extremely personal process. It involves addressing underlying issues, concerns, and problems that the individual may not have shared with anyone else. This private and personal process means that getting the right interventionist for the individual and the situation is critical. To determine whether the intervention counselor is the right choice, you may want to ask him or her the following questions:

  • What happens if my loved one does not want help with his or her substance abuse problem?
  • What kind of approach do you take with someone who is resistant to treatment or therapy?
  • Is there a particular method of intervention that you use? Does it work?
  • Do you change methods or approaches depending on the person?
  • Do you have experience with this particular type of addition (and corresponding mental disorder, if appropriate)?
  • What happens after the intervention?
  • What kind of preparation should we do as a family?
  • What kind of services do you offer?
  • Do you work with any nearby mental health facilities or hospitals?

Many Riverview drug interventionists will hold initial telephone interviews. This first meeting is a great opportunity to review these questions and any other concerns that you may have. Addiction intervention is a complicated process and sometimes easing into it with this first initial conversation can be a helpful starting point.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Riverview, FL

Drug intervention will alter the way the individual and the family think about enabling, accountability, and codependency if it is successful. It is a learning process for everyone involved. Family members may first need to change their own behaviors so that they can point their loved one toward treatment options, instead of forcing it upon him or her.

Unfortunately, many families get bad advice from others who do not have the proper training or knowledge about addiction intervention. These poor recommendations often include a suggestion that they let their loved one “hit rock bottom” before seeking help. This advice is extremely unsafe! Do not let addiction behaviors continue on until this happens. Early intervention makes changing bad habits and thinking much easier—and safer.

Family members often struggle to fully understand or appreciate what their loved one is going through. They may think that if they get a better job or meet someone special, then they will be motivated to make significant changes to their lives. This thinking can be more harmful than helpful as it downplays the real problem.

Riverview, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Drug and addiction counselors will have various approaches to intervention in Riverview. However, their first steps will often follow the same general pattern.

The Initial Consultation

The first interaction with your Riverview interventionist will include a consultation, which is usually held over the phone. This first step will identify the addiction problem at issue and why your loved one is comfortable living life with the addiction. It is essential that families get on the same page about how to move forward in this first step.

The Education Phase

Intervention counselors will often seek to teach the family about the addiction and their role in the substance abuse and the recovery process. Talking to the family about addiction and helping them appreciate the condition will help set the individual up for long-term success.

Moving Toward Recovery

Once everyone is on the same page, the path toward recovery can begin. Families should not wait to take action when it comes to addressing addiction. Waiting allows their loved one to get comfortable in their bad habits, and it becomes harder to see that there is a problem at all.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol intervention is the most frequently used intervention process. Alcohol is legal, which makes it more socially acceptable, and it is harder to recognize when someone has a real alcohol abuse problem.

Riverview alcohol intervention does not focus on the amount of alcohol consumed, but how the individual acts when he or she drinks. It also considers how the family reacts to alcohol-related behaviors as well.

Finding an alcohol interventionist can be simple if you follow these recommendations:

  1. Talk to your insurance provider to determine which programs or Riverview intervention counselors are included in your insurance coverage.
  2. Ask your family doctor for recommendations on where to go or who to use for alcohol intervention.
  3. Look online for potential referral sources.
  4. Contact The Recovery Village to get connected to resources and information in Riverview.
  5. Talk to others who may have had similar experiences to receive personal recommendations.

Getting the process started is a huge step in the right direction—call The Recovery Village and make your move today!