Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Therapy is often seen as a one-on-one matter, but in some cases, properly treating one person will involve therapy for the couples and groups of which he or she is a part. Marriage counseling and family therapy in Port Saint Lucie, Florida will sometimes be fundamental to supporting a loved one in the couple or the family.

Whether there is conflict between spouses, conflict between two or more members of the family, sexual dysfunction, grief over the passing of a member of the family, behavioral concerns, eating disorders, concerns over caring for elderly family members, or substance abuse or alcohol issues in Port Saint Lucie, marriage counseling and family therapy can rebuild connections and develop better coping strategies.

This form of counseling can be a difficult journey. The first few sessions will be about finding the causes that underlie the current problems, which may require you to discuss uncomfortable family history or confront past behavior. Therapists will observe how everyone involved interacts with each other. This will also let those in therapy get to know the therapist, set boundaries for each other and the therapist in sessions, and discuss confidentiality issues.

Marriage Counseling In Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Marriage counseling is often important when one or both members of the couple are dealing with mental health issues such as substance abuse. Over time, couples form habits and patterns that can reinforce these issues without realizing it.

Marriage counseling works on both the dynamics between couples and on each member of the couple by themselves. Couples will be expected to do the work of better understanding and awareness of each other and themselves and to work toward a stronger relationship.

Port Saint Lucie Marriage Therapy

Couples should expect, as they work with their counselor, to form goals and ways to reach those goals and to clearly inform each other of what they expect and why they expect it.

During therapy, couples will learn both how to listen and how to better communicate with each other. This sometimes will result in conflict, and the role of the counselor is to remain neutral and help the couple make sense of why the conflict arose in the first place and how to prevent it going forward.

Couples should set aside time on a weekly basis to meet with their counselor. They should also discuss with the counselor whether individual sessions will be necessary, and what can be shared and kept confidential from those sessions.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

Choosing a counselor should be based first on the licenses and credentials that counselor holds. Next, the comfort both members of the couple have with the therapist is important. Couples should also consider cost, times the counselor is available, and the approach of the counselor.

Family Therapy Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Your family defines how you approach the world in ways that can be obvious or subtle. Especially in terms of interpersonal relationships, what families teach each other can be carried by its members for a lifetime.

Few families are “dysfunctional” in the stereotypical sense, but there are sometimes negative patterns of behavior that echo throughout families of which they may not even be consciously aware. Family therapy is designed to help families find those echoes and understand them.

Port Saint Lucie Family Counseling

There are many reasons to seek family counseling. The passing of a family member, a major change such as an illness, difficulties caused by job loss or personal issues, or mental illness or substance abuse concerns in the family are all common reasons for seeking help.

Family therapists will use a mix of approaches, including seeing the entire family and members of the family one-on-one, and what approaches will be used will depend on the issues the therapist discovers. The goal will be to improve communication and to confront interpersonal conflict.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

When seeking a family counselor in Port Saint Lucie, there are several places you can find a strong referral. One is to speak with a doctor who has seen most of the family, and who can refer you to a professional in the field who is familiar with the issues your family is facing. Another is to contact your family insurer, who can tell you which therapists accept your insurance and limit the financial strain of what may be an emotional challenge. You may also know someone personally who has gone to family therapy and who is willing to recommend the professional they used.

Finally, you can contact The Recovery Village to speak with our professionals. If you or any of your loved ones are seeking treatment for substance abuse or mental health disorders, family therapy may be part of the recovery process. Even if your family simply wants to better communicate and build healthier bonds, family counseling can help.