Substance Abuse Counseling in Milton, FL

Substance use disorder is a broad category into which many Milton, Florida resident fall. Substance abuse and substance dependency is a form of mental illness that needs to be carefully treated by a professional. As patients work toward sobriety, substance abuse counseling helps them form better goals and rehabilitate all aspects of their lives, while delving into past trauma and patterns of behavior that lead to substance abuse.

Substance abuse counselors in Milton have a number of different approaches to assisting their clients. Some will use talk therapy to help clear the way toward sobriety, others will use chemical therapy or behavioral training, and others will mix these approaches. It depends strongly on the comfort of their patient with each method and the boundaries to which counselor and patient agree.

Over time, the role of a counselor may shift as the patient reaches certain personal milestones. It may begin with the counselor offering individual therapy while helping the patient find group therapy sessions or adapt to life in a recovery facility, and may shift over time to rebuilding other aspects of a patient’s life, such as approaching family and friends to take responsibility for behavior or rebuilding career connections. Throughout, counselors should provide a compassionate environment and offer effective and safe approaches to problems.

Milton, Florida Addiction Counseling

Addiction is a slightly different concern from substance abuse. As those who have been walking the path of sobriety for a time are aware, the same patterns of behavior that once applied to substances can be applied to almost anything else. AA veterans are familiar with the term “dry drunk,” where a person has stopped drinking but has not changed any other aspect of his or her life. Smokers who quit report weight gain as they tend to use food in place of cigarettes, and lose the appetite suppressant effects of nicotine.

Addiction counseling can help those working toward sobriety and those currently sober to spot these personal behaviors and replace them with healthier ones. Often addressing patterns of addiction can be part and parcel of substance abuse counseling, but the long-time sober person concerned with potential addictive behavior can also benefit from addiction counseling.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

A fully credentialed drug counselor is able to assist anyone dealing with drug addiction, whether working to become sober or attempting to repair his or her life while staying sober. The best counselor for a patient is one the patient can trust, that has the proper licenses in the state of Florida, that has experience treating the substance use disorder in question, and that offers support in any way possible. Drug counselors help their clients find 12-step meetings, offer a listening ear to their struggles and concerns, and assist their clients in building better, stronger lives.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Alcohol counseling requires a somewhat different approach than drug counseling. Alcohol is the only chemical that falls under the heading of substance abuse and addiction that is widely available, socially acceptable to consume and consume to excess, and legal to buy and have at home and in public across the world. As a result, there are challenges faced by those struggling with alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency that need to be specifically addressed in counseling. A specialist in alcohol counseling will assist those seeking sobriety through the delicate social situations and personal problems that alcohol presents.

Drug Addiction Counselor Milton, FL

Similarly, substance abuse outside of alcohol can present unique problems of its own. Due to the nature of some substances, those working on sobriety may face unique health concerns, may have problems with law enforcement and the justice system, or may be seeing a drug addiction counselor as part of a court-ordered probation or parole situation. A drug addiction counselor can help through all aspects of the road to sobriety and will understand any legal responsibilities before starting the treatment process.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

There are several resources to find substance abuse counseling in Milton. If you wish to stay completely anonymous and would prefer not to speak to someone face to face, you can contact substance abuse hotlines and text lines for referrals. If you would prefer a referral your insurance will cover, you should speak to your insurer directly; their referrals must remain confidential and they will be able to tell you which counselors accept your insurance. If you are comfortable speaking with your family doctor, you should discuss the situation with him or her and see who he or she suggests. You can check online, or ask family friends you know have dealt with this problem themselves for a referral.

The Recovery Village is another resource to help you find substance abuse counselors and other addiction treatment options in your area. With a simple phone call, you can speak confidentially with one of our intake specialists who will be glad to answer any questions you have and give you information about drug counselors in Milton.

No matter how you find a counselor, however, know that seeking help is the most important first step in reaching sobriety. If you are tired of the effects substance abuse has on your life, getting help is the best way to restore your life and your connection with friends and family.