Substance Abuse Counseling in Maitland, Florida

Substance abuse counseling is designed to help those suffering from substance abuse disorders. It draws techniques and ideas from traditional therapies but is focused on the specific challenges substance use disorders present. It is often a fundamental part of substance abuse recovery programs such as those provided by the Recovery Village in Maitland, Florida. The goal is to build the skills needed for an effective and safe recovery while building a better set of strategies for you to address emotional and psychological difficulties and address destructive patterns of behavior.

How a substance abuse counselor approaches each patient depends on the patient’s needs, although listening and support are fundamental to all approaches. Counselors are fully licensed professionals in their field and are trained in multiple approaches to substance abuse disorders, such as human behavioral, chemical therapeutics, psychological approaches to substance disorders, and other therapeutic approaches.

The goal of your counselor is to find where you are currently in your journey toward healthier attitudes and in your journey to discover the issues underpinning your disorder. This may involve several different activities for the counselor, such as moderating group therapy sessions, helping you form treatment plans and goals, helping you learn more constructive coping mechanisms, designing sober living plans, locating post-recovery support groups and other tools, and helping you re-establish your career and otherwise find employment if needed.

Maitland, Florida Addiction Counseling

Substance abuse is a subset of a larger psychological problem. Addiction, where a habit is formed and drives behavior to the point that it interferes with daily life, must also be considered. Addiction does not need to involve substance abuse; it can be any pattern of behavior, including a normally healthy one taken to extremes.

Addiction counseling assists you to analyze your habits and patterns of behavior to determine why those habits were created and what patterns reinforce them. Then, the counselor helps you form newer, healthier habits, as well as a higher degree of self-awareness to spot a risk of forming another habit that may become an issue. Recovery from substance abuse and addiction is a lifelong process, and self-awareness fostered by a counselor will be the best guide.

Look for a counselor with whom you feel comfortable since a level of comfort will help you to open up fully and take advantage of everything that a counselor can offer.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

A local licensed drug counselor is a professional specifically focused on the various aspects of drug addiction, such as addiction to stimulants, opiates, prescription medications, or “hard” drugs. They can assist addicts who are still dependent or those who have started on the road to recovery. Their job is to offer support, whether that takes for the form of program recommendations or simply listening to you as you detail what you are going through and why.

There are several ways to find a licensed drug counselor in Maitland. One resource is the online database provided by Psychology Today. There you will find counselors with various credentials, treatment styles, and years of experience. Choose the counselor that best meets your personal needs.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Alcohol addiction has slightly different challenges compared to other drugs and often requires a counselor specifically trained in the social and psychological aspects of alcohol addiction. There is, for example, less social pressure to consume other drugs, compared to alcohol, and this can make struggles with alcohol more complicated. Alcohol counselors offer a wide range of services, and also need to put the patient at ease when talking through concerns. Alcohol abuse counselors should be fully credentialed by the state of Florida. You should also look for an alcohol counselor who has been certified by the National Association for Addiction Professionals.

Drug Addiction Counselor Maitland, FL

The role of drug addiction counselors is to guide their patients through the complex process of recovery, no matter where the counselor has found them along that path. They work to create a supportive environment that lets patients explore their behavior, what drives it, and how they can begin to alter their patterns of choice.

The best counselor is the one with whom you are comfortable. We can help you find the best counselors in Maitland, Florida, and by calling us today, you can start on the path to a better, sober life.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

When you decide to set aside addiction and embrace sobriety, there are multiple ways to find a good fit for substance abuse counseling in Maitland, FL.

Your Family Doctor: Often your doctor will have recommendations for reputable addiction professionals with whom they are familiar.

Friends and Family Referrals: While opening up to friends and family about substance abuse can be difficult, they can help you find a counselor and may even open up to you about their own journey.

Hotlines And Support Sites: Toll-free support hotlines and anonymous online support groups can help you determine which counselor is right for you. Recovery Village offers both drug and alcohol hotlines for your assistance.

No matter how you seek help for your illness, look for confidentiality and respect for your concerns. The path toward sobriety can be complicated, but working hand in hand with the Recovery Village, you can find that path and build a better future for yourself and your family.