Finding an Interventionist in Maitland, Florida

Substance abuse affects more than the individual; it also impacts family members. Although one goal of an intervention is to get the individual with the problem to seek treatment, an equally important goal is to provide a way for the family and close friends to regain control and no longer allow the substance abuse to impact their lives.

Effective interventions involve those closest to the individual, often family members. It also helps family members to recognize the role they have played in the substance abuse disorder, such as codependency or enabling.

Although you can find information online on how to run an intervention, working with intervention counselors in Maitland, FL, has a lot of benefits. They have the experience and expertise to facilitate a more effective program and get your loved one into addiction treatment in Maitland. Additionally, they have some distance to help keep the intervention safe and as dispassionate as possible. Working with a drug intervention counselor also helps you to adequately prepare in case you fear there might be violence or threats of self-harm.

When searching for an intervention counselor in Maitland, FL, you want to find someone with whom you feel comfortable. The intervention itself will involve deeply personal discussions and interactions, so you want to feel you can trust the interventionist to maintain your privacy. Personality, as well as experience and certifications, are important as well.

Often, it is best to interview a few different interventionists to find the right one for your situation. A few questions to ask include:

  • What is your preferred intervention method?
  • What kind of support do you provide?
  • What should we expect from an intervention?
  • What happens if my loved one chooses not to seek treatment?
  • How do we prepare for an intervention?
  • What type of addiction do you prepare interventions for?

As you talk with the interventionist, you will start to see whether they are a good fit for your situation.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Maitland, Florida

An important element of a strong intervention is family members changing their behavior that they control, whether or not the individual with the substance abuse problem chooses to seek treatment. This includes looking at your own role in the issue and your behavior patterns that might have led to codependency, enabling or accountability issues.

An intervention provides a way to talk to your loved one about the substance abuse disorder and the changes you plan to make to stop your enabling of the issue. Because an intervention is a structured way to interact, it provides space for you and other family members to share what you have to say without the risk of your loved one manipulating or talking his or her way out of the situation.

Maitland, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors 

There are several different intervention methods, so you want to find the drug and addiction intervention counselors in Maitland, FL, that specialize in the method you wish to use. In general, interventionists in Maitland will follow a similar process:

  • Consultation: Most Maitland drug intervention programs begin with an initial consultation, which is often free. During this time, the intervention counselor will discuss the situation with you and determine the best course of action. The counselor might talk with more than one family member to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Education and Discussion: During this step, the drug and addiction intervention counselor will talk with the family to educate them about substance abuse and the ways in which it impacts families — and the roles that family members might play in its development and continuation.
  • The Process: An intervention takes a lot of planning to ensure it runs smoothly. The interventionist Maitland will help you through the planning stages and support you during the intervention itself and aftermath.

Although you might have heard that you have to wait for a loved one to hit rock bottom before they will change, that is not the case. Many successful interventions have happened long before someone has hit their lowest points. In fact, you will have better results intervening before this happens.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Interventions are not just for drug addiction and abuse; many interventions occur due to someone’s addiction to alcohol. During an intervention, the focus is not on the actual use or misuse of the alcohol or other substance. It is about the negative behavior patterns and problematic behavior that occurs due to the drinking. It also helps someone take accountability for their actions and see that they may have a problem that they have been denying.

Like drug abuse, alcohol addiction impacts families. An intervention helps families take control back and make positive changes in their own life, even if the person with the problem refuses to change. Although the hope is to get someone the help they need, it is also important to stop problematic patterns that enable the issue.

You can find several options for intervention counselors in Maitland. If you suspect that your loved one may have a problem but are not sure, talk with a professional interventionist. They can help you go over the signs to see if a professional intervention is necessary.

If you are looking for an alcohol interventionist in Maitland, then there are a few ways to find one:

  • Online search: An online search can provide many resources for finding interventions. Although is it a valuable resource, you may end up with more choices than you want.
  • Personal network: If you know someone who has performed an intervention for a loved one, talk with them about their experiences and see if they would recommend the interventionist.
  • Doctor: Your physician should have a network that includes drug and alcohol counselors and interventionists. They can provide resources to help you find the right one for you.
  • Insurance: Your insurance company might have resources for dealing with substance abuse disorders, including finding Maitland drug intervention resources.

Working with intervention counselors provides the first step towards getting your loved one help, and taking back control. Call The Recovery Village to take that first step today!