Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Lehigh Acres, Florida

Marriage and family therapy in Lehigh Acres, Florida uses psychotherapy techniques to help build stronger, better relationships. The idea is to explore the behaviors of family members or couples, identify which of those behaviors are destructive to the relationship, and work on positive changes. Marriage and family counseling is often a mix of individual and group counseling sessions.

There is a range of issues that can be addressed in marriage or family therapy, including:

  • Spousal conflict
  • Parent/child conflict
  • Emotional abuse
  • Weight/eating disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Behavioral problems

Marriage and family therapy can also help families to address serious mental illnesses of one or more family members and substance abuse issues in Lehigh Acres.

This guide can help you find family or marriage therapy in Lehigh Acres and help you get started on building healthier relationships with your loved ones.

Marriage Counseling in Lehigh Acres, Florida

In couples or marriage counseling, the first meeting is often used for information-gathering. The therapist can observe the couples’ interactions with one another, and get a sense of the dynamics of the relationship. At the same time, the couple will decide how comfortable they feel with the counselor they have chosen. It is crucial that the couple feels safe and supported during couples therapy, or else the chances of making real, lasting changes are slim.

The first session is also a chance to discuss what issues the couple would like to address during therapy. Setting goals and working toward them helps the couple get to know their partner’s thoughts and feeling on a deeper level. Working with a marriage counselor in Lehigh Acres can help couples develop better communication skills, which improves many aspects of their relationship. Research studies show that it can also help in other areas of your life, including interactions with co-workers, children, and other family members.

Lehigh Acres Marriage Therapy

The purpose of successful marriage therapy is to improve communication skills between a couple, as well as develop healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress. Specific, more personalized goals can also be set by the couple, addressing other issues that exist within their relationship.

Sessions can be held once or twice a week, or possibly more upon request. Some marriage therapists in Lehigh Acres offer individual sessions to each person as a standard part of marriage therapy, while others may require that you request this service. There may also be an option to attend group therapy with other couples looking to improve their relationships. Regardless of the style of marriage therapy you choose, no amount of therapy will be successful without the motivation and dedication of each partner.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

Marriage counseling in Lehigh Acres can take place in a variety of settings, including private practice, universities, community health centers, and hospitals. Try focusing your search on settings in which you and your partner will feel most comfortable. As you look for marriage counseling in Lehigh Acres, here are some suggestions of things to keep in mind. Successful marriage counselors often share these characteristics:

  • State-certified with proper education credentials
  • Experience with a broad range of marital issues
  • Works with you to develop a therapy plan
  • Demonstrates compassion and empathy to both partners
  • Maintains control of the session
  • Does not allow interruptions of either partner
  • Remain neutral during discussions
  • Gives practical actions to couples for them to implement at home
  • Is accessible in terms of financial compensation

You may have some more ideas about what you are looking for in a marriage counselor. Again, it is crucial that you respect the marriage counselor and feel safe around them in order for marriage counseling to be successful.

Family Therapy Lehigh Acres, FL

Nearly all families experience some form of dysfunction, and sometimes those dysfunctions can overpower the family dynamic to such an extent that family therapy may be required to manage it. You learn your communication skills, coping mechanisms, and ideas about relationships from your family as you grow up, and if dysfunction is built into those lessons, it can be difficult to overcome.

This is why family therapy in Lehigh Acres is widely available to help families identify their dysfunction and work on ways to improve it. This means better communication and listening to one another, as well as dealing with sources of stress in a loving way. Issues sometimes addressed in family therapy include behavioral problems, mental health, addiction, and emotions such as grief or anger.

Lehigh Acres Family Counseling

Family counseling is a type of therapy that may use a variety of techniques to address family dysfunction. Cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal therapeutic techniques can help families learn, together and individually, how to build a healthy family unit. By addressing specific issues using structured, planned therapy sessions, a family counselor can aid the family as they work to improve their communication skills and better their understanding of one another.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

There are a number of ways to find family counseling in Lehigh Acres. Try one of these methods to find the right match for you and your needs:

  1. Ask Your Doctor – Family doctors are often familiar with medical professionals in your area and can recommend a certified family counselor that suits you and your family’s’ medical history.
  2. Call Your Insurance Provider – Some providers offer additional coverage to specific counseling services. Call your provider today to discuss your options for family counseling in Lehigh Acres.
  3. Talk to A Friend – If you know somebody who has gone through family therapy, ask them about their counselor and their experience. Personal recommendations can yield valuable insight you might otherwise miss.
  4. Call The Recovery Village – Our intake associates are ready to take your call 24/7. They each have extensive knowledge of local resources and will help you find the family counselor that fits your unique needs. Call today for a confidential conversation, and start your search.