Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Land O’ Lakes, Florida

Therapy can help an individual deal with a traumatic experience, overcome a bad habit, break destructive behavior patterns, and learn how to resolve conflict or communicate more effectively, among other things. Marriage counseling and family therapy in Land O’ Lakes can accomplish many of the same things, but they do so with a couple or a family unit, rather than one individual.

A couple or family can experience all of the same traumas and conflicts that an individual can experience. One person’s experience does not only affect that person; it also affects their partners, children, and other family members. For instance, if one family member suffers from mental illness or substance use disorder in Land O’ Lakes, the entire family is impacted. Marriage and family therapy offers a way for everyone to work through their unique feelings and experiences and also find ways to move forward together in a constructive and supportive way.

A marriage or family counselor will begin by gathering information about the couple or family and about the event or circumstance that led them to seek counseling. The counselor will also provide some information about the therapeutic methods he or she utilizes and the ground rules that will be followed during therapy sessions, so you will have an idea what to expect from future sessions.

Marriage Counseling in Land O’ Lakes, Florida

No one goes into a marriage expecting it to struggle or fail. Many couples underestimate how difficult it can be to keep a marital partnership healthy year in and year out, through all of the various trials that couples will face in their lives. During difficult times, it can feel like the marriage is not working, but that does not mean that it cannot be saved.

Marriage counseling in Land O’ Lakes can give partners the tools they need to get through difficult periods in their marriages. It is normal to go through periods when maintaining a partnership seems hard, but when both partners are committed to finding their way through those difficult times and willing to develop those relationship skills, marriages can often be saved. Partners may even find that they can achieve even greater levels of intimacy during or after counseling than they had before.

Land O’ Lakes Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy in Land O’ Lakes can also have wide-reaching effects that impact more than just the couple involved. Often, people who undergo marriage counseling report feeling happier at their jobs and seeing improvement in other relationships as well.

It is not surprising that someone whose marriage is improving through counseling might also feel better about other aspects of their lives, like their jobs or friendships. But the improvements may be more than just an overall sense of happiness. Couples in marriage counseling are learning ways to improve themselves and their ability to relate to and support their partners, and some of those skills can also be used in other relationships as well, such as those with coworkers, supervisors, customers, friends, and other family members.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

There are a variety of different therapeutic methods that marriage counselors can use to counsel couples. The marriage counselor you choose should use methods with which both partners are comfortable. Both partners should get the opportunity to express themselves during therapy in an environment that feels safe, and the therapist should retain control over the sessions so that no one feels stifled or ignored.

Family Therapy in Land O’ Lakes, FL

Family relationships can be even more complex than the relationships between two partners in a marriage. Even in a small family of two parents and two children, there can be a lot of variety in the different dynamics between each parent and each child, between the parents themselves, and between siblings. Of course, there are many blended families, extended families, and other combinations of family members that can lead to even more complex relationship dynamics.

Individuals depend on their families for support and companionship. The family also provides the model for other relationships outside of the family. When the relationships within the family are dysfunctional, the behavior patterns that family members learn inside the family also play out in relationships outside of the family. Family therapy in Land O’ Lakes can help everyone involved master and model healthy relationship behaviors.

Land O’ Lakes Family Counseling

When families attend family counseling in Land O’ Lakes, they may spend some time receiving therapy as a group, and some time receiving individual therapy as well. This helps ensure that everyone has a chance to be heard and may allow some family members to express thoughts or information that they are not comfortable relaying in a group setting.

A therapist may also decide that smaller groups within the family need sessions together – for example, all the siblings may have a session without the parents or vice versa.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

When you want to find family counseling in Land O’ Lakes, you may want to begin by asking your own family physician for a recommendation. You should check with your health insurer as well, to find out which family therapists are covered by your insurance plan. You can search for family therapy in Land O’ Lakes by using online databases and search engines. It can also help to ask for personal recommendations from people who have used the services of a family therapist in your area.

Regardless of how you find your therapist or counselor, taking the step to get help to heal your family is a brave and wise one. You can take that step today. Reach out to The Recovery Village to explore therapy and counseling options in the Land O’ Lakes area.