Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Land O’ Lakes, Florida

Is an employee or loved one exhibiting signs of substance abuse? An inability to perform the job or a change in behavior can be symptoms of drug or alcohol misuse.  Drug testing can help you find the answers you need.

Drug testing facilities in Land O’Lakes offer all types of drug tests to assist you. Confirming your suspicion is the first step. If your employee or loved one tests positive for alcohol or substance misuse, The Recovery Village can help. Reach out to a representative for information about addiction treatment options in Land O’ Lakes and the surrounding area.

Land O’ Lakes Drug Testing Centers

Land O’ Lakes drug testing centers can administer drug tests for a variety of circumstances. Some of the most common reasons for drug testing include:

For Cause and Reasonable Suspicion: If an employee can no longer perform his or her job and demonstrates signs of alcohol or drug misuse, an employer may require drug testing.

Pre-Employment: When screening potential employees, employers may require them to pass a drug test prior to being hired.

Annual Physical Exam: Some employers include drug testing in employees’ yearly physical exams.

Post-Accident: If an employee has an accident while on the job, an employer may require them to submit to drug testing to rule out substance abuse as the cause.

Post-Treatment: When completing treatment for drug or alcohol misuse, follow-up testing may be required by the treatment facility, employer, or law enforcement, to ensure sobriety.

Probation: People on probation may be subjected to ongoing drug testing, as a condition of probation. Incarceration may result from a positive drug test.

Sports: It is common for sports organizations to require drug and alcohol testing for all athletes. This may be a requirement for participation in amateur, professional, and collegiate sports.

School: Some school districts may perform random drug testing for middle and high school students, in an effort to keep school environments drug-free.

Five-panel drug tests are the most common types of drug testing administered by Land O’ Lakes drug testing centers. These types of drug tests screen for five categories of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, phencyclidine (PCP), and opiates. Test strength and the amount of substance being tested for is determined by the reason for testing. Also, the goal of drug testing determines the type of specimen collected. Following are the most common types of specimens used by drug testing facilities in Land O’ Lakes:

Urine – Drug testing centers most commonly collect urine to screen for metabolites, the structures remaining after ingestion of any substance. Metabolite levels can be measured through the urine, making it easy to detect drug or alcohol usage.

Saliva – Saliva is the second most common type of specimen collected by drug testing facilities. While saliva is an easy specimen to collect, saliva tests only detect the presence of a substance used, within a narrow window of time.

Hair – Like urine, hair drug testing measures metabolites. Because metabolites circulate through blood vessels in the scalp and are deposited into the hair, hair drug tests are considered to be a permanent record of substance use.

Blood – Blood testing is considered the most accurate type of drug screening. However, drug testing facilities in Land O’ Lakes do not commonly use blood for drug or alcohol screening, because it is an expensive and invasive procedure.

Perspiration – The newest type of drug testing, sweat testing is performed by attaching a patch to the skin for a period of two weeks.  Sweat drug tests detect substances used during that 14-day time period. At the end of two weeks, the patch is collected and analyzed by the drug test facility.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

You can find a local drug test facility by conducting an online search, and there are specific characteristics to look for when searching for “drug testing facilities near me” or “drug testing centers near me”. Professional, qualified drug testing facilities in Land O’ Lakes have the following traits in common:

Accurate Results – Accuracy is imperative when using a drug testing center. Using a drug test facility that is certified by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ensures your results will be reliable. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides an extensive list of certified drug testing facilities in Land O’ Lakes.

Private Results – Drug test results can affect a person’s personal and professional life.  Certified drug testing facilities never share test results with unauthorized individuals.

Fast Results – Most people and organizations that use drug screening want quick answers. Professional, certified Land O’ Lakes drug testing centers give fast, reliable results.

Experience – An experienced drug test center offers consistent, reliable procedures and accurate test results, time after time.

To find a drug test facility to fit your needs, you may also use some of the following resources:

Your family physician – Your doctor knows you, your medical history, and the reason for your test. Your personal physician is an excellent resource to help you find a reputable drug test center in your area.

Your health insurance company – Contacting your insurance provider can help you find Land O’ Lakes drug testing centers that accept your insurance.

The Recovery Village – We can help you find reputable drug testing facilities in Land O’ Lakes, as well as other professional services to help with addiction and recovery. Call us for information about drug testing and rehabilitation services. You may also chat with us online or reach out through our online contact form.