Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Lake Worth, Florida

Family therapy and marriage therapy in Lake Worth, Florida address how the members of a family interact and how it impacts their relationships, whether in a marriage or in the family as a whole. Counseling to address issues in a marriage or a family is normally divided between individual sessions and time spent with both the family or each individual separately.

Problems in marriages or families can cause extreme conflict. They can include problems between a parent and a child, sexual dysfunction, behavioral issues with children, and eldercare, among others. As the opioid epidemic sweep across the nation, many families are dealing with the substance use disorder of one or more family members. Family therapy can address substance use disorders in Lake Worth. Practitioners who deal with family and marriage issues may also address mental health problems such as schizophrenia, depression, or anxiety.

The first counseling session generally deals with information gathering about the couple or family’s problem. This may include listening to the participants and observing their interactions together in order to get a better idea of the family dynamic.

Clients who begin interacting with the therapist can use this time to evaluate the competency and role of the therapist. Additionally, they can understand how therapy can help them, learn about any rules during and outside of sessions, and what kind of confidentiality agreement is expected.

Marriage Counseling in Lake Worth, Florida

Marriage therapy has been shown to be highly effective in treating emotional and mental disorders, according to research studies. Improvements can be made in many areas such as family and partner relationships, coworker relationships, and overall health. In addition, it can improve understanding and intimacy as well as help those thinking of separation. By focusing on self-awareness and improvement, marriage counseling strengthens each partner individually and as a couple.

Lake Worth Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy helps partners learn about each other and develop healthy skills toward problem-solving. The therapist can help the couple set healthy goals and a therapy plan geared toward improving the relationship. Of course, the couple must be dedicated and motivated to achieve positive results.

One of the goals of treatment is that the partners learn to communicate and listen to each other better. While conflicts might arise during sessions, a good counselor remains neutral without taking sides. Some counselors may offer individual sessions in addition to couples treatment. Others offer sessions to individuals only if it is requested.

Marriage counseling sessions are usually held once each week; however, this depends on goals desired by the couple and if group therapy or individual therapy is used as well. Lake Worth marriage counseling can be found in different settings such as counseling centers at universities and in both group and private practice settings.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

Finding a marriage counselor who is compatible with both partners is important before entering a therapy program. Some of the features to look for in a counselor are:

  • Exhibits compassion to each individual
  • Is trained specifically for marriage counseling
  • Stays neutral
  • Remains in control of sessions
  • Has experience in the specific problems of the couple
  • Is financially affordable
  • Works to develop a plan of therapy with each partner
  • Is easy to contact
  • Does not permit the partners to interrupt or speak for each other
  • Encourages openness by the couple about their satisfaction with the offered services

Marriage counseling with therapists may also be available online through video chat.

Family Therapy Lake Worth, FL

Families teach their children their own customs, habits, vocabulary, and worldviews. In addition, people learn about interacting with each other and loving each other in the early period of their lives. In healthy families with equally healthy relationships, they learn how to maintain a relationship that is also healthy. However, those in dysfunctional families may grow up to have problems maintaining a healthy relationship.

Many families deal with dysfunction in one way or another. By utilizing family therapy, they can learn ways to maintain and develop positive relationships.

Lake Worth Family Counseling

Family counseling works by addressing certain issues that adversely affect a family’s functions and health. It can help families through difficult periods, the stress of major life changes, or in areas such as behavioral or mental problems.

Family counseling techniques range from behavioral and cognitive therapy to individual treatment and others. Family counseling that is structured works toward the goal of healing emotional, psychological, or mental problems that tear a family apart.

To assist a family in developing healthy relationships, a family therapist aids them in learning problem-solving techniques, improving communication and in handling difficult situations. This helps to create a home environment that is welcoming and healthy.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

When seeking a family therapist, consider the following:

  • Physician Recommendations: The family physician works within a large network and may recommend family or marriage counseling services.
  • Insurance Company: If you have health insurance, counseling may be covered. Check your policy and call a representative to find out more.
  • Other Recommendations: Friends and family members who have been to counseling may be able to tell you about their experiences and recommend a good counselor.
  • Referrals Online: A quick search online for family therapists in your area can give an idea of choices and locations. There are also online locators that can help find a nearby therapist to help.

It is a positive step to engage with family or marriage counseling to learn how to deal with issues that harm the family or marriage. This is even more important when the family or couple have been unable to solve their problems or when it seems impossible. Going to a counselor is a positive step to find healing for the family. Call The Recovery Village today to explore resources for counseling and therapy in the Lake Worth area.