Finding an Interventionist in Lake Worth, Florida

Human beings are fundamentally social creatures. We want to form connections with other people to share our lives with, to have support when we need it, to give support when it is needed from us. But when a member of a family, whether it is a biological family or a family of choice, struggles with substance abuse, it can distort those connections, pulling everyone with ties to a person struggling with addiction into a web of enabling, and sometimes toxic, behavior.

When an interventionist is summoned, it is not just to help the person struggling with substance abuse enter into an addiction treatment program in Lake Worth. It is to help the entire network of people around them, who may have found themselves manipulated into patterns that help a person with an addiction, either unconsciously or consciously. It is not that the person having an intervention has somehow hit “rock bottom.” It is that their social connections have strained to the breaking point, and one way or another, a set of behaviors that enable substance abuse must end.

Every intervention is different. It depends on both the person who is the subject of the intervention and the strategy and the approach of the interventionist. It is not just experience and credentials that are important, although anyone looking for an interventionist should examine those thoroughly. Instead, what is most important is that everyone involved understands what will be expected of them and why, before, during, and after, and what happens at the end of the intervention.

Drug Intervention Counselor In Lake Worth, FL

Interventions are unavoidably difficult experiences, even if they are successful. Everyone involved must not only confront the person at the center of the intervention but themselves and their actions. They also must make their peace with the possibility that the person they love will refuse to accept help and the family will have to take action regardless.

An interventionist has the job of finding destructive patterns of behavior on the part of all involved and breaking them. If, for example, family members are offering money or a place to sleep, they will need to discuss whether to continue that. In other situations, it will involve confronting abusive or hostile behavior on the part of the person at the center of the intervention. Often an intervention is the beginning of a long emotional journey for everyone involved.

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When an intervention is requested, there are steps that need to be taken before the intervention itself. First, the interventionist will call or meet in person the people requesting the intervention. This is both to discuss the exact nature of the intervention and what will be expected of those involved, and also so that the interventionist and the group can get a sense of each other and determine if a working relationship will be possible. This will be very important, as a successful intervention relies on a united front.

Second, the interventionist will work with the group to examine their behaviors and connections and explain what will need to be done for the intervention to be fully effective. Some of this will be to address “magical thinking,” such as that the problem will resolve itself. Everyone involved must fully understand to what they are committing. Once that step is complete, the intervention itself will be coordinated. This will likely be an extremely swift process.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol is a specialty of a specific class of interventionist due to its unique place in society. The consumption, ownership, and even abuse of alcohol is far more tolerated in society than any other substance, even cigarettes. This makes the belief that alcohol abuse is not a problem even more difficult to overcome for a person struggling with alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency. As long as they are functioning elsewhere, they will argue, their alcohol abuse is not a problem. It is not just the members of an addict’s family that believes an intervention is for people who hit rock bottom; addicts themselves will also argue this.

This tangle of social issues can be cut through with an alcohol intervention. This intervention is designed specifically to fight those arguments and confront the alcoholic with the personal cost of their actions. Much like an intervention for controlled substances, it will be about addressing not just the behavior of the addict, but their social and family connections. Similarly, it will be a matter of going forward whether or not the subject of the intervention accepts help.

An intervention in Lake Worth will not be a simple process, but it is often a necessary one. Intervention can help make a person aware of what they are doing to their loved ones and that it is not a matter of whether they hit bottom, but whether everyone else in their lives is close to it as well. Find out more about interventionists in the Lake Worth area by contacting The Recovery Village today.