Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Lady Lake, Florida

Marriage and family therapy deals with family pain head-on. It is a type of psychotherapy that focuses directly on the thought patterns and behaviors of every member of the family and how such behaviors impact their relationships with each another. Many times marriage and family counseling are split between individual sessions with each family member, as well as couple or group sessions.

The spectrum of issues that marriage and family therapy treats in Lady Lake, Florida is far-reaching, and may include any one or all of the following:

  • Marital conflict
  • Parent and child conflict
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug abuse
  • Grief
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Eating disorders
  • Children’s behavioral issues
  • Eldercare issues

Marriage and family therapy counselors may also handle various types of mental health disorders as they may have an impact on the problems experienced within the marital union or family. Such issues may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder

If substance use disorder is present in one or more members of the family, marriage and family therapy may also include substance abuse counseling in Lady Lake, which supplements any individual addiction treatment being provided.

Marriage counseling typically starts off with an initial session with the goal of gathering information. The therapist will want to determine what the problem is that enticed the couple to enter therapy. That requires the therapist to listen to the thoughts of each person involved and observe how the couple interacts with each other.

This session will also help the couple gain a clear understanding of what the role of the therapist is, as well as the therapist’s level of competency and what rules should be followed.

Marriage Counseling in Lady Lake, Florida

It has been proven over and over again through research studies that marriage therapy programs are highly effective at helping to treat all sorts of mental and emotional disorders. Patients have claimed that they have experienced amazing improvements in their family relationships, spousal relationships, co-worker relationships, work productivity, emotional health, social life, and overall health.

Marriage counseling sessions in Lady Lake can be very effective for couples who are thinking about separating or divorcing, or even who may be seeking to improve their intimacy and understanding. The relationship is the focus of marital therapy, but it is expected that each partner pays attention to improving themselves to be able to better contribute to the marriage.

Lady Lake Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy – also referred to as couples therapy – helps couples understand and resolve the conflicts that have plagued their relationship and helps improve the way that each partner relates to the other. Marriage counseling provides couples with the necessary tools to improve communication and resolve problems in a productive and healthy way.

In marriage therapy, partners discover more about each another and develop the appropriate skills needed to relate to one another better. Any conflicts that may arise in the marriage will be dealt with in a more effective manner compared to how the couple was dealing with issues before counseling. With the help and support of a marriage counselor, the couple will set goals and develop a plan to achieve those aspirations.

Along the treatment journey, partners will become better listeners and will be better able to communicate with each other. Conflict is very common in marriages, and couples need to know exactly how to deal with such conflict in a way that does not emotionally harm each other or the relationship itself.

Marriage counselors should remain neutral during the sessions without taking anyone’s side. Some marriage counselors may also suggest individual sessions for each partner as part of the overall treatment program, while other therapists may only provide individual sessions when requested.

Marriage counseling sessions are typically held on a weekly basis. That said, the schedule may vary depending on the goals of the couple and whether or not individual sessions are being held.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

When looking for a marriage counselor, be sure to choose one who:

  • Has the necessary training and credentials
  • Has experience with the specific issues at hand
  • Is unbiased
  • Takes control of the sessions
  • Is compassionate and supportive
  • Takes insurance for payment

Family Therapy Lady Lake, FL

People tend to learn how to deal with the world from their families growing up. As such, those who grow up immersed in a dysfunctional family household will likely exhibit the same dysfunctional communicative traits with other people, including their spouses and family members.

Family therapy provides families with a means to develop the communication skills needed to maintain a healthy, functional family life.

Lady Lake Family Counseling

Family counseling helps family members and couples explore and express their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. The goal is to understand each individual’s perspectives and appreciate what each person needs from the family or the marriage. Family therapy helps members build on the strengths they already possess and make changes in their relationships to improve the family dynamic.

Family counseling can include a number of different techniques, including the following:

  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Behavioral therapy

A structured family counseling program can help family members work together to mend the emotional, mental, and psychological issues that have torn a family apart.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

When looking to find a family therapist in Lady Lake, consider the following resources:

  • Your insurance provider
  • Your doctor
  • Your friends and family
  • Online reviews

All of the above resources can offer you suggestions for family counselors near you so you can rest assured knowing that the therapist you choose will be able to provide you with the help you need.

You are making the right decision by seeking help from a marriage or family counselor. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help, and counselors are available right now to help you mend the wounds of your marriage or family. To learn about therapists and counselors in your area, contact The Recovery Village today.