AA and NA Meetings in Lady Lake

Support groups offer a pathway to healing that traditional treatment programs may not be able to provide, and this is especially true of addiction support groups. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) have been providing communal support to people in recovery for decades. These groups provide a safe environment for people addicted to drugs and alcohol to share their experiences, talk about their struggles, and celebrate their achievements together with people who understand what they have gone through.

There are a number of NA and AA groups in Lady Lake, Florida. Some exist within addiction treatment facilities near Lady Lake, while others are in stand-alone locations in the community. Find the right group for you to begin giving and receiving the support that you need to continue your journey to recovery.

AA Meetings in Lady Lake, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are open to anybody of any age that is living with an addiction to alcohol. Whether you have just started on your path to recovery or you have been sober for many years, AA is accessible and ready to support you. The meetings are not based in religion, but are spiritual in nature, and remain rooted in the belief that there is a higher power that must be acknowledged before true healing can begin. AA relies on peer support in order to help people share the weight – physical, mental and emotional – that comes with addiction.

AA is a great first step for somebody considering entering treatment for alcohol addiction. It can also be a place of support during the critical period immediately following release from a treatment program when the risk of relapse is fairly high. AA also encourages members who have been sober for years to continue attending, acting as a model for members that are earlier in their recovery journey and providing much-needed advice to those still struggling with their addiction.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

There are a number of AA meetings that take place across Lady Lake and in the surrounding areas, and no two groups are the same. Each gathering, though it rests on the same general premise, is made up of unique individuals, and therefore has unique characteristics. It is very important that you find an AA group that works for you; attending is futile if you are not comfortable enough to benefit from the healing power of the people around you.

Keep these questions in mind as you search:

When and where are meetings held?
Is this a co-ed group
Who is the group leader?
How does the group leader operate?
Is smoking allowed at the meeting?
How many people attend on average?
Are friends and family welcome to attend the meeting?

You can also search for AA meetings in and around Lady Lake by utilizing the Alcoholics Anonymous website. Here are some search results to get you started:

Christian Faith Hall
1401 Paradise Dr.
Lady Lake, FL 32159

Lady Lake Thurs.
237 W. Guava St. (Com Cent)
Lady Lake, FL 32159

Explore your own needs and come up with a few questions of your own, and remember that the best way to see if an AA meeting is a right fit is to attend one in person.

NA Meetings in Lady Lake, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous meetings are open to anybody that is or has in the past struggled with substance use disorder. The only requirement for attending is the desire to stop using drugs or to continue staying off drugs. NA follows a similar 12-step format to AA, based in spirituality but rejecting traditional religious connotations. The entire goal of an NA gathering is to provide support for one another to build healthy, drug-free lifestyles.

Some NA groups have specified themselves to specific drugs, such as cocaine or methamphetamines. All groups, however, practice the principles of honesty, integrity, and open-mindedness, all imperative when pursuing sobriety. Trying to live with these principles can be difficult for somebody coming out of a life of drug addiction. This is why support groups are so helpful during recovery; knowing that somebody else has gone through what you have gone through and successfully come out the other side can be incredibly motivating.

NA meetings in Lady Lake are free and open to the public. Meetings may take place in a number of places, including churches, libraries, community centers, and public parks, and all aim to create a safe, non-judgmental space for those who are suffering from drug addiction.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Searching for an NA meeting nearby can seem like a daunting task, but there are a number of ways to easily and anonymously begin your search:

Use the Narcotics Anonymous website – On the NA website, you can perform a simple search by zip code for meetings in your area. Here is a sampling of results for Lady Lake area NA meetings:

Trinity Lutheran Church
17330 S. US Hwy. 441
Summerfield, FL 34491

Community United Methodist Church
309 College Ave.
Fruitland, FL 34731

Ask your doctor – Your doctor is a part of the Lady Lake medical community, and will have a good understanding of support resources available to you. They may be able to recommend an NA or AA meeting that fits your individual needs.

Ask a friend – If you know somebody who is currently attending NA, or has in the past, ask about their personal experiences with specific groups. If you can attend a meeting with that person, even better. Knowing even just one person in the group can help you feel much more comfortable during the first few meetings.

Ask The Recovery Village – Our 24-hour a day hotline is staffed by knowledgeable intake coordinators who stand ready to help you access local resources in Lady Lake, Florida. They will be able to help you identify what you are looking for in an NA or AA group and can provide options for you to choose from. Every call is free and 100% confidential. Get in touch today.