Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Jacksonville, Florida

If you are a business owner, you probably want to hire the best employees you can find. Safety, high work productivity, and healthy morale are all important for your business. So when an employee shows signs of possible substance abuse, drug testing is crucial. Jacksonville drug testing centers can find the answers you need.

There are many signs of addiction, but it can be difficult to know for sure if someone is abusing drugs or alcohol. Fear of drug testing may be a sign. The Recovery Village can help you find drug testing centers and drug rehabilitation programs in Jacksonville to help you, or someone you know, who is involved with substance abuse.

Jacksonville Drug Testing Centers

There are a variety of tests and specimen types used in drug testing. Tests administered by Jacksonville drug testing centers commonly screen for five drug categories, including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP). Some drug testing facilities administer stronger tests to also check for barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and alcohol.

Depending upon the reason for testing, the type and amount of specimen used, as well as test strength, will vary. Following are the five specimen types typically used by local drug testing centers:

1.    Urine – The most popular specimen used is urine, because urine tests accurately measure metabolites. Metabolites are left over substances, excreted in the urine after you ingest a substance. Urine tests evaluate metabolite levels to screen for drugs or alcohol.

2.    Saliva – The second most popular specimen used by drug testing facilities in Jacksonville is saliva. Collecting saliva for testing is quick and easy; however saliva testing only measures substances taken within a brief span of time.

3.    Hair – Like urine testing, hair drug tests are used to measure metabolites. After circulating through blood vessels in your scalp, metabolites become entrapped in your hair. Because metabolites remain in your hair, this form of drug test may be considered a permanent record of substance use.

4.    Perspiration – The collection of perspiration takes longer than other types of specimens. Sweat testing is fairly new and begins by attaching a sweat patch to the person’s skin. The sweat patch collects perspiration for a period of two weeks. At the end of that two-week period, the patch is collected and evaluated by a drug test center.

5.    Blood – Blood tests are the most accurate type of drug test, but are seldom used by blood testing facilities in Jacksonville because blood testing is invasive and expensive.

You may require drug testing for personal or professional purposes. The services of Jacksonville drug testing centers are commonly used for the following reasons:

  • Pre-Employment: As a business owner, you may include drug screening as a condition of employment. By requiring potential employees to pass a drug test, you can ensure your staff is drug-free.
  • For cause and reasonable suspicion: If you have an employee who is showing signs of substance abuse, you may require drug testing to confirm your suspicions.
  • Annual Physical: If annual physicals are required for your employees, you may include drug testing as part of the exam.
  • Post-Accident: If an employee is hurt on the job due to an accident, drug testing can rule out drug and alcohol use as contributing factors.
  • Post-Treatment: If you, a family member, or an employee completes rehabilitation for substance abuse, the treatment provider, law enforcement, or your company may require follow-up drug testing to confirm sobriety.
  • Probation: When someone is placed on probation, ongoing drug testing is commonly required. A failed drug test may result in incarceration.
  • Sports: Competitive athletes of all types may be subjected to drug testing prior to competition. This ensures fairness and safety.
  • School: Teenagers in middle and high school may be subjected to random drug screening, to help campuses remain safe and drug-free.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Whether you require drug testing for personal or professional reasons, it is important to find a reputable, dependable drug test facility. Here are some key components of reliable drug testing facilities in Jacksonville:

Accurate – It is imperative for drug test results to be accurate. The best way to ensure accuracy is to look for drug testing facilities certified by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has a nationwide list of drug testing centers certified with HHS.

Private – When it comes to drug testing, privacy is important. Test results can have a negative impact on a person’s personal and professional life. Reliable drug testing facilities in Jacksonville will not share results with anyone who is not authorized to receive them.

Fast – When using drug testing, you want fast results. A professional drug test facility consistently delivers accurate results in a timely fashion.

Experienced – An experienced drug test center consistently offers seamless, professional procedures to all their clients.

There are several ways to locate reputable, reliable drug testing facilities in Jacksonville. You can start by searching online for “drug testing centers near me”. An online search will give you plenty of options, and may also include client testimonials. Other ways to locate “drug testing facilities near me” include:

Asking your doctor – Your family physician knows your health history and the reason for testing. Your doctor is an excellent resource for locating reputable Jacksonville drug testing centers.

Contacting your health insurance company – Your insurance carrier can provide you with a list of drug testing facilities who accept your insurance plan. This can lessen the cost of testing.

Calling The Recovery Village – Speaking with representatives at The Recovery Village can help you locate local drug testing centers. They can also assist you with options for rehabilitation and counseling if you are struggling with substance abuse. Reach out for more information today.