AA and NA Meetings in Jacksonville

Rehabilitation centers offer programs that incorporate AA and NA meetings. However, Jacksonville also offers stand-alone options for sessions that include peer support. The following guide gives an overview of Jacksonville AA groups and NA meetings available around the city for those who want to heal from narcotics addiction or alcoholism.

AA Meetings in Jacksonville, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) offers open fellowship to those with an alcohol problem or those who have faced one in the past. The meetings have no educational or age requirements and are neither political nor religious. At the meetings, members work on the 12-step program, which helps them rid themselves of the urge to drink and empowers the members to lead healthy, fulfilling lives without the need for alcohol. Widely available, AA meetings in Jacksonville provide a safe haven to rid oneself of the physical and mental weight of addiction in a supportive environment of peers who face the same battle.

With the help of peer support, Jacksonville AA meetings encourage those struggling against alcoholism to seek treatment. It also aids those who have finished treatment to seek continued participation. At local meetings, groups in Jacksonville help by providing a strong support network and helping members build coping skills. When an individual is looking for a group that is a good fit, there are resources in Jacksonville that can help.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

Jacksonville Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can vary in mood, topic, and tone, depending on the group leader and location, along with other factors. If an internet search is performed for nearby meetings for AA, there will be a list of times and places for meetings that are held in homes, community centers or churches.

When looking for an AA group, the following questions might be considered:

Is the group co-ed?
Where are meetings held?
Are the meetings restricted to alcoholics or can anyone come?
What is the group leader’s name and how are meetings led?
Is it permissible to smoke at meetings or are they non-smoking?
How large is the group that meets on average?

When there are a number of listings for nearby AA groups, visiting several is a good way to find a group that is a good fit. Some of the meetings for AA in Jacksonville include:

St. Nicholas Group
3134 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Westside Group
4615 Lexington Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Additional Jacksonville AA meetings can be found at the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Jacksonville, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is the second-largest organization next to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) with a 12-step program. It has been around since 1953 and welcomes anyone currently struggling or anyone who has struggled in the past with a drug addiction. The membership requirement is only that the individual wants to stop using. At NA meetings in Jacksonville, those attending meet weekly in locations such as parks, churches, libraries, or community centers, encouraging each other to maintain their sobriety.

Meetings at Narcotics Anonymous meet the needs of those trying to overcome drug addictions to many substances such as heroin, opioids, prescription meds, and other drugs. The fellowship at meetings focuses on being honest, open-minded, and having the desire to change.

For the newly sober or those going back to their lives following rehab, practicing the principles they have learned with a network of support is important to make a strong recovery. Just as in AA, Jacksonville meetings of Narcotics Anonymous are open to everyone, free, and easy to find. There are a number of options for those seeking Jacksonville NA meetings.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Have you been looking for nearby NA meetings in Jacksonville? Jacksonville has a number of different groups from which to choose. Like other support groups, they may be in different locations, with different leaders and attendees. Some might work better for those who are newly out of rehab, and others may be more appropriate for those who have been sober for awhile.

Locations and meetings for NA around Jacksonville include:

Clara White Mission
613 West Ashley Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202-4747

RF Kennedy Center
1133 Ionia Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32206-5125

You can also find groups by visiting the Narcotics Anonymous website and searching either by town or zip code for local Jacksonville meetings.

The Recovery Village knows that support groups made up of peers are essential for recovery. Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, along with group therapy made up of the 12-steps, are an important part of recovery from the initial treatment through to aftercare. To find out more about treatment programs or get started, call today and speak to a helpful representative at The Recovery Village.