Substance Abuse Counseling in Inverness, Florida

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction does not happen quickly. Addiction recovery is a process, and substance abuse counseling can help. Substance abuse counseling is similar to therapy and is the cornerstone of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in Inverness. Substance abuse counselors in Inverness help clients explore behavioral patterns and emotional or psychological barriers linked to addiction. The main goal of addiction counseling is to help clients achieve successful recovery.

Inverness offers many options for substance abuse counseling. The Recovery Village also has information and resources to help you find local drug and alcohol abuse counseling programs. Working with a licensed, compassionate drug and alcohol counselor can help you, or a loved one, successfully recover from addiction.

Inverness, Florida Addiction Counseling

An addiction counselor meets with clients regularly, to help them explore the root cause of addiction. Qualified addiction counselors listen with compassion and support clients through all phases of recovery.  A licensed, qualified addiction counselor is trained in the areas of psychology, chemical therapy, therapeutic methods, and human behavior. 

The role of an addiction counselor in Inverness may vary, depending on the client’s stage of recovery. Components of substance abuse counseling may include:

  • Development of treatment goals and plans
  • Attending group therapy
  • Learning new and positive ways to cope
  • Recommendations for group support and 12-step programs
  • Constructing aftercare and sober living arrangements
  • Re-establishment of career
  • Finding gainful employment

Finding an addiction counselor in Inverness who is qualified is important. But it is equally important to find an addiction counselor whom you like and trust.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

If you are struggling with addiction to narcotics, stimulants, opiates or prescription drugs, a local licensed drug counselor can guide you through recovery. A drug counselor will support you by listening to your personal struggles with addiction. Drug counselors may also refer you to treatment facilities, 12- step programs, and group support. A drug counselor is also qualified and skilled at uncovering any psychological issues or co-existing disorders you may be experiencing.

A good resource to help you find a qualified substance abuse counselor in Inverness is the Psychology Today database. Here you will be able to review many local substance abuse counselors. Also, you will be able to locate qualified drug abuse counselors based on their credentials, experience, and the services they provide.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Like drug addiction, alcoholism is destructive and all-encompassing. A licensed alcohol and drug counselor can help you step into recovery and support you throughout rehabilitation. When you are searching for a certified alcohol and drug counselor to help you or a loved one, it is important to find one who is licensed and experienced.

The National Association for Addiction Professionals is an excellent resource for locating a qualified substance abuse counselor in Inverness. Prior to certification, the association requires state licensing for substance abuse counselors. Choosing a substance abuse counselor through the association ensures you will receive the best care possible.

Drug Addiction Counselor Inverness, FL

An addiction counselor in Inverness will listen and support you, no matter where you are in recovery. Meeting one-on-one with clients, an addiction counselor provides compassion and guidance. They understand your battle with substance abuse and can help you discover the cause of your addiction. The Recovery Village can assist you with helpful information and options for addiction counseling nearby. If you are living with substance abuse, call us. We can help you change your life.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

There are several ways to find drug and alcohol counseling programs in your area. Making that first call opens the door to change. Some helpful resources to locate substance abuse counseling in Inverness include:

Online search: Using a search engine to find an addiction counselor in Inverness will yield many results, including client reviews and feedback.

Health Insurance Carrier: Your insurance carrier can provide you with a list of substance abuse programs, and substance abuse counselors in-network. Finding a substance abuse counselor in Inverness who accepts your insurance can help lessen the cost of receiving care.

Doctor Recommendation: Your family physician has most likely helped others struggling with addiction and can refer you to a qualified alcohol and drug counselor.

Personal Recommendation: If you know someone who is recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, ask them about their drug and alcohol counselor. A personal recommendation can help you find a qualified counselor that you like.

24-hour hotlines: The Recovery Village provides 24-hour hotlines to assist you. If you are searching for local resources for drug addiction call: 1-800-821-4357 or alcohol addiction call: 1-800-252-6465. Our representatives can answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

The Recovery Village offers 24-hour, free, and confidential assistance to help you on your journey to recovery. We can provide information about how detoxification and rehabilitation works, discuss payment options, and help you find qualified drug and alcohol counselors in your area. Contact us to start your journey to wellness.