Substance Abuse Counseling in Hollywood, Florida

Substance abuse is a widespread concern. Millions of Americans, in any given year, have some form of substance use disorder, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. And despite popular belief, it is difficult, both physically and emotionally, to quit “cold turkey.” The help of a supportive, credentialed counselor can make an enormous difference for those seeking sobriety. That is why substance abuse counseling is a cornerstone of alcohol and drug rehab programs in Hollywood, Florida.

There is no one approach to substance abuse counseling. Often counselors will use different approaches depending on who their client is, what substances they might be struggling with, and the underlying concerns of substance abuse. Someone with an “addictive personality,” while not a clinical diagnosis, is different from someone who has chronic pain and is “self-medicating” with substances. The same counselor will take different approaches with those cases.

Counselors will also shift their approach as certain goals are reached. For example, early on, intensive group and individual therapy may be used, in part to help someone newly sober stay accountable and to create a structure for them. As they spend more time on their sobriety, that approach may shift to a less intense schedule and may involve working with a support group or checking in with a counselor over the phone or via video conference instead of in person. The goal will always be to shift the client toward a healthier lifestyle and to attain and keep sobriety while developing self-awareness and accountability.

Hollywood, Florida Addiction Counseling

Addiction is a collection of behavior patterns where substance abuse defines your life. Breaking these behavioral patterns is the job of an addiction counselor. They will help any client find and stop engaging in negative behaviors, even subtle or unconscious ones. Addiction counselors are students of human nature, but they also are well-versed in therapeutic methods and even chemical therapies to help their clients break the hold addiction has on their lives.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

When looking for a counselor in Hollywood to treat drug addiction, you should look for credentialed, experienced professionals. Ideally, they will have experience with the substance their patient is working to leave behind and will be able to help regardless of where somebody may be on their journey to sobriety. Counselors can assist with every step of the process, from locating the right support group to helping repair aspects of life outside of drugs with which a client may need help and moral support. Both client and counselor should feel at ease with each other, should understand the goals to work toward and the steps needed to get there, and be available and accessible when needed.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Alcohol addiction is a tough nut to crack. Alcohol is freely available, is sold almost everywhere you can go, and is generally legal to buy and consume even if you are in trouble with the law. As long as a person is not a risk to others, the odds tend to be against an alcoholic being prevented from drinking, at least on a legal basis.

This makes an alcohol counselor and the support he or she provides particularly important for treating alcohol abuse and dependency. Counselors specializing in alcohol abuse and dependency can help their clients deal with the social concerns of alcohol, not just the personal ones.

Drug Addiction Counselor Hollywood, FL

Conversely, abuse of controlled substances such as marijuana and “hard” drugs can present problems of their own. Drug addiction counselors in Hollywood may find themselves working with clients who are facing serious legal concerns, including potential jail time, or who may be attending counseling by court order. Some drugs may also present with medical concerns that the client will have to work through in addition to their substance abuse concerns. And some people may simply be ashamed due to the social stigma of addiction to some drugs; the heroin user and the alcohol user have the same fundamental problem, but are treated by society and sometimes friends and family in very different ways. A good counselor will help his or her client find support in a difficult time and maintain sobriety.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

Sometimes the main difficulty with substance use disorders is asking for help. Clients may not wish anyone outside the counselor and a trusted handful of people to know about their challenges. Fortunately, there are many methods to privately find a referral for a counselor. You can contact your medical doctor and request a referral for yourself or a family member, or speak with a mental health professional with whom you have a previous relationship. Anonymous helplines can refer you to a counselor, and insurers and substance abuse treatment facilities like The Recovery Village can also privately refer you to the right counselor.

Regardless, what is important to remember is that by seeking a counselor, you are taking the first step toward a better life. With work, patience, and effort, you can repair your life and overcome the challenges of substance abuse. Call The Recovery Village today to get started!