Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Holiday, Florida

“Til death do us part.” On the day you made that vow, you probably could not imagine life without your spouse. Weddings are filled with love and dreams of a beautiful future. But issues like unemployment, sexual dysfunction, and substance abuse can dampen dreams and cause marital conflict. Parent-child issues can also create separation among family members.

Marriage and family therapy in Holiday, Florida treats a range of psychological and physical issues affecting couples, and families. Marriage counseling, family counseling, and individual therapy are all aspects of marriage and family counseling. Marriage and family therapy can help you address problems such as:

  • Couple conflict
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Substance abuse
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Eating disorders
  • Weight issues
  • Grief
  • Distress
  • Children’s behavioral problems
  • Issues with eldercare

Marriage and family therapy can also benefit families struggling with mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. When one person struggles with mental illness, the entire family is affected. Marriage and family counselors are equipped to help loved ones work through the devastating effects of mental illness.

Similarly, when one family member is in need of substance abuse counseling in Holiday, the entire family suffers. Marriage and family therapy can help the entire family recover from the effects of such issues on the part of one family member.

Marriage Counseling in Holiday, Florida

Marriage counseling in Holiday can benefit you and your spouse if you are considering separation or divorce. Also, if you are looking for a stronger connection and deeper intimacy in your marriage, marriage counseling can help.

Research studies on the benefits of marriage therapy consistently demonstrate effectiveness in treating an array of mental and emotional disorders. Improvement in family and partner relationships, social life, co-worker relationships, community involvement, and overall health has been reported.

During the course of treatment, marriage counseling in Holiday will help you and your partner acquire better listening and communication skills. It is not uncommon for conflict to arise during counseling sessions, but a qualified therapist will not take sides. Marriage counseling in Holiday can help you create a healthy relationship, but a successful outcome is ultimately determined by each party’s commitment to the process.

Holiday Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy is designed to help couples connect more deeply and to learn effective problem-solving skills. Your first session with a marriage counselor allows the therapist to understand your marital issues and to observe your interactions as a couple. During this visit, the counselor will also instruct both parties on the “rules of therapy” to be observed during and after sessions.

This first visit is also the time for you to assess the therapist’s competency and to decide if the counselor is a good fit for both of you. A qualified therapist also helps you understand the goals of therapy and creates a treatment plan during your first sessions. The focus of marriage therapy is the couple’s relationship, but each partner is also expected to work on self-awareness and self-improvement.

Marriage therapy sessions are usually held once per week, but the frequency of sessions is determined by therapy goals and the treatment plan. Therapists may also include individual therapy sessions or group therapy sessions as a standard part of treatment, or upon request. Marriage counseling in Holiday is offered at university counseling centers, private practices, and group practices. Some marriage therapists also offer online marriage counseling via video conferencing.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

It is important to find a marriage counselor who helps both partners feel comfortable. It is also essential to find a therapist who has the following skills and experience:

  • The required training to offer marriage therapy
  • Experience in dealing with your type of marital issues
  • Is compassionate to both sides
  • Develops a plan for therapy
  • Remains neutral during conflict
  • Maintains control of sessions
  • Does not allow partners to interrupt each other
  • Is easy to reach
  • Encourages feedback regarding the services rendered
  • Is affordable

Family Therapy Holiday, FL

Growing up, you learned everything from your parents and siblings. The way you speak, think, and behave have all been influenced by your family. How your parents and siblings love and treat you, and each other, affects you deeply.

Healthy family relationships enable you to create healthy bonds. But if you are from a dysfunctional family, you probably have difficulty connecting with others. Family therapy in Holiday helps you break unhealthy patterns to create closer, happier relationships.

Holiday Family Counseling

All families experience unexpected life events and problems that affect the dynamics and function of the family. Family counseling in Holiday is designed to help your family work through difficult issues and life-changing events. Holiday family counseling also helps families cope with a family member’s behavioral health issues or mental illness.

Strategic family therapy is a combination of techniques and exercises, employed to help families work through difficult issues. Strategic family therapy may include cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and other types of individual therapy. Structural family therapy helps family members navigate and heal any emotional, mental, or psychological issues causing deterioration of the family unit.

Holiday family therapy can bring a deeper understanding to family members to help them work through unique family issues. Holiday family therapy can also teach family members effective communication skills to help families solve problems and heal.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

One way to find Holiday family therapy is to search online for “family counseling near me”.  Search engines like Google will include online reviews of therapists in your area. You can also use an online therapist locator to find family counseling in Holiday. Here are other helpful tips for finding qualified marriage and family therapy programs:

Ask your insurance carrier – Finding a family counseling center through your health insurance provider can help alleviate some financial stress when choosing a family therapist.

Ask your family doctor – Your family physician has probably helped other families experiencing similar problems. Therefore, your doctor most likely has insight regarding the right therapist for your specific needs.

Ask a friend – If you have a friend or acquaintance who has used family counseling services in Holiday, ask them about their experience. A personal referral is a great way to find a therapist that is right for your family.

If your family is being torn apart by substance abuse, mental health issues, or marital and family problems, Holiday family therapy can help. Do not wait for relationships to hit rock bottom; ask for help before it is too late. Family counseling in Holiday can save your marriage and bring your family together again. For more information about therapy and counseling in the Holiday area, contact The Recovery Village today.