Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Hialeah, Florida

When you embark on a marriage or begin a family, you cannot always predict what is yet to come. Often struggles arise, and sometimes, you may find that you need the help of marriage and family therapy to get through it. This type of therapy addresses the behaviors of those involved and how each behavior affects the relationships and the family or marriage as a whole. Often therapy in Hialeah, Florida involves meeting with the individuals separately, as well as meeting with the couple or family together.

Treating a wide array of problems, marriage and family therapy can help put a struggling family or couple back together. Some of the issues often addressed are:

  • Marital and couple conflict
  • Parent and child conflict
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Grief and distress
  • Eating disorders and weight issues
  • Children’s behavioral problems
  • Issues with eldercare
  • Mental health including depression, anxiety or other disorders

If one family member is dealing with a problem like mental illness or is in need of substance abuse treatment in Hialeah, the entire family suffers. Marriage and family therapy can address these serious issues and help the whole family to heal. Marriage and family therapy practitioners can work with those involved and help them through these issues and the impact they have on not only the individual but also the rest of the family.

Usually, the first session revolves around the therapist and family getting to know one another. The therapist can assess the dynamics and listen to each describe the issues. At the same time, the family or couple can learn about counseling, come up with goals with the counselor, learn proper therapy protocol, and see that the therapist is a good fit.

Marriage Counseling in Hialeah, Florida

Research studies show that marriage therapy programs are effective in treating mental and emotional disorders within the marriage. Clients report improvement not only in their marriage but also in relationships and productivity at work, in other family relationships, in overall health, and in emotional health.

Therapy is an opportunity for each partner to improve their own behavior, which in turn can improve the marriage. Whether they may be considering separation or want to address problems before they escalate, marriage therapy in Hialeah is a chance to improve communication, intimacy, and understanding.

Hialeah Marriage Therapy

The main purpose of marriage therapy in Hialeah is to assist partners in learning more about one another and how to solve problems and resolve conflict in healthy ways. The therapist can help them set goals to improve on these things. The more dedicated each partner is, the better the results will be. Some main goals couples work on are:

  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Listening skills
  • Supporting one another

It is not usual for the couple to argue or for conflict to arise in a counseling session. This can be a good thing as the therapist can guide them through the conflict to reach a positive outcome and manage their arguments in a healthier fashion. The therapist must remain neutral and not take sides while keeping the atmosphere and each person safe.

Usually, the counselor will meet with the couple once a week during marriage counseling in Hialeah. The schedule can vary depending on the goals of the couple and whether they want to meet individually.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

A marriage counselor needs to be a good fit for both people in the relationship. Besides being a good fit, a counselor should have some other qualifications which may include:

  • Required training
  • Experience with specific issues
  • Ability to develop a therapy plan
  • Compassion to both people
  • Neutrality
  • Ability to maintain a safe, controlled atmosphere
  • Accessibility
  • Financial feasibility

Online marriage counseling in Hialeah may be an option if it makes things easier for the couple.

Family Therapy Hialeah, FL

Families are one of the greatest influencers on people. This can be great if the family is healthy and well adjusted, or difficult if unmanaged dysfunction is prevalent.

Most families deal with some struggle or dysfunction at one point or another, and a family therapist can help them develop or regain a healthy, functional family dynamic.

Hialeah Family Counseling

Family counseling in Hialeah can address specific issues that are affecting the health and functionality of a family. There can be a wide range of issues, from childhood issues and external relationship issues to current transitions or difficult periods of time. Mental and behavioral health problems can also make things hard in a family and often warrant some therapy.

Strategic family counseling uses cognitive, behavioral, and other types of therapy to work toward the goal of a healthy family unit. Family members can work on improving communication, problem-solving, showing compassion and understanding, and handling difficult situations in counseling.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

When looking for a good family counselor or Hialeah family therapist, you can refer to your family doctor or insurance company. Both of these sources should have reliable lists of family therapists you can use. Those recommended by your insurance should be covered under your plan. You can also do an online search for family therapists near you. Though this may seem less personal, you can read patient reviews and see feedback; many people find great therapists this way. You also may be surprised that a friend or coworker has been through a similar situation and used a therapist they would be happy to recommend.

Family and marriage counseling could be the step you take that saves your marriage or puts your family back together again. You can learn valuable skills in the hands of an experienced, compassionate therapist who can help guide your relationships to a healthy place again. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to find counselors and therapists in the Hialeah area.