Finding an Interventionist in Fort Pierce, Florida

Many people in Fort Pierce, Florida believe that the reason for an intervention is to confront a loved one who has a problem with substance use so he or she will seek help through a treatment program. However, an intervention is more than that. Its goal is not only to get the individual to seek needed addiction treatment in Fort Pierce but to help family members take back control over their lives.

The effectiveness of an intervention is influenced by the family. Substance use disorders within the family cause family members to take on unhealthy roles. This makes it more difficult to convince the user to confront his or her drug use. When the members of the family learn how to take on roles that are healthy, then they can urge their family member to seek needed help.

Finding an intervention counselor near Fort Pierce with experience in the substance being used is important. The interventionist must also be made aware of any special considerations such as whether the loved one is violence-prone. In this way, the interventionist can provide support that is appropriate.

Addiction intervention is a personal experience for those who participate and for the substance user. For this reason, finding an interventionist the loved one and other participants are comfortable with is important. Besides having good credentials and the right kind of experience, personality matters. Since those participating in the intervention are close to their loved one, they are the ones best able to locate an interventionist that might be a good fit.

The initial consultation may be by telephone. This gives the interventionist the opportunity to learn about the substance user and family members and friends. In addition, it provides the family with the ability to learn what services the interventionist offers.

Among the questions that might be asked during these initial interviews are:

  • Are you experienced with this kind of addiction?
  • What preparation is required on the part of participants?
  • What can be done if the loved one does not want any help?
  • What intervention method do you prefer to use?
  • What happens following the intervention?

Knowing the responses to the above questions gives you an idea about the style and approach of different Fort Pierce intervention counselors.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Fort  Pierce, FL

An effective intervention for addiction works to change how family members recognize codependency, accountability, and enabling to change for the better. When family members change those behaviors, they can be successful in getting a loved one to seek treatment. Those with substance use disorders learn to manipulate family members to gain their support. In this way, they never hit bottom and seek necessary help.

Trying to change the thinking and behavior of a family member can be a struggle, and some families believe that a change in circumstance such as a better job will lessen their loved one’s substance use. However, substance users often manipulate emotions, which solidifies an addiction even as it harms their loved ones.

Fort Pierce, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Following are the typical steps used by intervention counselors in Fort Pierce:

First Consultation: The first step starts with a telephone conversation to find out why the individual is content with the addiction. To be effective, counselors try to bring family members together in their opinions. Many of them have been manipulated by their loved one either indirectly or directly.

Educating the Family: An intervention does more than convincing a loved one to enter a treatment program for substance use. A counselor’s job includes working toward success long-term by educating family members.

While some therapists or interventionists may say that a loved one must hit rock bottom before getting help, this is not true. When family members enable their loved one through their actions or words, they do not seek help and may never actually hit bottom.

Getting Started: Waiting is the enemy when it comes to getting help for a family member while the rest of the family suffers. The longer the substance use goes on, the more difficult it becomes for the family and user to change ingrained habits.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol interventions are common. There are many intervention counselors around Fort Pierce that can help those looking to fight against addiction. Since alcohol is legal, those who are alcohol users find it easier to justify their drinking. Without the assistance of a professional, that makes alcohol intervention more difficult.

Instead of emphasis being placed on how much someone drinks, in Fort Pierce, drug intervention focuses on negative behaviors that drinking causes and how the family is affected. Loved ones who need help tend to not be accountable and stubborn, which is common among those with substance use disorders.

Drinking too much is a common problem among families, and intervention helps the families toward the recovery of their loved one. With the support and guidance of an intervention counselor, the family can build a healthy environment and get help for their loved one. To locate an alcohol interventionist nearby, performing a Google search can help. Additional help can be found by checking:

  • Recommendations From Your Doctor: Doctors can make referrals for counselors and alcohol interventionists.
  • Your Insurance Company: Some policies cover therapy. If yours does, you can ask your insurance agent about participating therapists.
  • Recommendations From People You Know: Friends and relatives who have gone through counseling may be able to make recommendations.
  • Referrals Online: Use a search engine to find counselors or alcohol interventionists in your area. There are also specific online locators for interventionists.

Finding a counselor or alcohol interventionist to help a loved one with an alcohol use problem is a positive step toward healing. Take that step today; reach out to The Recovery Village to find out more about interventionists and other addiction treatment resources in and around Fort Pierce.