AA and NA Meetings in Fort Myers

Healing happens in support group meetings. Fort Myers offers a variety of group meetings, including those for Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These meetings provide a source of comfort and also a way to move forward in the process of addiction recovery.

Many people attend their first support group meetings while attending a drug rehabilitation program in Fort Myers. For others, meetings are a standalone event as part of recovery. No matter when you decide to attend AA or NA meetings, Fort Myers has many resources available to help you through treatment.

Sharing stories is a major component of support group meetings. One of the first things you should know about meetings is that you will not be under any obligation or pressure to share details about your addiction or your life. You are free to listen as much as you want, absorbing and taking everything in. As time goes on and you feel comfortable, you will likely find that sharing your own story helps you to heal.

AA Meetings in Fort Myers, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as AA, helps people who are contending with alcohol addiction. The goal of group meetings is to provide support for individuals who have problems misusing alcohol, but some people who attend are loved ones of individuals with addiction as well.

Peer support is a critical part of what makes AA meetings in Fort Myers work. In a meeting, you should feel surrounded by people who have undergone problems just like yours. You will also feel less alone knowing that so many others have been contending with these problems.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

AA meetings in Fort Myers vary in style, tone, and atmosphere. No two meetings will be exactly alike, so you should take the time to find meetings that speak to your personality, needs, and goals for the future. For instance, you may discover that you prefer some leadership styles over others.

You may find that some meetings are labeled as “closed” or “open.” Open meetings are available for members of the public, including those who are not alcoholics but perhaps are loved ones in need of support. Closed meetings are intended for alcoholics only.

When you look for local AA meetings, Fort Myers meetings can vary. You may be looking for an open rather than closed meeting, or perhaps you do not want to attend meetings in a religious venue. You can attend different meetings until you find a leadership style or meeting topic that you like as well.

Fort Myers AA meetings include:

Sweet Steps – Cypress Lake Methodist Church
8570 Cypress Lake Dr.
Ft. Myers, FL 33919

Sober on the Shores
14036 Matanzas Dr.
Ft. Myers, FL 33905

You can find additional information about Fort Myers AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Fort Myers, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous,  or NA, has been available since 1953 for individuals coping with drug addiction. Today, NA is available in thousands of locations in more than 120 countries. The program helps people all around the world stop using substances and continue a life of sobriety.

NA takes the original principles of AA and makes them relevant for individuals who have misused narcotics. The only requirement for group members is that they want to overcome an addiction. In fact, group members often have used a wide variety of substances ranging outside of the world of narcotics. Few barriers to entry exist for NA members.

Support groups are essential to strong recovery for many individuals, but this does not mean your first meeting may not be stressful. In spite of the fact that everybody feels a bit anxious the first time they attend an NA meeting, Fort Myers provides a welcoming environment for support group members.

Some people attend support groups just a few times, whereas others may attend meetings long after they have become sober. Some regular attendees have been attending meetings for decades, often helping newer members in the process.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

If you are searching online for NA meetings in Fort Myers, you will find many options. Meetings are held throughout the week, and you can also find options in cities neighboring yours. Many options are available to choose from, giving you plenty of opportunities to find a meeting that suits your needs.

Fort Myers NA meetings and locations include:

Humble Beginnings
710 Pondella Rd.
Ft. Myers, FL 33903

Chapel by the Sea Presbyterian
100 Chapel St.
Fort Myers, FL 33905

Are you not finding the right type of Fort Myers NA meetings? You can also look at the Narcotics Anonymous website for more options.

Attending group meetings may be the first step for you or perhaps one of the last steps. The key is that you are moving forward with your journey, establishing positive patterns as you do. Fort Myers has the advantage of being near so many different resources that help you stay on track.

You can also call The Recovery Village for more information. Peer support groups are the backbone of recovery, and group settings can be critical for allowing you to feel comfortable with recovery. You do not have to spend any more time wondering what is going to happen. Join a support group and give yourself the gift of peer support.